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Next Obama chapter: Change coming to White House

January 5th, 2011 . by TexasFred
Next Obama chapter: Change coming to White House

WASHINGTON (AP) - Retooling for a re-election run, President Barack Obama is shaking up his senior leadership team to deal with the new realities of his term: The era of big legislation is over, a massive campaign effort needs energy and people, and the White House is taking a toll on those who run it.

Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, is likely to leave that job, and his interim chief of staff, Pete Rouse, may go, too. Those departures would significantly alter the management of the White House and the way it explains itself to the world.

In the coming days and weeks, Obama is also expected to have a new chief economic adviser, a new senior political counselor, and two new deputy chiefs of staff.

Collectively, the moves reflect that change is coming to the White House in ways that will alter the dynamic of the place - and, in turn, will influence the agenda affecting the nation. The vice president’s office is in for its own new leadership, with its chief of staff, Ron Klain, leaving to run an investment company.

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Next Obama chapter: Change coming to White House

This disgusting socialist SOB has done more than enough damage already.

We, American Conservatives and Patriots, have got to mobilize NOW and stop Hussein Obama from even having a remote shot at another term. Obama, and his corrupt regime of socialists and commies, have got to go!

Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is the 1st Family of the United States of America!

An America hating socialist SOB that has no desire other than to please his *handlers* by bringing this nation to it’s knees. And with him is his little posse of ghetto ‘hood rats. You can take the ‘hood rats out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the ‘hood rats.

Dr. Richard Bacon, my good friend, neighbor and fellow patriot, and I were discussing this very story earlier today and Dr. Bacon said:

Fred we have already talked about this. Obama will govern for the next two years by “executive order” in defiance of the Constitution, which states that ALL legislative power shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.

To which I responded, “Well Richard, I am locked and loaded…I will NOT go quietly.”

As the original story says, it appears that a shakeup of the Obama staff is eminent, and that staff will be led by William M. Daley, another member of Obama’s *Chicago Connection*.

William Daley is under serious consideration to replace Rouse as chief of staff, which is considered the most important gatekeeping job in American politics. Daley, a banking executive and former Cabinet secretary under President Bill Clinton, is said to want the job. Rouse, a camera-shy adviser to Obama who has served smoothly as interim chief of staff, had never wanted to do it for long. If Rouse decides to leave, Daley will likely come aboard. No other scenarios are being strongly considered. Obama and Rouse are expected to decide shortly.

Somehow, recycled Clinton Cabinet members joining the Obama regime just doesn’t inspire me with any great feeling of confidence and well-being.

Gibbs, the most visible spokesman for the president, is likely to leave the briefing room podium. It is unclear whether he would stay at the White House or leave for private sector work, but either way, he will remain a presidential adviser. Gibbs has been at Obama’s side since 2004 and has been expected to seek a change from the grueling job.

Robert Lane Gibbs, much like the human gaffe machine, Joe Biden, is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Gibbs is so willingly foolish, and just plain silly, than many Conservative pundits call him Baghdad Bob Gibbs, as a barb comparing him to another foolish press guy, one Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the original Baghdad Bob.

David Axelrod, one of Obama’s most trusted advisers and strategists, is leaving the White House after the State of the Union speech in January. He plans to recharge at home in Chicago and play a significant role in Obama’s re-election bid. David Plouffe, Obama’s presidential campaign manager and a counselor to Obama over the last two years from outside the building, is expected to join the White House as early as next week as a top adviser.

I have heard rumors of Axelrod leaving for some time now. One of my better political sources has been telling me for a least a year now that Axelrod was on his way out and it was only a matter of time.

I have also been told that as much as the media likes to describe Axelrod as one of Obama’s most trusted advisers and strategists, the truth of the matter is, supposedly, Axelrod is a hated man by many in the Obama regime.

Axelrod’s sin? He tells Obama the truth as opposed to the stories of fairy dust and unicorn farts that Obama wants to hear.

If he were to place figures such as Daley and Sperling steps away from the Oval Office, Obama would be relying on veterans of the Clinton administration. With Republicans clamoring for fiscal restraint and more jobs, Daley and Sperling would be a not-so-subtle nod to a period when budgets were balanced, the economy was humming and the man in the White House was a Democrat.

“It was a very sweet period of time when everything seemed to conspire for a balanced budget,” said John Duncan, a lobbyist and a senior Treasury official in the Bush administration. “The point is that Obama could be reaching out to bring in that experienced Clinton machinery to gear up.”

Much like David Axelrod, I am going to tell it like it is and I don’t give a damn if it makes me popular or not. The truth of the matter is this; Obama is NOT Bill Clinton. Even if Obama brought in the entire Clinton White House staff, the ones that haven’t made the Clinton Death List, even with Clinton’s full same staff, Obama is not what Clinton was.

Hussein Obama needs to remember this, Bill Clinton was the First Black President. I’ll bet y’all didn’t see that one coming did you? :P

The United States is dying under the Obama regime, and Obama only seeks to further impose more forced rule and socialism on the American people. How much longer are we going to stand for this? And don’t even think about saying it’s all going to be OK simply because the Congress is now in the hands of the GOP.

I fully expect that we’re about to see a resurgence of RINOism as Boehner and Company search for ways to work hand in hand with their Democratic counterparts.

I hope I’m wrong, but I fear for America if I’m not.

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5 Responses to “Next Obama chapter: Change coming to White House”

  1. comment number 1 by: Katie

    You know it is a bad sign when the rats desert the ship.

  2. comment number 2 by: Steve Dennis

    If Boehner and the Democrats work hand in hand we are doomed, I hope that you are wrong, but we have read this story before.

    It seems to me that this many desertions from a president who is just halfway through his first term is highly unusual. Obama seems to be trying to recreate Clinton’s magic, but I don’t think he has the personality to pull it off.

  3. comment number 3 by: TexasFred

    Steve, I really don’t like Clinton, but you gotta admit, Ol’ Bubba had one hell of a personality and a good line of BS…

    Obama is a boring SOB and too impressed with himself to even understand *personality*…

  4. comment number 4 by: BobF

    I’ve always believed that one big difference between Clinton and Obama is that Clinton truly cares about America and wants what’s best for her in his wrong way but Obama has a deep hatred for this nation and all she stands for.

    Clinton must love Obama because Obama makes him look good.

    I was never pleased that Bill Clinton’s signature adorns my retirement certificate. Today I feel sorry for those who have the jug-eared jackasses on theirs.

  5. comment number 5 by:

    I thought you meant that the White House was only worth change.

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