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Why the White House attack on Fox is backfiring

October 21st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Why the White House attack on Fox is backfiring

There seems to be general agreement that the Obama White House’s campaign against Fox News is actually directed at other news organizations — to “get other journalists to think twice before following [Fox's] stories in their own coverage,� according to an article in the Politico. Fox is beyond the pale, the White House is telling the press corps: You wouldn’t want to have anything to do with that, would you?

But the White House campaign appears to be backfiring. A number of mainstream journalists are reacting badly to the attempt to declare a journalistic organization off-limits. Why the negative reaction? Is it because of solidarity among reporters? A reflexive defense of freedom of the press? Secret sympathy for Fox?

None of the above. The real reason the White House campaign is backfiring is that it offends journalistic self-esteem.

Most mainstream reporters are already ignoring stories critical of the Obama administration that Fox plays up. They famously stayed away from the Van Jones story, and the ACORN story, too, for as long as possible. They were doing exactly what the White House wanted, but they believed they were doing it for sound journalistic reasons, not as the result of any bias, and certainly not as the result of any directive from the White House.

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Why the White House attack on Fox is backfiring

Conservative, right-wing terrorist bloggers, such as myself, and a few others, stood against Obama and Company long before it was fashionable. We were Obama haters when being an Obama hater wasn’t cool. We were trend setters. And the MSM ignored us.

We stood against John McCain and his lame, RINO BS, and the MSM gave McCain a hard time. Imagine that!

We tried desperately to convince the American public that McCain was a loser, not just in the political arena, but in life as well. We tried to tell Americans that McCain was as big a wild card as Obama. At least with Obama, we knew EXACTLY what we were going to get. No one can say that about John McCain. The MSM pretty much repeated that line, because it was convenient, and it helped Obama along.

We tried to get the American voters to dump BOTH of these LOSERS and go with a real, solid, and proven Conservative. The MSM ignored that plea, we DARED to denigrate The Obamessiah.

We alienated many friends in doing so. But we were right, and NOW our friends see it too.

We have ALL touted the MSM as being the most in the tank group of people that has ever existed. Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States because he was, and for the most part, still is, the darling of the media.

The media has let Obama slide on many topics that they would have taken other presidents to task over. Obama has, at least until now, been given a FREE RIDE by the MSM.

Now, when the White House takes the too-obvious step of actually issuing them marching orders, they recoil. Such orders are an insult to their image of themselves as tough-but-fair journalists. Even if they were completely in the tank — remember when Obama told them, “Most of you covered me; all of you voted for me� — their most cherished image of themselves is of savvy, straight-shooting reporters, not taken in by the spin and talking points of the officials they cover.

The anti-Fox campaign offends that sense of self-esteem in the clumsiest way possible. That’s why it’s backfiring.

The Mainstream Media, for the most part, has had the wool pulled over their eyes. Maybe, if we’re lucky, the efforts of people like Glenn Beck will come to fruition.

Maybe Obama and his minions can be FULLY exposed as the tyrants the truly seek to be. Maybe the MSM will pull it’s head OUT of the sand and get IN this fight.

It’s a 100% certainty that if they don’t, they will either be nothing more than a tool OF the Obama administration, his fully controlled propaganda machine, or, they can count on being seen as NEXT if FOX goes down because other media outlets didn’t support them, the 1st Amendment and the USA!

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