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Tea party group wants Palin for RNC

December 6th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Tea party group wants Palin for RNC

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips sent a letter to former Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin asking her to run for chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

“In order for the tea party, conservative movement to be successful, we have to have someone conservative running the GOP,” Phillips told POLITICO. “She is the perfect candidate. If she does not try, I am afraid we will end up with just another establishment flunky running the party and the [Republicans in name] will control the party again.”

“She has a track record of cutting wasteful spending, which has occurred under the watch of Michael Steele,” he added. “Finally, she is simply a rock star. She can raise money like no one else out there that I can think of.”

In his letter to Palin, Phillips pleaded, “We need you as [chairwoman] of the RNC. You have shown in the past no hesitation to take on the establishment. … If we end up with establishment control of the GOP and their support for an establishment candidate in 2012, Obama and the socialists will have won.”

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Tea party group wants Palin for RNC

Sarah Palin would make an outstanding chairperson for the RNC! Palin is a natural cheerleader and that’s ALL the job of RNC head really is. The GOP needs her, in that capacity. Michael Steele has been a huge disaster.

A while back I took Judson Phillips to task over what I believed to be a hair-brained idea that he hatched; A *Call in Conservative* Protest. Judging by the comments I got on that thread, I would say that I was not the only one that had concerns for the sanity of Judson Phillips.

This story from Politico indicates to me that some of the suggestions I have made on MY blog, and in the comments of many other blogs, is being noticed.

I have long felt that the only way Sarah Palin needs to ever see the Oval Office is as a visitor on a Day Pass. Maybe some in the TEA Party are seeing that for the truth it is. If so, our differences aside, kudos to Judson Phillips for getting this out there in front of the people, he has a much larger speaking platform than I do!

I have expounded on the fact that I believe Palin to be the most logical, and most perfect choice for RNC head. She is a very attractive woman. She has STAR POWER. Palin can draw a crowd, that is not a myth. She can pack a room and they love her. She is considered by many to speak for the TEA Party and ALL Conservatives, and many think she is the 2nd coming of Joan of Arc.

She drives libbers crazy and that is a good thing. But, she gives serious Conservatives reasons to be concerned as well. More on that a bit further down the page.

In his letter, Phillips focused on much of the same criticism the current candidates have lobbed at Steele, contending that RNC fundraising problems prevented the committee from maximizing GOP gains in the 2010 midterms.

“Something is really wrong with the GOP when the RNC cannot fund a get out the vote campaign for midterm elections,� Phillips writes.

The RNC is a disaster under Michael Steele. Steele has NO leadership ability that I can see and as I have said in previous posts, Steele is nothing more than a token. He is the GOP’s answer to Barack Obama and is offered up as proof of true GOP diversity. The BIG Tent thing we hear so much about. The BIG Tent that has led the GOP into the sad state it presents today.

Steele and his allies have vigorously challenged critics, but criticism of the committee’s behind the scenes organizational work in the 2010 cycle is widespread — and what most of the RNC candidates seeking to replace Steele are pledging to reinvigorate.

I am NOT privy to the inner workings of the RNC, but I have more than enough common sense to know this, IF the RNC offers up another LAME ticket, one even remotely similar to the ticket of McCain/Palin, this nation is finished because the RNC, in that effort, would guarantee Obama a 2nd term in the White House.

If we survive the 1st term, it’s an almost certainty that we won’t survive a 2nd.

A spokesman for the former Alaska governor did not respond to a request for comment, but a Palin RNC run seems improbable.

Palin has been an ardent Steele defender during some of the most trying times of his chairmanship. She even lent her high profile to a pair of RNC fundraising events in October in California and Florida.

That ‘ardent defender of Steele’ thing causes me great concern. Michael Steele is a RINO, that being an acronym for Republican In Name Only.

Sarah Palin has a proven record of supporting RINOs. Palin is still a loyal supporter of John McCain.

John McCain is the reason the word RINO was coined. He gives definition to the word. Some say Palin isn’t a McCain supporter, she’s simply a grateful person and a loyal friend. She is beholding to McCain for taking her on as his VP partner in a losing run in 2008. Maybe so, but maybe Palin is, in truth, a RINO supporter.

Palin is also very close to Texas Governor Rick Perry, another RINO of note.

That closeness, that association has nothing to do with loyalty, it has EVERYTHIING to do with politics, and a perceived White House run in 2012 with a Palin/Perry ticket. A ticket that I feel if it were allowed to come to fruition, would be the most disappointing GOP ticket imaginable.

Palin is a proven QUITTER.

That is a FACT that can’t be denied. Damn the reasons given for her quitting her position of Governor, all that BS about ‘I’m innocent, but I want to spare Alaska the expense of my defense’. If you’re innocent you don’t quit and you don’t cut and run from the fight to prove your innocence.

Sarah Palin couldn’t take the heat of battle as Governor of Alaska. Does she somehow think the presidency of the United States would be less stressful?

Palin is also weighing a potential presidential run during the same cycle that Phillips would like her to serve as chairwoman of the party. Accepting such a post would effectively end her campaign before it starts.

That’s the whole idea… :mrgreen:

We have many wonderful Conservatives to choose from; John Bolton, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Pence, Bobby Jindal, Allen West, Chris Christie, and I am sure that my readers can and will think of even more. The point is this, anyone can be a better president than Obama, but do we want to put someone in office that may very well be nothing more than the ‘lesser of the evils’?

Did we learn nothing from the 2008 election?

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7 Responses to “Tea party group wants Palin for RNC”

  1. comment number 1 by: mrchuck

    Anything to get rid of that Michael Steele, who was nothing more than an expensive “step-n-fetch it”.

    Palin could do this job easily, but personally I think she will hold out for a Vice-Presidential Candidate for someone.

  2. comment number 2 by: James Shott

    President? No!

    Vice President? Maybe!

    Chair of the RNC? Yep!

    I agree with you, Fred. She has the right set of assets and abilities for this job.

  3. comment number 3 by: extex_cop

    Fred….was it not you that first brought up Palin as being a good RNC chairperson? I remember reading your blog a while back listing her as a good choice for that… here someone else is actually throwing her name in the hat. She needs to take on that position….she would be the best person for that. We need someone that can inspire a crowd and empty their pockets into the RNC account.

  4. comment number 4 by: Robert

    I remember when Steele first got the job. I said ” we got one too” Chairman and he’s going to be just as bad at theirs… I was right. AGAIN.

    Palin as RNC chair would be fine with me however she will not take the job. She’s got higher aspirations or does she? I honestly believe this is a chess match and there are some very strategic moves taking place. Palin is the focus of all the liberpukes now as the potential opponent for Obama. She’s taking fire…And she’s not showing any ill effects of the barrage.

    She’s stated that “If no other candidate comes along she will run” in other words IF the only candidates to run RINO’s she will run. (Not sure if she would run against McCain in the primaries) I’m thinking she will continue to draw fire until the election gets close, and if some of those folks you suggest run, she will support one of them and either offer up for VP or just cheer them on.

    I’m not going to bash her too much for another couple of months, I’m waiting for the pieces to get in place a little more before I add to the fire…

  5. comment number 5 by: TexasFred

    extex_cop — Indeed I did, but you know, this is not a case of taking credit, it’s about making it happen, but Palin will NOT do the RIGHT thing, she’ll pimp herself and make money, and if she does happen to get the nomination, she’ll give Obama, or some other Dem, a continued Dem presidency…

  6. comment number 6 by: Patrick Sperry

    Keep Palin as a cheer leader, and nothing more. She quits when the road get’s tough…

  7. comment number 7 by: Steve Dennis

    This would be the perfect job for Sarah Palin, I hope that she takes it and decides not to run for president. If she is the Republican nominee we will be watching Barack Obama being sworn in once again!

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