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‘Tea Party’ members offer a ground-level view

August 13th, 2010 . by TexasFred

‘Tea Party’ members offer a ground-level view

A year ago, the political hurricane known as the “Tea Party” erupted in made-for-YouTube confrontations at congressional town hall meetings on the pending health care overhaul.

This August, the movement’s supporters seem less rowdy — perhaps because they’re pounding the pavement and dialing phones, trying to alter the balance of power in Congress in the fall elections. While Tea Party-favored candidates have lost in contests including the California GOP Senate primary, they have won Republican Senate primaries in Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada and Utah.

They say it’s just the start.

“We’re not in this to make noise and to saber-rattle,” says Dan Blanchard of the Louisville Tea Party, which helped Rand Paul claim the Senate nomination in Kentucky. “We’re in this thing to win.”

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‘Tea Party’ members offer a ground-level view

I believe the more correct way to say this would be, “We’re not in this just to make noise or to rattle sabers.” Of course we must be polite, that goes without saying, but if we meet a violent challenge, we must address that challenge in like, or similar fashion.

I don’t want to go to war! I am too old, with too many health issues to take on FULL ATTACK mode anymore. But if it means the protection of my family, or the security of the USA, I still have at least one more good fight in me.

And I won’t be nice, kind, non-confrontational or politically correct in waging that fight!

The test now: Whether Paul and others can prevail under even tougher scrutiny and win over the broader electorate that votes in November. That will require a sustained commitment from a network that revels in its bottom-up nature and loose organization.

I personally feel that if anything can stop the TEA Party it will be that loose confederation of grass roots activism. A grass roots organization is a marvelous place to start, but where do you go from grass roots?

Again, in MY opinion, NO organization can survive without being properly organized and led by GREAT men and women in positions of strong leadership, be it local, grass roots or on a national scale. We do NOT need Casper Milquetoast, nor those that are afraid of their own shadows, nor those that RUN from confrontation! We must have STRONG, brave, forceful, persuasive and dedicated leaders.

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Are You RIGHT for The TEA Party?

August 8th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Are You RIGHT for The TEA Party?

The views and opinions presented in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Rowlett Texas TEA Party or any other TEA Party organization.

If the founders of this nation had been as negative regarding the Declaration of Independence or standing up to the British as some of the so-called Republicans I have seen lately, we would ALL still be subjects of the British Empire.

The founders of this nation were brave men, they risked their lives and freedom to build this nation. They endangered themselves, their homes and property, their families, everything they had, everything they owned, they placed it on the line so that WE could stand and speak our minds!

This post is NOT directed at anyone in particular, it is being written simply to express the utter frustration I am feeling after having read so many negative comments, and what I perceive to be a defeatist attitude on my blog, and several other blogs, and in response to some folks that are advocating the *straight ticket* vote come November.

I have seen many comments made by those that say the RNC and the DNC are too deeply embedded to ever be displaced, those that say it’s going to be too difficult to make a 3rd party successful. Comments made by those that just run off at the mouth simply because that’s all they can do, or are afraid of losing their job if a REAL 3rd Party were to become a viable option.

To those that automatically say, “It can’t be done”, I have to ask this, why not?

Are you going to sit back and do nothing? Are you going to write a blog post crying and moaning about Obama, Bush, every president of the 20th century?? Are you going to sit there crying in your beer and allow the totalitarian government that is taking shape to come after you?? Are you going to sit there and just TAKE IT?

Are you going to wait until it’s all over, and then say something to the effect of, “Well, I would have helped, you know, I wrote a post about this, but I didn’t think these guys had a real chance so I just sat back on my apathetic butt and did nothing. If only I had listened before the government turned on us…

No one ever said this was going to be easy. If it was easy, anyone could do it. No one ever said it was going to happen over night. This will be a time consuming effort. No one ever said that victory was a guaranteed outcome either. I already know that part, I don’t need to hear it from folks that are afraid of their own shadows!

There WILL be conflicts. Those that avoid conflict at all costs have NO place within The TEA Party, or any other REAL patriots organization.

Sometimes you simply must be confrontational. Once in a while, confrontation is the only way to be heard over the din of the TALKERS! Those that can’t, or won’t act, and DO nothing other than talk, and postpone, and bury, and table the issue.

The folks that speak nothing but negatives may be right. We may fall flat on our faces. We may be branded as anarchists, radicals, revolutionaries, criminals, God only knows what else our oppressors will tag us with. The Democrats hate us and the GOP wants to co-opt us.

I do know this, some of us use our real names and our real pictures on our blogs. We attend very public events. We speak our minds on our blogs and in person.

Anything I write about a person on this blog, I WILL say to their face. You see, I am unafraid, because the words I speak are the truth. If you kill me for speaking the truth, I win, and many will know that I won.

If I speak the truth, if I attempt to get people to stand up and be PATRIOTS, and if by doing so I am taken down by the powers that be, I WIN! And again, many people will KNOW that I won, and they will always say, “He tried, he wasn’t afraid to go after that hope of REAL freedom! He was one of those crazy guys that tried to save this nation. He stood with the spirits of our founding fathers.”

We can’t rebuild the Republican party, that idea is simply nothing more than sheer lunacy. The GOP has been taken over by RINOs. The GOP has become DEM Lite.

The Democratic party has been beyond redemption for many years and now the RNC has joined them.

The good Lord hates a coward, I will NEVER be accused of cowardice.

Here and now I make this solemn promise to all; I will fight in every way I know how to fight, I will help build a REAL Conservative party, The TEA Party, a party that follows the Constitution as it was written all those many years ago, a Conservative TEA Party! An American TEA Party!

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Tea party group on defensive over blog about NAACP

July 21st, 2010 . by TexasFred

Tea party group on defensive over blog about NAACP

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — An official with the Tea Party Express on Monday blasted its expulsion from a national coalition over its refusal to oust a former chairman who satirized the NAACP in a controversial blog posting.

The political action committee that raises money for Republican candidates was booted from the National Tea Party Federation for refusing to rebuke spokesman Mark Williams, whose posting referred to NAACP president Benjamin Jealous as “Tom’s nephew and NAACP head colored person.”

Tea Party Express coordinator Joe Wierzbicki said it was “arrogant and preposterous” for the federation to expel his group.

“Circular firing squads of groups within the tea party movement attacking one another accomplish nothing, and on this issue the Tea Party Federation is wrong,” he said in a statement.

Full Story Here:
Tea party group on defensive over blog about NAACP

O.M.G. Someone spoke out against the leadership of a faction of the TEA Party. :?

QUICK, someone fire off an email demanding he be removed. Tell them he isn’t the voice of the TEA Party. How DARE he have an opinion that’s not 100% in line with the rest of the TEA Party. He makes the entire TEA Party look bad. Hurry, get him OUT and replace him with a do-nothing PC asshat that will talk and talk and talk, and then talk some more… :?

Anyone?? Bueller?? Bueller?? I’m making it entirely too easy for you… :twisted:

I DO agree with Wierzbicki on one point, when groups within the TEA Party movement attack one another, nothing is accomplish. But, the TEA Party is a loose, VERY loose confederation of various and different groups. There is NO central leadership within the TEA Party. There are many TEA Party groups that have NO effective leadership and their ranks suffer for it.

The TEA Party has been referred to as a rudderless ship. I couldn’t agree more. So, to those that don’t appreciate my honesty regarding the TEA Party or it’s leadership, right about now would be a good time to click off of this blog, or get your copy and paste ready so you can email this one along too.

The TEA Party has a lot of very good people involved, a lot of highly motivated and energetic souls that are determined to take America back from the clutches of Obama and Company, but they have NO direction. They have NO effective leadership and what leadership they do have seems think they can be politically correct, and simply by talking to people, they can bring about effective change in this nation.

Talk is only where it starts. So far, I have seen nothing past the talking part.

New members become associated with a TEA Party and they ask, “What are we doing? How can I get involved? I want to DO something!” and all they get is another ineffective meeting that is basically a waste of time because nothing comes out of it. And eventually, sooner or later, they leave.

Many TEA Party leaders look upon this as a social event, they don’t realize that WE ARE AT WAR and the salvation of this nation, it’s very existence, is on the line. These people are afraid of saying the wrong thing, they’re afraid of hurting feelings, they want NO conflict, of any kind.

But that is NOT how WAR is fought.

Maybe, since the people I am talking about have never BEEN to war, maybe that’s why they can’t fathom the reasons that this must be conducted like a tactical military exercise and not a loosely organized social venture. Maybe, because they have never been in a REAL fight, maybe that’s why they can’t grasp the desperation of this situation and understand the frustration of REAL warriors.

The friction highlights fault lines within the loosely jointed tea party movement, which has no formal organization or bylaws. Internal squabbling could weaken its political clout, and it comes at a time when the NAACP and other have sought to discredit the movement.

As I said, a rudderless ship. ANY group that is not organized is NOT an organization, they are a group, nothing more.

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