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Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement

December 9th, 2007 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON (AP) - GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said Sunday he won’t run from his statement 15 years ago that AIDS patients should have been isolated.

Huckabee acknowledged the prevailing scientific view then, and since, that the virus that causes AIDS is not spread through casual contact, but said that was not certain. He cited revelations in 1991 that a dentist had infected a patient in an extraordinary case that highlighted the risk of infection through contact with blood or bodily fluids.

“I still believe this today,” he said in a broadcast interview, that “we were acting more out of political correctness” in responding to the AIDS crisis. “I don’t run from it, I don’t recant it,” he said of his position in 1992. Yet he said he would state his view differently in retrospect.

Huckabee, as a Senate candidate that year, told The Associated Press that “we need to take steps that would isolate the carriers of this plague” if the federal government was going to deal with the spread of the disease effectively. “It is the first time in the history of civilization in which the carriers of a genuine plague have not been isolated from the general population, and in which this deadly disease for which there is no cure is being treated as a civil rights issue instead of the true health crisis it represents,” he said then.

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” the former Arkansas governor denied those words were a call to quarantine the AIDS population, although he did not explain how else isolation would be achieved. “I didn’t say we should quarantine,” he said. The idea was not to “lock people up.”

Huckabee stated his 1992 positions in an AP questionnaire in which he also called homosexuality “an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle.”

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Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement

It’s amazing how your words from the past can come back to haunt you, or gain you some additional support as the case may be, until you realize that those words are pissing off a lot of people and you scramble to do a flip-flop without really doing an obvious flip-flop…

I only have one big question I want to ask, what in the hell has happened to people that had the GUTS to stand up, look you in the eye and say, “You’re damn right I said it, you got a problem with that?”, are we THAT politically correct?? Have the majority lost their balls or courage or whatever the case may be??

If Huckabee wants Christian Conservatives to take him seriously he needs to stand tall and proud and tell everyone, “You betcha, I said it, I meant it then and I mean it now”, morals don’t need to change to make the the voters happy, not for voters with morals, you can win an election on a MORAL stance, real Conservative will back you and there are many Conservatives that claim the Democrat label but they’ll support the right thing, and up until Huckabee started trying to clarify what he said, he was doing OK…

Don’t make excuses, say what’s on your mind, stick to your beliefs and your decency, and if you don’t get elected because you had the audacity to actually speak the truth, it’s this nations loss and it speaks volumes regarding the depths of depravity to which many in this nation have sunk…

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5 Responses to “Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ranando

    When a person doesn’t stand by what they said or believe, it should tell us all we need to know about this person. If they won’t do it today they sure as hell won’t be doing it tomorrow.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Excellent assessment! :)

  3. comment number 3 by: Lord Nazh

    After the way he ‘explained’ the tax situation in Arkansas and the Drumond (sp?) spot; you’d never guess he’d lie eh? ;)

    Not only will he need to get more honest and straitforward, he’ll need to get a bit more conservative.

  4. comment number 4 by: BobF

    He doesn’t want to stand by his statement but his statement was the truth. That’s how our parents and grandparents fought epidemics; quarantined the sick. I remember as a kid growing up my friends were quarantined because they had Whopping Cough.

    Ranando…well said!

  5. comment number 5 by: gunz

    Exactly, I believe flip flopping is way more detrimental to anyone’s election hopes. You automatically look like a damn liar. Just be straight up with the people, agree or disagree we’d respect you a whole lot more.