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Bush: Iraq Timeline Could Cause ‘Chaos’

May 1st, 2007 . by TexasFred

MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AP) - Moving toward a veto of a war spending bill, President Bush said Tuesday that Democrats who made the legislation a showdown over withdrawing U.S. troops could turn Iraq into a “cauldron of chaos” with their approach.

Mr. Bush, Iraq is already a “cauldron of chaos”, and YOU are the very reason that fact is so, YOU and YOUR weak-assed war fighting ability, YOUR lack of planning and YOUR hardheadedness, and YOUR refusal to listen to solid plans from very credible General officers that actually KNOW what the hell they’re doing in a war zone, even if it doesn’t agree with YOUR plan…

“Success in Iraq is critical to the security of free people everywhere,” Bush said at the headquarters of U.S. Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, including Iraq.

BULLSHIT! You are running the very same line on the American people that was run back in the Vietnam days, “The world is gonna go commie if we don’t win in Vietnam, this is where we save the world”, and Mr. President, there’s enough of us alive today that were either there in Vietnam or saw what it did to America, and the world hasn’t fallen to communism since we pulled out of Vietnam, in fact, Vietnam is one of our trading partners now and fast becoming a strong ally, so again I say BULLSHIT to you and your statement “Success in Iraq is critical to the security of free people everywhere,”, take that lie elsewhere because no one with half a brain is going to buy it…

Bush said that pulling the American presence from Baghdad before Iraqis are capable of defending themselves would have disastrous results - giving al-Qaida terrorists a safe haven from which to operate and an inspiration for new recruits and new attacks.

“The risks are enormous,” he said in a remarks to a three-day annual conference of leaders from other countries participating in the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq.

Has it ever occurred to you Sir?? If we pull out and give the terrorists a safe haven that perhaps that would be an incredibly wise move?? After the bastards are grouped up feeling all secure and such, kill em all in one good bombing mission, I’ll bet you never thought of that one did you Mr. Bush?? The didn’t teach that part of strategery in Air National Guard let’s miss the meetings for months class did they?? But that’s OK, you got the deciderer class in so, all must be well…

And as to that part about pulling out before the Iraqis are capable of standing on their own, any ideas on that one Sir?? I mean, we’ve been training them for over 4 years now and they still aren’t anywhere near being close to ready…

And do you know why Mr. Bush?? Obviously not, well, here it is Sir, the Iraqis are NOT fighters, they are bullies, tyrants and dictators, they can exploit the weak and defenseless but that’s where it ends, and if you had the ability to actually read and understand a Sit/Rep, you’d know that, but oops, I forgot, you don’t read do you??

Here’s exactly what Iraq has done for the USA Mr. Bush, it has driven an almost irreparable wedge between OUR people and it has placed the RNC in a position of having to fight for their very existence, and THAT is YOUR fault Mr. Bush, if we are subjected to a Dem POTUS in ‘08, the blame falls squarely on YOUR shoulders and those of the people that have encouraged you to take this perilous course…

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Bush: Iraq Timeline Could Cause ‘Chaos’

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3 Responses to “Bush: Iraq Timeline Could Cause ‘Chaos’”

  1. comment number 1 by: Sage


  2. comment number 2 by: Wadical

    I certainly don’t walk lock-step with any elected official, especially The President. I disagree with much of what this President’s administration has done, and I agree with your assessment that he’s bungled this operation a few times over…perhaps beyond repair, but that has yet to be proven. He doesn’t get an “A” but I don’t give him an “F” either. Despite repeated threats, no major terrorist attacks have occurred on US soil since 9-11-01. Certainly he must share in that credit.

    Iraq (the whole middle east for that matter) is an unwelcome place for US interference in politics. The only things they (Islamic Sects, and all of them are part of one sect or another) agree on is that Muhammad was “God’s Prophet” and they hate the US and Israel. Aside from that, they agree on almost nothing. They vehemently despise each other almost (not quite, but almost) with as much fervent conviction as they hate us and will cheat, or kill each other for power and mere spite when we’re not there to distract them from that endeavor by uniting them in their hatred for us. Though I am far from being an expert, I’m convinced that no amount of diplomacy or arm twisting will change that fact.

    “Peace and security” in Iraq is an insurmountable obstacle. It will never happen, not under a forced democracy…so it shouldn’t be an objective. They’ve never known anything but tyranny and are therefore incapable of functioning with the honor, integrity and sacrifice required of a truly free society. I happen to believe that freedom cannot be given, it must be taken and until religious moderation paves the way for free thought, the Iraqis will never be organized or committed enough to accomplish that.

    I think we should concentrate our efforts on ensuring that terrorism on US soil or foreign interests doesn’t freely operate from within that country by carefully placing intelligence assets while we have the chance, and then enforce it with everything from treaties to tomahawks. To be able to concentrate our efforts on that task would require us prying our lips of the oil tit of the middle east and become more dependent on our own reserves and explorations. Like it or not, energy is a major consideration for whether or not we should be concerned with peace in the middle east.

    That said, I don’t believe that anyone can stick a magnet on their car, wave a flag or tie a yellow ribbon to “support the troops” without supporting their mission. That doesn’t mean I or anyone else has to AGREE with that mission, but that we must ensure that those “boots on the ground” have the proper equipment, sufficient funds and adequate personnel to carry out what ever mission they have at hand. The issue of not agreeing with their mission or their leadership is, unfortunately, only able to be settled through those wretched and corrupt channels that we call politics…and on election day. That’s the price we must pay for the level of freedom we enjoy. It sucks but it beats the alternative.