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GOP senators break from White House, oppose auto bailout

November 17th, 2008 . by TexasFred

GOP senators break from White House, oppose auto bailout

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top Republican senators said Sunday they will oppose a Democratic plan to bail out Detroit automakers, calling the U.S. industry a “dinosaur” whose “day of reckoning” is coming. Their opposition was a bit more stark than the position put forth Monday by the White House, and raised doubts about whether the plan will pass in this week’s postelection session.

Democratic leaders want to use $25 billion of the $700 billion financial industry bailout to help General Motors, Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler, while the White House stressed Monday that aid should not come from the rescue plan.

Sens. Richard Shelby of Alabama and Jon Kyl of Arizona also said it would be a mistake to use any of the Wall Street rescue money to prop up the automakers.

“Companies fail every day and others take their place. I think this is a road we should not go down,” said Shelby, the senior Republican on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.

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GOP senators break from White House, oppose auto bailout

America is being turned into the biggest SOCIALIST nation on earth. Good job George Bush, nearly ALL Dems and ALL the RINOs.

Once upon a time bad business just went away, the American consumer didn’t buy the product and a company went bankrupt, and that was a good for ALL business, weeds out the losers and the only one that really got hurt was the guy that couldn’t run his business.

Today, bad management, corrupt business execs and thieving union officials rape a company blind, steal from the company and the consumer, bankrupt the business and cry to the MORON in the White House to “Oh please bail us out oh wise and powerful Moron in Chief, if you don’t, America is going to suffer, Americans will be hurt if WE don’t get our $20 MILLION dollar Christmas, uh, wait, $20 MILLION Winter Festival bonus!”

So, the Moron in Chief goes to all his *little morons* and tells em that they have to bilk the American taxpayer out of nearly 1 TRILLION dollars so all the bad businessmen, corrupt execs and thieving union hacks can be saved, thus saving the average American on the street from a fate worse than death.

I wonder?? Why can’t WE, the AMERICAN people get a bailout?? The average guy on the street kind of bail out?? Mom and Pop neighborhood store bailouts?? The ‘salt of the earth’ Americans?? I am guessing that if Wal-Mart called the Moron in Chief and said “Hey, we need money”, the Moron in Chief would hurt himself making sure that Wal-Mart gets ALL the money it needs.

And for what it’s worth, I can tell you how to trim $10 BILLION a month off of the U.S. expenditure list almost immediately, but that is another story…

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