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Pilot’s Gun Fires on US Airways Flight

March 24th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Pilot’s Gun Fires on US Airways Flight

DENVER (AP) – A gun belonging to the pilot of a US Airways plane went off as the aircraft was on approach to land in North Carolina over the weekend, the first time a weapon issued under a federal program to arm pilots was fired, authorities said Monday.

The “accidental discharge� Saturday aboard Flight 1536 from Denver to Charlotte did not endanger the aircraft or the 124 passengers, two pilots and three flight attendants aboard, said Greg Alter of the Federal Air Marshal Service.

“We know that there was never any danger to the aircraft or to the occupants on board,� Alter said.

It is the first time a pilot’s weapon has been fired on a plane under a program created after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to allow pilots and others to use a firearm to defend against any act of air piracy or criminal violence, he said.

The Transportation Security Administration is investigating how the gun discharged and is being assisted by the Air Marshal Service, Alter said.

Full Story Here:
Pilot’s Gun Fires on US Airways Flight

I can hardly wait to hear the reason for this one…

As most folks know, guns do NOT go off by themselves, it just doesn’t happen, a series of events must take place for a weapon to go off and fire a round, the safety must be released, assuming it’s a semi-automatic pistol, the trigger must be pulled and on certain auto-loaders a trigger safety and grip safety must be used in concert with one another before ANY decent auto-loader will discharge a round…

A dropped weapon might go off, but even if a weapon IS dropped, if the safety is properly engaged and in proper working order, the chances of that weapon accidentally discharging are very slim, that’s why it’s called a safety…

I have been an avid gun owner and shooter for 45 years, I started shooting when I was 9 years old, and I have NEVER had a gun just go off unless I pulled the trigger, I have several loaded guns in the house right now, always have had, and none of them have EVER just gone off, it doesn’t work that way, a gun, if in proper working order, is incapable of discharging on it’s own, and if the gun wasn’t in proper working order, and the guy carrying it should know all the whys and wherefores of gun safety and maintenance, and should be capable of making a determination regarding the safety of and safe USE of his weapon, IF the weapon wasn’t in proper working order he should have known it, that’s something ALL responsible gun owners do and know…

In regards to this one going off in the airplane, there are likely at least 2 or 3 possible scenarios, either the pilot somehow inadvertently hooked the trigger housing on something and in doing so, accidentally pulled the trigger, thus causing the gun to go off, OR, he was playing with the damned thing and cooked one off out of sheer stupidity, OR, he was practicing his draw, Quick Draw McGraw at 40,000 feet…

If you have any doubts that what I say about accidental discharges is the truth, read this, Detective’s handgun discharges in courtroom’s bathroom, they spell it out in much the same way as I just did…

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Mass deletion sparks LiveJournal revolt

May 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

Thousands of LiveJournal customers are rebelling against the company’s recent decision to censor hundreds of sex-themed discussion groups, a broad swath that has led to the removal of literary critiques and fan-written fiction about Harry Potter.

LiveJournal, which is owned by San Francisco-based Six Apart, confirmed Wednesday that it deleted around 500 journals this week in hopes of better protecting children. It said the deletion was prompted by activist groups, including one called Warriors for Innocence that claims to track sites promoting pedophilia, the sexual abuse of minors, and other illegal activities. READ THE REST HERE

The main player in the Mass deletion is a very good friend of mine. Sue at Sue’s View, she is also Jarhead John’s sister.

She has been tireless in pointing out pedophiles on the Internet to Law Enforcement. She has helped put MANY sites out of business, and I for one am grateful to know her. WELL DONE SUE!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Evidently the pedo-freak supporters have launched a major offensive trying to discredit Sue.

This will not work. Check this site out.

Time for the real supporters of what is right to come to her aid. Head on over to
Sues view or Warrior’s for innocence

A special note to the pedo-freaks and their supporters that come over to gain insight to the group behind Sue. Freedom of speech is one thing, Children are off limits.

Your sick lifestyle is the cause of your frustration and the cure is simple: Obtain large caliber loaded pistol, insert barrel into your mouth and pull trigger. This would be best for all involved.

Shamelessly stolen from: American and Proud

There’s 2 things that really strike me as way strange here, if you read the articles and the links, one is that Sue and JJ are SO powerful, they personally FORCED a corporation to dump all those peds and ped related sites, all by themselves, I am totally impressed by that power, it is strong in those young Jedi!!

And the other thing I find totally hilarious is the description they have for me, I am the ALL POWERFUL TexasFred, I am the head of the racist, Nazi, gun toting Confederates that are overpowering the pedofreaks, and I am, according TO the pedofreaks, a close associate of Absolute Zero.

This guy on Dark Christianity that they all seem to think is such a marvelous ‘researcher’, well, he’s basically an idiot that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

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