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A message to the American people from TexasFred

August 10th, 2009 . by TexasFred

A message to the American people from TexasFred

I have heard the TEA Party called a lot of things lately.

A rudderless ship, operating under a full head of steam with no direction whatsoever. I have seen a few examples of that too, as much as I hate to say it.

I have seen a few TEA Party organizations that tout the Conservative bonafides of certain Senators that are anything but Conservative. I have seen those very TEA Parties invite said Senator to their events only to have him booed off the stage by REAL Conservatives.

I have heard our organization denigrated by the left, references made to some perversion that apparently only those on the perverted left were familiar with until recently when our detractors began to refer to us as *tea baggers*.

I have heard Harry Reid and his ilk refer to us as *Astro Turf*. Fake grass. An effort to downplay the grassroots movement that the TEA Party embodies.

Reid’s disgusting cohort, Nancy Pelosi, made reference to us as being a bunch of NAZIs and swastika wearing trouble makers. Apparently Pelosi and Reid have never been to a TEA Party rally and have us confused with an Aryan Nation and skinhead type of organization.

I won’t even attempt to decipher the thoughts of the far left and their moonbattery, but I will say this, as disorganized, as rudderless as we may be, the TEA Party, and a few other groups out there that are motivated by pure patriotism, and nothing else, have scared the hell out of the Libs, Dems and far left moonbats.

The President, and leaders of the Senate and House are doing their very best to discredit Conservative America and the effort being put forth to stop the march to socialism that this nation is apparently set on.

We are called Right Wing Radicals by the left. That is a name I wear proudly. Thomas Jefferson was a right wing radical. Most of the founding fathers of this nation were right wing radicals, and to be even remotely considered in that group is an honor.

Some folks have become involved in the TEA Party movement because they are what I call joiners, folks that will join up with any group or organization just to be a member of something.

Some folks have become members in an effort to advance their desires to move into the political field.

Some have become members because they thought that the TEA Party was going to become a radical right wing movement ready to go to war. An ill conceived notion, but, in the interest of fairness, those are some of the reasons for joining that I have heard of late.

Some folks are members of TEA Party groups because a TEA Party gathering is where they get their current news. Sad, I know, but the truth. Those people are terribly out of touch, they are uninformed regarding current events and are beating dead horses that have NO bearing whatsoever on the direction this nation has taken.

They constantly forward email after email of OLD information, they mean well, but for crying out loud, some of us are hard core political bloggers and activists. We have seen that stuff many times over. They load in-boxes with useless or irrelevant garbage. They mean well I suppose, but they need to get up to speed on real time events before they attempt to bring people like me DOWN to their speed with OLD stuff.

Some have become members of the TEA Party because they want to preach the Gospel. Now I personally have nothing against preaching the Gospel, it’s not MY calling but if it’s your calling, so be it. But if you’re going to preach the Gospel, get FIRED UP! Don’t stand up there and drone on endlessly, driving away the people attending our TEA Party gatherings. Give them a reason to stand up and shout HALLELUJAH, not take a nap.

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