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2 civil rights groups claim Texas education discriminates against minorities

December 21st, 2010 . by TexasFred
Some are going have an opportunity to perpetuate their accusations that TexasFred is a racist. All because I continue to stand up and DARE to speak the truth about racial matters.

The two biggest ‘race baiting’ organizations in this nation are the NAACP, LULACS, and their supporters. The following story and commentary will highlight why.

2 civil rights groups claim Texas education discriminates against minorities

Two leading civil rights groups for African-Americans and Hispanics are jointly asking the federal government to step in and force anti-discriminatory initiatives in Texas public education.

“We know that we have to be in Austin, but one way that we’re doing this is also appealing to the federal government,” said Hector Flores, former national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, during a news conference today at Dallas City Hall.

“We know that the TEA [Texas Education Agency] has been failing our communality miserably, African-American and Hispanics,” Flores said. “We know that in Texas there are many dropout factories even here in our own community.”

Standing with him were other LULAC officials, as well as local officials of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Full Story Here:
2 civil rights groups claim Texas education discriminates against minorities

I have said, on numerous occasions, when these of people (LULACS and NAACP) stop identifying themselves as certain types of ethnicity, once they lose their racial divisiveness and prejudices, they will realize that they aren’t victims exclusively.

This is the year 2010, almost 2011. This is the age of Barack Hussein Obama, the 1st post-racial President. There’s not supposed to be a ‘racial divide’ in this time of plenty here in the land of milk and honey.

Sarcasm aside, the American people are ALL on equal footing now, not just here in Texas, but all over this nation. Equal footing!

We are ALL equally screwed by what has turned out to be the worst president in American history and a Congress that has an even lower approval rating than the president himself. But that is not the heart of this matter. The bottom line is the ‘welfare mentality’ and the ‘entitlement mentality’ that so many in the above named groups embrace.

Their issue now is Texas school books and curriculum.

The groups singled out, among other problems, curriculum changes made this spring by the Texas Board of Education, which apply new standards for social studies courses that reflect a more conservative tone than in the past.

“Why would anyone want to rewrite history in a way that would drastically diminish the credibility and contributions of African-Americans and Hispanics?” said Juanita Wallace, president of the Dallas chapter of the NAACP. “I can think of only one reason: to give students from their ethnic group a skewed picture of themselves and put them in their place.

“This is a travesty, and it’s mis-educating the Hispanics and blacks,” she said.

As I said, the ‘entitlement mentality’, slightly adjusted to become the ‘we are victims’ mentality.

In a letter to the U.S. Department of Education, the groups also took aim at what they said were other inequities, including:

- Disparate discipline for minority students

- The use of accountability standards to impose sanctions on schools with high minority attendance

- The under-representation of minorities in gifted and talented programs

Disparate discipline? Really? You honestly want to go with that?

All students are subjected to the same rules and various degrees of discipline. School punishment is an equal opportunity endeavor as far as I can see.

Under-representation in gifted and talented programs? Again I have to ask, do they seriously want to go there? If there is no recognition of a gifted and/or talented student in this day and time, it has nothing to do with the pigmentation of the students skin and has everything to do with the fact that a particular student is not gifted OR talented.

The ‘entitlement mentality’ and political correctness.

Then there’s the idea being taught that seems to tout the belief that, ‘There were no winners or losers in the (pick your sport) game, we were ALL participants. We’re ALL winners for participating’. Maybe little Juan and Shaniqua really DO deserve full scholarship, you know, just because.

“We want to be populating universities, not penitentiaries,” said Flores. “You will note that the cottage industry in Texas is all these private penitentiaries where our children are going.”

Teach your children to NOT be criminals, gang members, drug dealers and mules, burglars and stick-up artists. Make your children fully aware that drug use, wife beating, child abuse and rape are crimes that will lead to jail time. Try educating YOUR children in the idea that being a decent and law abiding citizen is the norm and not the exception. Do that and perhaps YOUR children won’t be populating the prisons in disproportionately LARGE numbers.

Try teaching YOUR children that they are not entitled to ANYTHING, more or less, than are MY children and grandchildren. Teach YOUR children that if they want the finer things in life, they can have the finer things in life, as long as they are willing to go to school, educate themselves and then work for those finer things.

Teach YOUR children that it’s not OK to go out and STEAL those finer things from those that have worked hard to afford and buy them.

Teach YOUR children that they have to accept personal responsibility for their words and deeds. Teach YOUR children that ALL actions in life, good or bad, have consequences that will follow them forever.

Teach YOUR children that being an African-American or a Latin-American is WRONG! If they don’t consider themselves to be an AMERICAN, and nothing else, then they, much like you, are not American at all.

He said a key factor in reversing that trend is the self-image of minority students, which is undermined when textbooks don’t accurately reflect the civil rights strides made by their ancestors.

“While it might appear like something very small as to what it says in that textbook, you cannot deny our contributions to where we are today and the quality of life that’s enjoyed here,” Flores said.

It’s not all about some idea that racial history isn’t being taught in a school book. The fact is, our educational system today has disregarded many phases of history, world history and American history, not just Black or Hispanic history, but ALL segments of history.

Never forget your history, but accept the fact that history is just that, HISTORY, and does not reflect life and times of the 21st century. Lose the idea that you are being held back by The Man’ because of your skin pigmentation.

And one other thing, teach YOUR children that they, and you, are NOT entitled to any type of reparations for something that happened to your ancestors over 145 years ago.

I must be a vile racist. Imagine, I actually have the gall to call for members of LULACS, The NAACP and their members to accept, and teach, personal responsibility to their children and to all future generations. Only a vile racist could possibly feel that way.

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14 Responses to “2 civil rights groups claim Texas education discriminates against minorities”

  1. comment number 1 by: NativeSon

    How about in “American History” Class we teach AMERICAN HISTORY. In “World History” Class we teach WORLD HISTORY and in “HYPHENATED HISTORY” CLASS WE TEACH HYPHENATED HISTORY?!?!

    (I bet it’ll be really short “-”) PUN INTENDED :)

  2. comment number 2 by: mrchuck

    Texas Fred, you are not a racist. Period.

    The blacks have always hollered they have been mistreated from the slavery days. Their problem is that they have been able to get free money from our US Govt since the Lyndon Johnson presidency days.

    This “gives me dat” days are now over, starting with the 2011 Congress. It will take awhile to get this welfare pipeline throttled back down, but rest assured it will.

    The days of a black woman getting 1500 dollars for each child she births, is coming to an end.

    The days of paying a black man 1000 dollars a month for being a “man assuming the role of spouse”(MARS Program) has led to black men using many names and SS numbers to get many 1000 dollar checks each month.

    All the welfare blacks, and there are millions and millions of them, are now scared shitless that their monthly “free money” govt checks are going to end.

    All of “them” will have to go get a legitimate job…period.

    So, their only hope of not having to go to work doing something, is to cry and scream to their poverty pimps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to stop this mean old government of taking away their “check”.

    I have heard them scream and chant this when even the mail is late!!

    Now, regarding the Mexicans, they are not sophisticated enough YET, to get their “free money”. Being illegal means they can’t go to the govt offices and demand money.

    But, they have learned to have welfare babies born here in the USA, and register this baby for the 1000 dollar a month welfare check and food from WIC!!

    This problem is easy to fix. Just have a massive Immigration ICE sweep and arrest all of them, and then deport them.

    This will now happen, because we don’t have a president with Mexicans in their family tree.
    President Obummer will soon be a lame-duck and then voted completely out of office, or sooner if his background documents come to surface mysteriously.


    In a few years, this all will happen.

  3. comment number 3 by: BobF

    Two children sit next to each other in a classroom, one is white and the other black. They have the same teacher, books, lessons, and time in school. The white child does well but the black child does poorly and the school system is racist because of it.

    Take the same variables but in this case, the black child does well and the white child does poorly. No accusations are made against the school system; only that the parents need to become more involved in their child’s education.

    That’s the problem. Rather than hold the parents accountable for their lack of participation in their child’s education, they blame the system. And, of course, with blaming the system comes the demand that more money be spent on education for minorities.

  4. comment number 4 by: Capt Ron

    I’m so livid I can’t see straight! How dare any minorities say our system is racist towards them. Blacks and Hispanics get a great deal more financial and other support than anyone else, especially illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants get full tuition paid for them. They aren’t citizens, they should not be entitled to more than a citizen gets. Illegals also get sustenance for housing and food while going to school.

    Citizens have to pay for their own housing and food. The problem with black students not doing so well is so many of them grow up in broken homes, don’t know who their daddy’s are, and listen to the beat down the government gives them, the same government keeping them on the welfare dole. Hispanics don’t suffer that problem as much, but it is there.

    Then these kids trying to find acceptance and direction start committing crimes and end up in jail, later prison. That fault I lay solidly on the home, up to a point. Any kids growing up as punks have their parents mostly to blame for a sucky home life as a child. Stop blaming society and take responsibility for your own shortfalls.

  5. comment number 5 by: minuteman26

    Screw both the NAACP and Lulac. They both are run by Marxists and run on Marxist principles. Both want freebees for their members. They don’t teach their members how to be productive, but to scam the system and take as much as they can get. Hell, the NAACP was founded by white Communists. Hope Santa brings them and their supporters coal this year and every year.

  6. comment number 6 by: HoosierArmyMom

    “The use of accountability standards…”

    If a person just looks at the start of this blabbing point, one thing is abundantly clear… these people view “accountability” as a problem, rather than a stunning human characteristic.

    The minute our government took over schools, as opposed to keeping it within states and communities, they started turning it into “social engineering”. Parents who weren’t prone to working with teachers and their children or just plain lazy, finally had justification to use teachers as “baby sitters”. The children who do well in school do so because of parental involvement and it doesn’t have anything to do with skin color. When parents send kids to school without lunch money, poorly clothed for weather, or don’t show up for parent teacher conferences… who’s fault is it when they don’t do well??? Nope, these people who whine like this and blame the state or the text books are not teaching their kids character building skills at home. They don’t even care enough to go to the school to ask for help if they find they can’t help their children with homework!

    Fred, you aren’t being racist, as most of the parents need to be put in parenting classes or even be reported to Social Services (which would do nothing).

    My sister used to teach special education. Many of the kids would come to school without lunch money and tell her they didn’t get it from their parents and then tell about Daddy drinking beer with friends all weekend or Mom being at the bar all weekend. These nutjobs need to get a clue!

  7. comment number 7 by: Deron

    The only thing I see wrong here is that the Latino’s and the Blacks are trying to “Strong Arm” the Texas Education system into getting their way. How come we (White Americans) can’t have an organization to stand up and fight for our rights. It’s funny how everything comes down to “Race” when the so called “Minorities” don’t get what they want. I have said and will say as long as I can that Affirmative Action is nothing more than “Reverse Discrimination” and that the ones that are actually targeted are the “White Americans”. I am sick and tired of hearing about the African Americans or the Latino’s not getting what they want. Get off your ASS and work for it. Why should the only group of people that are required to give up anything is the White’s. We do not choose our skin color and by no means does the color of your skin or where you are from entitle you to anything. How many African Americans have actually been to Africa? How many Latino’s have been to Mexico or South America? Not many and I know for a fact that most of them don’t want to go there because they would actually be considered an outsider. You are either an American or not. The “Race Game” needs to end. It’s time to act like an adult and quit the damn name calling and act like you are a law abiding citizen.

  8. comment number 8 by: Robert

    What’s going on is very simple Fred: VICTIMS are losing their victim status. “Whitey is keeping the brotha’s down” has been proved a myth (AGAIN) Once your race has attained the highest office in the world and you were put there by WHITE folks, perhaps it’s not race that keeps you down?

    Maybe it’s your lazy, welfare check grabbin, food stamp takin, crack smokin, 10 kid havin ass that’s the problem?

    I’m so sick of the race baiting talking heads, the blacks are trying to prove they are more the victim than the hispanics and the hispanics are trying to prove they are more the victim than gays, and gays are trying to prove they are more the victims than blacks….The cycle of “Pitiful me” continues…

  9. comment number 9 by: Steve Dennis

    These people like to claim that because the outcome is not the same that there is something wrong with the system and not with the students. Equal opportunity is not the same as equal outcome. Until these people realize that individuals need to be held accountable for their own deficiencies nothing is going to change.
    They are not intersted in being equal, they want special rights!

  10. comment number 10 by: Bob Mack

    I am tired unto death of leftist entitlement shills squawking racism every time they open their whiny mouths to do something other than feed on someone else’s dime. If that’s racism, then I embrace it.

  11. comment number 11 by: Always On Watch

    Teachers who speak honestly tell us that blacks and Latinos give the most problems in the classroom. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are just that — exceptions.

    All the doublespeak in the world won’t change the fact that those two minorities are dragging down the public education system.

  12. comment number 12 by: bernieg1

    I am appalled and disgusted that Jews like me are under-represented in sports programs at most high schools and colleges. Schools should be forced to remove blacks from basketball and football teams to make room for more of us Jews.

  13. comment number 13 by: Robert

    Bernieg1, that’s not possible, you bastards would charge too much for tickets, pay too little for everything and ya’ll can’t jump….How’s that for stereotypin????? HA!

  14. comment number 14 by: TexasFred

    Damn… I’ll get called a racist for letting that comment stand… :?

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