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Obama appeals for support on health care

March 8th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Obama appeals for support on health care

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama accused insurance companies of placing profits over people and said Republicans ignored long-festering problems when they held power as he sought to build support Monday for swift passage of legislation stalled in Congress.

“Let’s seize reform, the need is great,” Obama said at an appearance that had the feel of a campaign rally.

“How much higher do premiums have to rise before we do something about it?” said Obama, making the first in an expected string of out-of-town trips to pitch his plan to remake the health care system.

The president said dismissively that Republican critics in Congress contend they want to do something about rising health care costs but failed when they held power. “You had 10 years. What happened? What were you doing?” he said to applause from an audience at Arcadia University.

Obama made his appeal as Democratic leaders in Congress worked on a rescue plan for sweeping changes in health care that seemed earlier in the year to be on the brink of passage. The current two-step approach calls for the House to approve a Senate-passed bill despite opposition to several of its provisions, and for both houses to follow immediately with a companion measure that makes a series of changes.

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Obama appeals for support on health care

It will NEVER die. Obamacare will stay on the table for as long as Barack Hussein Obama is the POTUS.

And when he’s NOT the POTUS, if Americans are still brain dead and vote in another Dem/Libber, we’ll see a continued push for more of the same. It’s a Dem/Libber mindset thing.

Nationalized healthcare was a priority for Hillary Clinton back in the days when Bill Clinton was the President, she never got anywhere with it, and remember, the economy was much better off over during the Clinton administration than it is under Obama.

I’m NOT waving the Clinton flag and saying he was a great guy, or anything even close to it, but I do know this, as big a *horn dog* as Ol’ Bubba was, the nation was better off financially and Clinton left a budget surplus when he left office. Really. He did.

Ask the Dem/Libbers. They will tell you, over and over again how Ol’ Bubba left the money in place.

Sadly, he did it by hurting America, he did it by cutting the military and our Intelligence services to the bone, but Ol’ Bubba left a SURPLUS. The Dem/Libbers just love to point that out, but it seems they forget to mention that the way Clinton got that surplus was exactly what led to the attacks of 9-11.

We all know that the libbers couldn’t pass a national healthcare program under Clinton, and as long as GWB was in office, we didn’t hear of nationalized healthcare.

Iraq, and amnesty for ILLEGALS, those were the big worries under Bush.

So, a Dem/Libber gets elected again and voila, up pops the devil and healthcare for all is a big topic again, and pretty soon we’re going to see a renewed push for what the Dems and RINOs call Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Amnesty. By ANY name.

Obama’s stated goals across more than a year of struggle have been to extend coverage to millions who lack it, ban insurance industry practices such as denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions and cut costs.

It all looks good, at first glance. It sounds good too, very compassionate. Obama wants to help the unwashed masses. Only problem is, it’s all a lie, especially the cost cutting part. If you think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until the Dem/Libbers make it FREE.

Bush bailouts, Obama bailouts, ObamaCare, and we are the ones paying the fare.

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