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Morning Bell: The Tea Party is Back

December 17th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Morning Bell: The Tea Party is Back

Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago last night, a group of colonists disguised as Indians boarded British merchant ships and dumped an estimated £10,000 worth of tea into Boston Harbor. This Boston Tea Party, which John Adams described as the “grandest event which has ever yet happened since the controversy with Britain opened,�? was not just a protest about taxation. Our forefathers did not destroy tea because of a simple tax dispute. The 1773 Tea Party were protesting the process by which the British government taxed them. They were fundamentally rejecting the way the British were governing them.

Last night, the spirit of the Tea Party won another major victory when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) was forced to drop his $1.27 trillion, 1,924-page omnibus spending bill. The problem with Reid’s omnibus spending bill was not just its size—although our federal government does spend far too much of other people’s money—but the way it was drafted and forced on the American people. For far too long our Congress has amassed more and more spending power into fewer and fewer legislative acts while waiting until the last possible minute to consider them. Lobbyists have made an entire business model out of identifying must-pass appropriations and tax bills and then getting pliant Members of Congress to insert their special breaks, loopholes, and giveaways. The omnibus collapse was a complete rejection of that way of doing business in Washington. Senator John McCain (R–AZ) told National Review: “I know this is a seminal moment, because for the first time since I’ve been here, we stood up and said ‘enough.’�?

Last night’s victory could not have happened without the Tea Party. Earlier in the day, Tea Party–defeated outgoing- Senator Robert Bennett (R–UT) was working “actively to round up as many as nine potential Republican votes�? for the omnibus bill stuffed with 6,000 earmarks worth $8 billion. But then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R–KY) worked the phones all day twisting the arms of those nine Republicans, many of them members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to drop their support for the bill. It was not an easy sell. Senator Thad Cochran (R–MS), the ranking member of the Appropriations Committee, had 281 earmarks worth $561 million in the bill. McConnell himself had 48 earmarks worth $113 million. But wisely, these lawmakers eventually saw the light. McConnell told National Review afterward: “We decided that we’re not going to pass a 2,000-page bill that nobody has seen since yesterday. That’s not the way to operate and that’s not the message from the November elections.�?

Tea Party activists across the country should take a moment to celebrate this victory. But only a moment. Not all of the 111th Congress has gotten the message of the November elections. Too many on Capitol Hill seem to be operating under the belief that the American people voted in November to have President Barack Obama’s agenda shoved down their throats in December. The Hill reports: “Democrats will move instead to two high priorities on their legislative agenda: the DREAM Act, which would grant permanent legal residency to illegal immigrants under a certain age, and a repeal of the military’s ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.�? And let’s not forget the Boxer–Reid Land Grab and New START.

None of these issues demands resolution by a Congress that was “shellacked�? at the polls last month. According to Gallup, the American people dislike this 111th Congress more than any other Congress in history. Specifically, a full 83 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job, while only 13 percent approve. That is the worst approval rating in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance. Last night Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D–CA) House voted to prevent a massive tax hike on the American people. It now looks like Congress will pass a simple bill that freezes spending through February of next year. The 111th Congress has no mandate; they must go home and let the Tea Party Congress govern.

Morning Bell: The Tea Party is Back

In 1773 Americans answered the call. Americans continued to answer the call, right up until we fell off the credibility map at the end of the war in Vietnam.

I wonder, do Americans have the fortitude to stand and fight NOW or is some weak talk and a ton of APATHY all we’re ever going to see again?

Does the TEA Party of today have the whereto to stand and fight, or to just talk? To talk peacefully, in the most politically correct manner imaginable? Because we don’t want to have ANY conflict or to offend anyone now do we?

And this sums it up even more, from my friend Rob at American and Proud and posted in comments on The Rowlett Texas TEA Party blog;

Bushwack said…

I think what has happened is what I feared the most. After November the tea party feels their job is done. IF that’s the case then the tea party was a worthless entity. The work has just began.

IF the tea party faithful feel they’ve done the job, they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves if that’s all their work was worth?

I can’t say I’m optimistic anymore. Folks are too busy congratulating themselves for November but it’s just the first game of a very long season… WAKE UP

I too am seriously concerned. Far too many have dropped the TEA Party, are showing NO interest and appear to be waiting for others to take the lead and do it for them. Even TEA Party officials are guilty of that ‘can’t so and so do it for us?’ thing. What’s wrong with their ability to do something for the TEA Party and initiate some sort of action?

Great ideas come from all kinds of sources, sadly, the motivation to place great ideas in play is seriously lacking as of late. This is NOT a time to sit back and rest on our laurels, this is a time to be in the fight, tooth and nail. This is a time when ALL American patriots have to make the decision to stand their ground and hold our elected officials to the highest standards possible!

Our enemies NEVER rest, and neither can we. Ever vigilant! Maybe that needs to be motto of the TEA Party. Maybe it needs to be shouted from on high and hammered into the psyche of ALL Americans!

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8 Responses to “Morning Bell: The Tea Party is Back”

  1. comment number 1 by: Robert

    Thanks for the mention.

    What I’m hearing now is “The tea party helped stop the omnibus bill”… I say that’s fine, that was the easy part. Why didn’t we stop the “Compromise” crap? I know, I know it was to keep the tax cuts in place and not go up this year.

    I say BULLSH*T. We want change without sacrifice? We want cuts but not to our projects, we want a stop to spending but not if it means we have to tighten too…

    At some point WE are going to take a hit. Either us or our kids and grandkids. When will it be time? When will people stand up and say “okay, I’ll sacrifice a starbucks twice a week in order to cut spending at the federal level” That’s what we’re talking about for most Americans.. And that was too much… How will we reduce the debt without cutting spending and raising taxes?

    I honestly believe Fred we are going to be disappointed in our next congress as well because they are going to try and stop spending, but our population will not like the result.

  2. comment number 2 by: Robert

    BTW if the tea party really wants to be taken serious they must continue pressure on the R’s as hard as we did the D’s…. We got some real spend-a-holics in congress and they have BOTH letters in front of their names.

  3. comment number 3 by: mrchuck

    Somehow, We need to change the law so those voted out of office only have 2 weeks to pack their bags and LEAVE!!!!!

    At least before Thanksgiving.

    This bullshit of having members of Congress voted out, but still voting is CRAP!!!

  4. comment number 4 by: TexasFred

    mrchuck — Fully agreed!

  5. comment number 5 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Some of the original TEA Party people said that November was simply the beginning. Some who advocated for same are slipping away — as you indicate, thinking their jobs are done.

    It would appear that Charles Krauthammer and Hugh Hewitt “get it.” They’re saying, for example, that any kind of compromise on the “Bush Tax Cuts” goes against everything portrayed by November. That the GOP needs to go into true battle mode.

    Too many people are just interested in whatever sort of “compromise” sort of “feels good” at the time.

    I think we’re edging towards a real “tipping point.”

    For example, the Fornicalia legislature just voted in, today, ITS very own version of CapNTrade. The ONLY thing the legislature just assured is the geometric trashing of Fornicalia’s businesses, large and small.

    Something terribly bad is coming, and I don’t know in what form it will occur.


  6. comment number 6 by: TexasFred

    Bloviating Zeppelin — I want you to know man, I love you, Rob and Gawfer like BROTHERS, and I know that you guys ALL live in Cali, but there’s no way to compare what you’re up against there to what happens in America…

    Cali is screwed worse than anywhere else in this nation, but, as Rob has pointed out in the past, as goes Cali, goes the nation…

    Damn… :(

  7. comment number 7 by: Robert

    BZ and Fred, IF we in Cali had the guts that the Texans do as far as “Tea party’s” perhaps we could stop some of this crap…But:

    Our tea party’s are so infested with morons that it’s not possible in my locale. For example a large number of them decided that a mosque being built in Temecula was more important than going to the city council and the our REP to discuss things we were going to be looking for from them. When did a mosque take over in importance than taxes and spending?

    We have serious issues here and they will only be solved by a catastrophe I’m afraid. We must remove the sheep from the fields.

  8. comment number 8 by: TexasFred

    Rob, we have some so-called conservatives here that are as big a moron as anything you have…

    We have one that approached our TEA Party President and told him, SERIOUSLY TOLD HIM, “You guys need to take on the UN, and getting them OUT of the USA”…

    I do NOT bullshit you at all, a supposedly very smart person, wants a TEA Party in Rowlett, TX to take on the UN and their removal…

    As I said, supposedly…

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