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The Gray Ceiling: The truth about Age Discrimination

September 20th, 2010 . by TexasFred

‘Great Recession’ over, research group says

The “Great Recession” has ended, officially.

At least, that’s the word from the private research organization that calls the beginnings and endings of recessions, the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The NBER said Monday that the recession which began in December 2007 ended in June 2009, which marked the beginning of an expansion. The announcement rules out the possibility of a so-called “double-dip” recession, because any new downturn would be seen as a brand new recession.

President Barack Obama said that even though the NBER officially named an end to the recession, the economy has a long way to go and much work to be done to become healthy again. “Something that took ten years to create is going to take a little more time to solve,” Obama said at a town-hall-style meeting shown live on CNBC.

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‘Great Recession’ over, research group says

That’s marvelous news. Simply marvelous.

The stocks are UP, the Dow Jones is at 105.31 as of 12:30PM today. Standards and Poors and NASDAQ are up appreciably as well. For once I can almost agree with Barack Hussein Obama’s statement, “Something that took ten years to create is going to take a little more time to solve,”

What he meant was, ‘It’s Bush’s fault’, he just didn’t come out and say it.

Obama is partially correct though, it is going to take some time to resolve this mess, I’d say sometime in January of 2013 would be a good target date, that being the time that hopefully we have a CONSERVATIVE Congress, Senate and White House!

So, as we read the We can ALL feel good the recession is over report, we get this:

‘The new unemployables’: Workers over 50

VASHON ISLAND, Wash. — Patricia Reid is not in her 70s, an age when many Americans continue to work. She is not even in her 60s. She is just 57.

But four years after losing her job she cannot, in her darkest moments, escape a nagging thought: she may never work again.

College educated, with a degree in business administration, she is experienced, having worked for two decades as an internal auditor and analyst at Boeing before losing that job.

A growing number of people in their 50s and 60s who desperately want or need to work to pay for retirement are starting to worry that they may be discarded from the work force forever.

Full Story Here:
‘The new unemployables’: Workers over 50

There’s not supposed to be ANY discrimination regarding American workers and their right to employment, regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, disability or national origin. We have LAWS to that affect. SOURCE

Sounds real good on paper, too bad it’s not a reality.

There is a ‘gray ceiling‘ regarding the hiring of older Americans.

I personally know a lady that is incredibly well qualified. She has a college education, she is highly experienced as a load planner, dispatcher, office manager, safety manager and in every other aspect of the trucking and transportation industry.

She even holds a valid Class *A* Commercial Drivers License.

She has been employed in the trucking industry for 39 years and is very well qualified.

Now, here’s the truth about age discrimination. She’s about to turn 60. She gets called in for an interview(s) and they see this gray haired woman and that’s about as far as it gets.

Qualifications and experience go right out the window once you pass the age of 60. As you approach 60, it’s nearly impossible to compete with the younger, and in most cases, far less experienced individuals in the job market.

The interviewer won’t say, ‘Well, were looking for someone a little younger‘, they can’t DO that, it is against the law. What they can say is, ‘Thank you, we’ll get back to you‘. Yeah, right…

Age discrimination, and many other forms of discrimination (silent discrimination) aren’t supposed to exist in this new and modern world, but they do.

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