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Tea party celebration: O’Donnell wins Delaware

September 15th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Tea party celebration: O’Donnell wins Delaware

It’s tea time in America.

Conservative Christine O’Donnell is celebrating her stunning upset over Rep. Mike Castle in the Republican Senate primary in Delaware, propelled by tea party activists into a November showdown with Democrat Chris Coons. After a primary season shaped by economic pain and exasperated voters, the grass-roots, antiestablishment movement can claim wins in at least seven GOP Senate races, a handful of Republican gubernatorial contests and dozens of House primary campaigns. And it influenced many others.

In the fight for New Hampshire’s Republican Senate nomination, a second conservative insurgent trailed in vote counting that was still going on Wednesday. After lagging in early returns, former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte moved ahead of Ovide Lamontagne with a lead of roughly 1,100 votes, with results tallied from 87 percent of precincts. Ayotte was backed by establishment Republicans and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin; Lamontagne, a former chairman of the state Board of Education, campaigned with the support of tea party activists.

At the end of a long and fierce primary season, Republicans were clearly upbeat about their chances in November — thanks in part to tea party fervor.

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Tea party celebration: O’Donnell wins Delaware

To those that ignore The TEA Party; BEWARE, you do so at your own peril!

That message needs to be immediately taken to heart by Rick *Gov. Goodhair* Perry.

TEA Party candidates are making a HUGE splash in politics right now. The TEA Party itself is tired of the status quo, the Good Ol’ Boys network, the wink and nod politics, the career politicians and politicians that seem to have forgotten this one indisputable fact: YOU WORK FOR US, not the other way around.

Gov. Rick Perry had best pay close attention to The TEA Party.

He gave us lip service when he was running against Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina in the GOP primaries. Now, he won’t attend a TEA Party sponsored event, The Rowlett TEA Party Candidates Forum, because of his rather childish dispute with former Houston Mayor Bill White over his tax records not being released in a time frame that made the Perry campaign happy.

Perry still refuses to appear with White in ANY format, and as I said earlier, he does this at his own peril.

Most TEA Party chapters are truly non-partisan, a few are, regretfully, ULTRA partisan and toe the GOP line without question. Mr. Perry needs to realize, some TEA Party groups are getting highly involved in this election and the 2012 election, and we’re NOT going to toe ANY line.

We, The Rowlett Texas TEA Party, will be making recommendations and giving endorsements of candidates that we feel best serve the interest of Texas and it’s citizens. Ignoring us won’t make us go away and it is not about to silence us. In fact, we are getting even more vocal regarding the needs of Texas and what we want and expect from our elected officials.

The political machine in America has taken the voters for granted for far too long, and I direct that at BOTH parties, Republican and Democrats. Lately, the GOP/RNC has gone almost as far to the LEFT as the Democrats. So much so that many Conservatives in America refer to the GOP as nothing more than Democrat Lite!

The GOP/RNC has made it clear that they are also giving lip service to The TEA Party and that after the fall elections intend to co-opt TEA Party candidates into the GOP Big Tent.

In some cases, the GOP, or it’s tentacles, aren’t planning to support and fund the winner of a contest because they don’t feel that the TEA Party candidate is electable. Christine O’Donnell is finding that out right now. This story is from last night.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee does not plan to spend money on its Delaware Senate nominee, Christine O’Donnell, an NRSC official said tonight.

O’Donnell, who defeated Republican stalwart Rep. Mike Castle in the state’s GOP Senate primary, surged in recent weeks amid donations from tea party groups and an endorsement from Sarah Palin. But she trails her general election opponent, Democrat Chris Coons, in most polls. SOURCE

The above piece sounds like something you’d expect to hear from the Dems. It sounds like something a vindictive hack like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid would say.

Today, just announced, is this:

If you Tweet it, they will succumb.

That might be the lesson today as the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has just announced that it will support Republican “tea party�? candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. SOURCE

The powers that be had better wake up and smell the TEA that we’re brewing!

The GOP/RNC is ignoring The TEA Party at their own peril. We may not be BIG, we may not have the power that the GOP/RNC wields, but we are basically the new kids on the block, and we’re just getting started!

This applies to Rick *Gov. Goodhair* Perry as much as anyone! Lip service isn’t getting it done Gov. Perry. The TEA Party is just getting fired up, and RINOs like you are in our cross-hairs!

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7 Responses to “Tea party celebration: O’Donnell wins Delaware”

  1. comment number 1 by: minuteman26

    The RINOs should have gotten the message loud and clear on this one, including Carl Rove. Time to remake the GOP into the Conservative Party. No conservative values; no support.

  2. comment number 2 by: Bob Mack

    Part of my post on the Tea Party’s big night:
    “any movement that can elicit concern from a political odd couple like Bill Clinton and Karl Rove demands respect.

    ‘The Boston Tea Party was protesting abuse of power. This is now trading public power for the abuse of private power,’ Clinton said–and if anyone should know about abuse of privates, it’s him.”

    All of these political hacks are either starting to run for cover or trying to get safely in front of the stampede. Look for the media to initiate non-stop attacks on real Americans from now till election day.

  3. comment number 3 by: Texasperated

    1. The supposed RNSC spokesman should have checked in with some of his bosses. John Cornyn left no doubt that the RNSC would support O’Donnell financially. This is from the “if they don’t see the light make sure they feel the heat” department. The fact is the RINOs are making it more and more clear that they are in the minority if we conservatives would actually show up at the polls, but additionally that they are the ones with little loyalty to election results. Tell me they would not have been complaining if a TEA partier had said some of the things that Karl Rove said only about Castle.

    2. Mike Castle was one of the worst possible candidates a reinvigorated Republican party could run. The media would have us think that Castle was a moderate, but the fact is he had a WORSE voting record in the Congress than ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN when it comes to votes on gun rights and 2nd amendment issues generally. Not only did the TEA party oppose Mike Castle, so too did Gun Owners of America, the National Republican Trust PAC, the National Association for Gun Rights PAC, etc.

    3. Here is the best news: the GOP cannot coopt the TEA party. In the words of my generation’s poet-laureate:

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

  4. comment number 4 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Fred, another clue has come recently from John Boehner, when he recently said he wouldn’t mind amending tax cuts so that those “higher earners” WON’T receive tax cuts. This, of course, in order to “get along.”

    Here’s what Boehner ACTUALLY means:

    “I’m standing in front of my hallway full-length mirror, smoothing my silk tie, repeating over and over to myself: ‘Mister Speaker, Mister Speaker, Mister Speaker’ . . .”

    With Boehner, it’s ALL about Boehner. . .

    Folks, keep to your votes and SHOW UP en masse in NOVEMBER.

    NOT ONE Demorat bastard should be get ONE vote.

    OUT. All OUT.

    Don’t boycott, people; SHOW UP and MAKE your votes known!


  5. comment number 5 by: Steve Dennis

    This one has really upset the “insiders” in the Republican party. This should be a wake up call to them all-nobody is safe! It is time for the republican party to start acting like Republicans and if they do not we are going to fire them-it is as simple as that. We are not going away, they had better get used to us!

  6. comment number 6 by: Vigilante

    adding one last line to your poem Fred

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.
    so how about getting some balls

  7. comment number 7 by: HoosierArmyMom

    Wow, never have I seen saber rattling get so poetic… I like it! :-)
    No more RINOs, no more Commie Liberal P’sOS!!!! Read the writing on the wall !!!! We are retiring your butts this Fall!!!!!