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Druglords Seize People-Smuggling Routes

April 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

SASABE, Mexico (AP) - Mexican druglords are taking over the business of smuggling migrants into the United States, using them as human decoys to divert authorities from billions of dollars in cocaine shipments across the same border.

U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that drug traffickers, in response to a U.S. border crackdown, have seized control of the routes they once shared with human smugglers and in the process are transforming themselves into more diversified crime syndicates.

The really big question that I want answered is this, IF we know it’s going on, why don’t we have even more National Guard troops on the border shutting this mess down?? Is the war in Iraq placing our own nation in jeopardy?? If it is then WHY are we placing the needs of Iraq above our own??

The drug gangs get protection money from the migrants and then effectively use them to clear the trail for the flow of drugs.

Undocumented aliens are used “to maneuver where they want us or don’t want us to be,” said Alonzo Pena, chief of investigations for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Arizona.

And again I say, IF we know all of this, and we DO, why aren’t we doing whatever it takes to stop it?? Can anyone answer that?? Why does Mr. Bush continue to ignore the NEEDS of this nation and put the people of Iraq above his own??

And why does Mr. Bush put the care and well being of the illegal invaders above the well being of the American people?? I can’t understand that one, not in the slightest…

“We have been able to seal many of the drug routes by adding technology and more agents,” Soto said. “We’re seeing a tremendous amount of drugs being seized.”

We must seal more than just the drug routes being used, our borders should be absolutely sovereign and inviolate, there should be no question as to where the border is nor what the resulting crossing of that border will incur…  

Once upon a time, in a world far, far away, to cross the border of another nation illegally was considered an international incident, and to do so while armed was considered to be an act of war and was dealt with appropriately…

Can we get back to that time again??

Full Story Here:
Druglords Seize People-Smuggling Routes

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4 Responses to “Druglords Seize People-Smuggling Routes”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ranando

    I can’t even talk about this Crap.

    WTF are our leaders thinking?

    Why are they allowing this Shit to take place?

    I’m done and fried trying to figure this all out…why won’t they do something about our border?

  2. comment number 2 by: Greg Laurich

    I’d prefer to use the marines myself Fred. What is sickening is that until we secure our borders we shouldn’t even begin to think about what to do with all the immigrants here now. It’s like bailing a boat without ever trying to plug the leak. But that’s DC for you.

  3. comment number 3 by: GUYK

    I see that the illegal aliens are planning on another mass demonstration:
    be a great time to round up and deport a lot of illegals

  4. comment number 4 by: David

    “We must seal more than just the drug routes being used, our borders should be absolutely sovereign and inviolate, there should be no question as to where the border is nor what the resulting crossing of that border will incur… “

    Indeed. But how do we get our political masters to aquiesce to the will of the people (every damned poll I’ve seen says Americans want this shit stopped) when all they listen to are lobbyists and Mass Media Podpeople? When the American people continue to elect to office those whose agendas include surrendering our sovreignty?


    As to the Iraq adventure endangering the U.S. by occupying too many of our military elsewhere… The administration’s Iraq adventure is using about 1/10 of our military. (Yeh, I know: I’m including the Navy which doesn’t have a large role in the Iraq adventure). The numbers are there so why are we stretched so thin and servicemen having their tours extended, etc.?

    Because we are also committed in other places where the committment has ceased to make sense. (Why the hell are we still in Germany and South Korea?!?)

    Because the military is top-heavy, Way, way top-heavy. (And Pournelle’s Iron Law applies here, as well as to the following point.)

    Because far too many in the military are in administrative roles, churning paper to generate more paper to require more paper-pushers to churn more paper…

    Take every other brass hat and every other paper-pucher and send THEM into the field. Oops. Disaster. Because too many of them (not all-perhaps not even a large number-by any means!) wouldn’t cut it, but just be endangering others in the field.

    Oh, I don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s obvious. Right? Right…


    GuyK, re: Another alien invasion rally. A couple of my posts last year on the topic have resulted some real insight into the mindset of those who sympathize with alien invaders through the comments on those posts. Venal, subliterate, entitlement enthusiasts. Almost all liars, too. Imagine: folks who are so “proud” of their Mexican heritage that they do everything possible to leave the counbtry they are so proud of… with the goal of dragging this country down to the level of the country they left. Liars, thieves, in no way honorable or admirable.

    My pastor wants to start a mission to the hispanics in our county. Well and good… as long as the message of Romans 13 and 1Peter 4 on obeying the law are included. Hallelujah! Revival resulting in mass self-deportation of new Christians whose hearts have convicted them that they are to obey the law!

    Not gonna happen. (To be fair, how many Chtistian church members-or pastors!- have broken the speed limits on the way to church? *heh*)