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Windmills split upstate NY town and families

August 16th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Windmills split upstate NY town and families

LOWVILLE, N.Y. - “Listen,” John Yancey says, leaning against his truck in a field outside his home. The rhythmic whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of wind turbines echoes through the air. Sleek and white, their long propeller blades rotate in formation, like some otherworldly dance of spindly-armed aliens swaying across the land.

Yancey stares at them, his face contorted in anger and pain.

He knows the futuristic towers are pumping clean electricity into the grid, knows they have been largely embraced by his community.

But Yancey hates them.

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Windmills split upstate NY town and families

LINGLEVILLE, Texas — Johnny and Tesa Whitley bought 350 acres in rural Erath County to raise horses and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, but their view is now marred by something they never expected: two dozen wind turbines.

The 400-foot-tall turbines tower over trees atop ridges, some just a mile away. At night the structures’ bright red lights blink intermittently, even reflecting in their lake, Tesa Whitley said.

“We had a beautiful horizon, and now all we see is turbines,” she said.

Full Story Here:
Erath County residents band together to fight wind turbines

I want my readers to see what pure idiots look like. The people featured in these 2 stories have NO idea how much worse it could be if they were subjected to *other* forms of electrical power generation in their immediate neighborhood.

The folks in Lowville, New York sound more like a case of *sour grapes* story, maybe Dad didn’t consult angry little Johnny before he allowed wind towers to be built on *family land*, who knows, but little Johnny has a bur under his saddle, over wind towers.

I have to wonder, would these folks prefer a nuclear power plant in their neighborhood?? How about one of those nasty old coal fired plants?? Would that make these people happy ya suppose??

Wind power is one of the cleanest forms of electrical power generation today, hydroelectric is clean too but there’s no really big rivers in Erath county to dam up. Wind power is safe and clean, you can’t ask for more than that, and the *tree huggers* are always pissing and moaning about saving the environment. Well, this is it, and people complain about that too.

You can make some of the people happy some of the time, apparently this isn’t one of ‘em. Suck it up Johnny and Johnny, wind power is here to stay, and face it, if it wasn’t wind power, you’d likely find something else to be pissed off over.

In California the tree huggers protest the birds being killed, the birds that are so stupid that they fly into the moving blades. In Oregon it was a protest to stop a wind farm from going in because it would disrupt a prairie dog town. A prairie dog town for crying out loud!

I seriously don’t know what it takes to make the envionazis happy. Do you? :?

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