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October 7th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Blogroll Logo Images

Folks, the blog rolls are still working, they are free and I can afford that, but the rolls I host, my 4 that are left, as well as the ones belonging to my associates, have gone to the point of being so expensive that I just can’t keep it up any longer.

If you are on ANY of the rolls that can be found on this page: http://dealer1.proboards55.com/index.cgi and if you wish to have the logo back on your blog, please copy the pic to your files and host it to your pics server. That’s the way all blog rolls used to be and I was trying to do something innovative, but it just got too big, my pic host was free until I started using so much bandwidth due to blog logos.

So, I became a Pro acct and was paying for it myself, out of MY pocket. Now, the pics server people want to go up even more because the rolls are really OUT THERE, and a lot of logos are displayed on a lot of blogs, and so far, only 2 people even offered to help offset the costs. And it just wasn’t enough…

This wasn’t done to hurt anyone, the rolls are still active for now and please, help yourself to a copy of any logo you like, I just can’t afford to host it for you any longer.

Please, if you have ANY questions on how to host, post and link a logo, let me know, I will be glad to help you in any way I can.

This was a tough decision for me, but I am having to face some serious financial facts, just as I know you are, but I have to look out for me on this one, I just can’t keep on *taking one for the team*, I hope you folks understand.

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