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Hutchison signals she’s ready for a showdown with Perry in 2010

December 10th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Hutchison signals she’s ready for a showdown with Perry in 2010
AUSTIN – In creating a committee Thursday to explore a run for governor, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison sent her strongest signal yet that she’s ready for a showdown against Gov. Rick Perry that would cost millions and sharply divide the Texas GOP.

Ms. Hutchison has considered running for governor before but always backed away. This time, by launching the committee, she has cleared the way to open a campaign office and raise money for the race.

Although the Republican primary is 15 months away, the contours of the race have already emerged – Mr. Perry casting her as part of the problem in Washington and Ms. Hutchison labeling him a divisive, ineffective leader in Austin.

“As any person watching the last legislative session could see, it was very contentious and acrimonious,” she said. “Certainly Texas is looking for change in that office.”

Mr. Perry, who has repeatedly said he will seek re-election, fired back through a spokesman by suggesting that the Republican senator has spent too much time outside Texas.

“There hasn’t been much good coming out of Washington – record deficits, bailouts, spending,” said Mark Miner.

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Hutchison signals she’s ready for a showdown with Perry in 2010

There are a few things that Kay Bailey Hutchison needs to think about before she comes home to run for Governor. There are a lot of Texas voters that are seriously pissed off at her. I am one of them.

And why are some Texas voters so pissed of at the once most prestigious woman in Texas you ask? KBH took a stance against border security, Hutchison on defensive over border fence. KBH took a stance FOR amnesty for the illegal invaders that are over running our state and this nation, Immigrant Dream Act Fails Key Senate Vote. KBH proved herself to be nothing more than a SOCIALIST when she vote FOR the Wall Street bailout, Congress OKs historic bailout bill. She voted FOR a bailout that approximately 68% of Texas voters told her they didn’t want. KBH did NOT listen to the wishes of those that put her in office, an event that is happening all too often with far too many elected officials.

Hutchison has ignored the wishes of the people of Texas. Politicians seem all to eager to dismiss the wishes of those that put them where they are it seems. It’s time to send a message to KBH, we, the people of Texas, need to now ignore her by NOT supporting her run for the State House. It’s time for KBH to retire from politics, if she ignores the people of Texas as a U.S. Senator, how in the world can any of us expect her to pay attention if she were Governor?

Personally, I will support Rick Perry against Hutchison. He’s not a great Governor, he’s not as bad as I feel Hutchison would be. And I am on record, right here, right now, as saying, IF the Dems or Libertarians put up an intelligent and viable choice, and KBH were to get the Republican nod, I will support an alternative candidate! I did so in the presidential race, I made my views quite plain for everyone, I will NEVER support the lesser of the evils again.

Texans have great memories, we don’t forget things like the recent antics of KBH, I won’t forget, and I won’t allow Texans to forget. I would be betraying my principles to do otherwise on a Texas vote of such importance!

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Hutchison on defensive over border fence

January 12th, 2008 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON - In an uncharacteristic display of public frustration with party colleagues, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on Friday sharply criticized two Republican congressmen who had accused her of a stealth effort to derail the fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Conservative blogs and pundits have attacked Hutchison ever since Reps. Peter King of New York and Duncan Hunter of California accused the Texas Republican of essentially repealing Congress’ mandate to build 700 miles of fencing.

“This was a midnight massacre,” King said of an amendment Hutchison shepherded into law last month. “It was absolutely disgraceful.”

After being labeled “Panderer to the Criminal Invader” and called a traitor to border security, Hutchison fought back Friday.

“There is misinformation, and I think the congressmen who should know better exactly what has happened have been a little loose with the facts,” she said in an interview.

“I am a little frustrated that Rep. King and I guess Rep. Hunter are feigning surprise,” Hutchison said, noting that both men were notified as far back as September 2006 that she intended to amend the law ordering 700 miles of double-layer fencing.

The controversy is over an amendment that Hutchison inserted into a $555 billion spending bill that President Bush signed into law the day after Christmas.

The measure repealed the parts of the 2006 law that dictated both the fence’s location and design to the dismay of King and Hunter, who advocate the use of double-layer fencing to halt illegal crossings.

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Hutchison on defensive over border fence

I guess Hutchison isn’t too happy, but you know, the truth hurts and she’s gonna have to face it, she has ruined her once upon a time almost ‘holy’ reign in Texas.

Traitor is one of the nicer names she has been called.

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