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Despite formal combat end, US joins Baghdad battle

September 6th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Despite formal combat end, US joins Baghdad battle

BAGHDAD (AP) - Days after the U.S. officially ended combat operations and touted Iraq’s ability to defend itself, American troops found themselves battling heavily armed militants assaulting an Iraqi military headquarters in the center of Baghdad on Sunday. The fighting killed 12 people and wounded dozens.

It was the first exchange of fire involving U.S. troops in Baghdad since the Aug. 31 deadline for formally ending the combat mission, and it showed that American troops remaining in the country are still being drawn into the fighting.

The attack also made plain the kind of lapses in security that have left Iraqis wary of the U.S. drawdown and distrustful of the ability of Iraqi forces now taking up ultimate responsibility for protecting the country.

Sunday’s hour-long assault was the second in as many weeks on the facility, the headquarters for the Iraqi Army’s 11th Division, pointing to the failure of Iraqi forces to plug even the most obvious holes in their security.

Full Story Here:
Despite formal combat end, US joins Baghdad battle

When it comes to COMBAT, and having any success with it, I am pretty sure the French army is about the only one in the world that is more pathetic than the Iraqi army.

Iraq, it’s government, it’s police, it’s army, it’s civil infrastructure, the whole stinking mess, is shot through with corruption and infiltrated by those that WE refer to as insurgents.

Iraq, under Saddam, wasn’t much of a fighting force. They held Iran in check a few years ago simply because Iran has an army that is every bit as pathetic as the Iraqi army. That seems to be the rule of thumb for Arab militaries. They look like they are fighting like hell as long as they fight one another, but let a major military step in, or a dedicated insurgency, and they look like a version of the Keystone Cops.

The U.S. military has been training the Iraqi army for over 8 years now. Our training is NOT lacking. The Iraqis are a pathetic, rag-tag bunch and basically suck at organized tactics and have a serious issue with authority and taking orders.

The American troops who joined the fight and provided cover fire for Iraqi soldiers pursuing the attackers were based at the compound to train Iraqi forces, said U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Eric Bloom. Iraqi forces also requested help from U.S. helicopters, drones and explosives experts, he said. No American troops were hurt, Bloom said.

The best part of this entire story is written in the last few words of the above paragraph, ‘No American troops were hurt.’

Those are the words that every father, mother, wife, child, brother, sister, ALL family members love to hear. We are, for the most part, tired of our sons and daughters fighting, and dying, and being maimed, physically and mentally, for a government that can’t, and never will stand and defend itself, nor survive without our assistance.

Two weeks earlier, an al-Qaida-linked suicide bomber waded into a crowd of hundreds of army recruits outside the building and detonated a blast that killed 61 people. That was the deadliest act of violence in Baghdad in months.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Sunday’s attack.

Well gee, I don’t know. Maybe this will come back to bite me but I’m going out on a limb here and make a guess. I have a feeling that al-Qaida will claim the attack. That’s a bit of serious Intel analysis folks. At least as accurate as the media, and quite likely some so-called military Intel guys too.

An old *inside joke*. Two words that don’t go together: Military Intelligence. Just sayin’…

Baghdad has been on high alert since President Barack Obama declared the official end to U.S. combat operations on Wednesday, setting up more checkpoints, intensifying searches of people and vehicles and handing out more guns and bullets to troops guarding the capital.

The number of U.S. troops has fallen from a high of 170,000 to just under 50,000 this August; all U.S. troops must be out of Iraq by 2012.

Here’s the thing that truly worries me; Iraq is a long ways from being pacified. What happens if all of a sudden it gets really HOT again and the feces hits the wind oscillation device?

Insurgents have intensified their strikes on Iraqi police and soldiers to mark the change in the U.S. mission.

Iraq’s political instability now appears to be threatening the country’s security. Six months after an inconclusive election, Iraq still has no new government. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, is struggling to keep his job after his political coalition came in a close second to a Sunni-backed alliance in the March 7 vote.

Anyone that has read this blog for very long knows, I have NEVER believed Iraq was a place we needed to go, or should have gone. I have seen nothing in any report, any blog, any news story or any comment thread that has changed my mind in any way.

And before anyone goes off on a rant about me being anti war and not knowing what I’m talking about, I seem remember that House and Senate investigations concluded that Saddam had no WMDs, was NOT a part of 9-11 and that in all fact and actuality, we didn’t need to go to Iraq.

That was back in the days when we still had a GOP controlled House and Senate too.

Personally, I don’t give a damn what happens to Iraq and every Iraqi in the whole nation. If the entire place was over-run and a Saddam clone came back, I wouldn’t give a DAMN, except for the fact that we lost so many of our men and women in a fight, that in the grand scheme of things, will never amount to a hill of beans.

And lets not forget to mention the BILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars wasted in the process.

Here is just one more example of the U.S. government thinking that the hearts and minds thing is the way to win a war. If ya can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em off… Or not…

Plan to Woo Taliban Foot Soldiers Stalls

KABUL, Afghanistan — A $250 million program to lure low-level Taliban fighters away from the insurgency has stalled, with Afghans bickering over who should run it, and international donors slow to put up the money they had promised.

Full Story Here:
Plan to Woo Taliban Foot Soldiers Stalls

Because we sure don’t want to make the same mistakes in Afghanistan now do we? :?

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8 Responses to “Despite formal combat end, US joins Baghdad battle”

  1. comment number 1 by: extex_cop

    Yep…trying to train these idiots is a waste of our time. They will never make a good fighting force when they can’t even carry out a simple exercise program.

    Check it out…

  2. comment number 2 by: Steve Dennis

    It seems to me that all that has changed over there is the name of the mission. While Barack Obama has declared that the combat is over, it is obvious that it is not. Does anyone really believe the crap that comes out of his mouth any more?

  3. comment number 3 by: Robert

    Well I was one of those folks that watched the events unfold from 91 to 2003 and I believed and still do that something had to be done. What was done can be debated forever and a day. Fact is that place should be uninhabitable for the next 200 yrs IMO. And I wouldn’t lose a minutes sleep over it.

    I don’t like the B.S. “End of combat” that is being spewed from DC. We have over 50k of OUR guys in that sandbox, and all they are is targets now. They are not “Occupying ground” nor are they “Taking ground” they are not “Fighting the enemy” nor are they “Gaining hearts and minds” They are sitting there as a deterrent, hoping that the threat of them being attacked will elicit some massive response of American military might will stop any insurgent attack. B.S.

    We are not fighting a group of folks with any honor, any civility, or anything on the table to lose. We are fighting an ideology and that can only be won by demoralizing the enemy or eliminating them. PERIOD.

    America has not had the will to fight to win since WW2. OR should I say, AMERICAN CIVILIANS, don’t. The military on the other hand given the orders to WIN and WIN decisively would do just that in a very short time frame.

    Iraq could be a shot for democracy in that part of the world, it could be like a Jordan or an Egypt…Why did Jordan and Egypt become fairly neutral in that part of the area? Yom Kippour ring a bell? Israel WON, decisively.

    Our leaders including the one that started this thing, tried to do it in a PC manner. It’s a loser from the start.

  4. comment number 4 by: Katie

    WOW! It didn’t even take a week to bring us back into combat. I do believe that is a new record.

  5. comment number 5 by: WhoBeen

    Ref:”Barack Obama declared the official end to U.S. combat operations ”

    Does this mean the remaining 50,000 troops will loose their combat pay?


  6. comment number 6 by: mrchuck

    Gen Wesley Clark, remember him,,,,Bosnia war, 1995 - 96?
    Well, this Gen Betrayus is just like him.

    Both have liberal political aspirations and hope.

    WE NEED a Gen Tommy Franks or a Gen Schwarzkopf type now. Maybe after the November elections, and 2012 presidential election we will get one with that.

  7. comment number 7 by: minuteman26

    End of combat? Don’t think so; not as long as we still have boots on the ground. As Yogi says,”It aint over till its over.” As for winning the hearts and minds in the muslim world; won’t happen as long as they believe in the tenets of Islam. The person who thought that one up obviously hadn’t read the Quran. But what else is new in a failed foreign policy.

  8. comment number 8 by: Doc

    The Iraqui armed forces do just fine when they are led by American NCOs and Commissioned Officers, it is when they are allowed to operate without Western style leadership that everything falls apart.

    Their previous military was good enough when compared to the likely regional threats. They had a fairly decent body of knowledge and workable doctrine for static positional defense and frontal attrition warfare using artillery and infantry. Their amour doctrine purely sucked, but the armor units were not real soldiers per se, they were a praetorian guard protecting the leader from the regular army. So essentially we had to build from scratch a mobile, fire and maneuver, professional light infantry garrison force. Work in progress. Again there are two main problems with turning the Hajis into real soldiers, 1) all their ‘experienced’ soldiers know the wrong things and 2) their low social cohesion, a-moral familialism, shame based, religiously fatalistic culture makes for lousy starting soldier materiel in the first place.

    The simple fact is that to make this work we are talking about an open ended commitment measured in decades or centuries. Neither Romanization nor Americanization happen(ed) in a day.

    Just to get their military up to par we must stay long enough to start training butter-bar LTs and buck SGTs today and stay until they have worked their way to the top of the organization and totally changed the organizational culture.

    Converting them Christianity would be a big help as well, but that’s off the table unfortunately.

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