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Top Cuban official: Obama lied during Copenhagen

December 21st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Top Cuban official: Obama lied during Copenhagen

HAVANA (AP) - Cuba’s foreign minister called President Barack Obama an “imperial and arrogant” liar Monday for his conduct at the U.N. climate conference, a reflection of the communist island’s increasingly fiery verbal attacks on the U.S. government.

Bruno Rodriguez spent an hour and a half lambasting Obama’s behavior in Copenhagen, telling a news conference, “at this summit, there was only imperial, arrogant Obama, who does not listen, who imposes his positions and even threatens developing countries.”

He called the summit “a fallacy, a farce” and said Washington used back-room deals and strong-arm tactics to foist on the world a deal that he labeled “undemocratic” and “suicidal” because it urges - but does not require - major polluters to make deeper emissions cuts.

Rodriguez also said Cuba and other poor nations have refused to recognize the agreement because they weren’t permitted to participate in its development.

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Top Cuban official: Obama lied during Copenhagen

I never thought I would say this, BUT, I have to agree with Bruno Rodriguez. Barack Hussein Obama is an arrogant liar. All Conservatives, and now, many Democrats are seeing Obama for what he is. Cuba’s rhetoric aside, Obama is nothing but an arrogant liar, dead set on the destruction of this nation!

“Obama knew he was lying, that he was deceiving public opinion,” the foreign minister said.

To the Cuban Foreign Minister: here ya go, this is what WE call a CLUE, if Obama is speaking he is telling a lie. Take that clue to heart, remember it well, if Obama speaks, in ANY way, it’s going to be a lie.

I have NO use for either Castro or Hugo Chavez, but when Chavez tells the truth about Obama and his socialism, well, that’s downright frightening!

“Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right,” Chavez joked on a live television broadcast. SOURCE

Almost HALF of America knew that Barack Hussein Obama was a fraud and a liar before he was elected to the office of POTUS, but the GOP and RNC couldn’t field a candidate that was capable of taking Obama on and defeating him. Now look at what we have. A nation on the verge of bankruptcy and an idiot for a POTUS.

I don’t blame Obama for being what he is. He is all that he’s ever known and been taught to be. I blame the GOP for him being POTUS. Many of us tried to tell them, McCain is NOT the guy! We knew that he he couldn’t beat Obama, we knew that he couldn’t do the job even if he did beat Obama.

John McCain is a RINO! That is a fact, not just a passing observation. Even if John McCain were POTUS, there is still no guarantee that this health care bill wouldn’t be front page news, and there is no guarantee that McCain would veto it either. He flips and flops worse than John F’n Kerry!

It’s time to clean out Washington, D.C. folks. It starts with the Senate and House in 2010, it goes to the White House, Senate and House in 2012 and culminates with the Senate and House in 2014. At that time, we either have a credible, Conservative, America 1st government in place or we have to admit that WE have failed to save America from the clutches of the most evil Socialist and Liberal attack ever suffered.

I’m not doing this for ME. I am getting older now, my life is pretty much set. I am doing this for my children, my 4 grandsons, and their futures. I am taking this stand for ALL young Americans, many that haven’t even been born yet. The way the Obama presidency is attacking matters, even the unborn are in serious debt.

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