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Senate approves Ogden, Perelli at Justice

March 12th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Senate approves Ogden, Perelli at Justice

WASHINGTON - The Senate filled the No. 2 and 3 positions at the Justice Department on Thursday, pushing aside objections from conservative Republicans who questioned the nominees’ positions on pornography and the right to die.

David Ogden was confirmed 65-28 for the second-ranking position of deputy attorney general, and Thomas Perelli was approved 72-20 for the third-ranking slot of associate attorney general. Attorney General Eric Holder had expressed concerns that he was operating the Justice Department without his top deputies.

Sen. Robert Casey, D-Pa., joined 27 Republicans to oppose Ogden, while all the opposition to Perelli came from Republicans.

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Senate approves Ogden, Perelli at Justice

Today the Senate voted to make the pornographers best friend, David Ogden, the Deputy AG to Eric Holder. Oh goodie, just what we need, another ultra libber POS in Justice, giving Holder a new *right hand man* in his efforts to subvert everything that is right and just in this nation!

The list of votes FOR and against the pornographers best friend and The list of votes FOR and against Perelli

While Perelli doesn’t appear to be quite as disgusting as Ogden, he is still a highly controversial pick, he represented the husband of Terri Schiavo, pro-bono, in his bid to take Ms. Schiavo off of life support a while back. That was a move that did not sit well with MANY Conservatives and right to life folks. An autopsy showed she had irreversible brain damage, but for many, that wasn’t the issue. Life itself, regardless the quality OF that life, was their issue.

Brownback said the case, in which Perelli provided free legal representation, raised issues about “whether we protect life in a diminished qualitative state.”

One of my Senators, Kay Bailey Hutchison, voted against the confirmation of both of these despicable individuals. Sen. John Cornyn did not vote on either one, for some reason he wasn’t in the Senate, that’s a story I would like to hear. At this point in time, even if you KNOW it’s a losing cause, EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!

Check the links above and see how your Senator voted on the confirmation of Ogden and Perelli. If you are a REAL Conservative I hope you’ll use YOUR vote to show the DOOR to any RINOs on those lists!

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