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Dallas County sheriff’s jail guard arrested for being in country illegally

July 9th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Dallas County sheriff’s jail guard arrested for being in country illegally

A Dallas County sheriff’s jail guard was arrested at work this morning by federal immigration officers for being in the country illegally and faces deportation, county and federal officials said.

Maria Elvia Ross, 34, was taken into custody by officers with U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement sometime after 10 a.m., officials said.

Ross, who was hired in 2001, has served on Sheriff Lupe Valdez’s quality assurance team that oversees improvements to sanitation in the jails.

Ross’ citizenship problem came to light when she underwent a background check after recently applying to be a sheriff’s deputy, Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price said.

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Dallas County sheriff’s jail guard arrested for being in country illegally

I think anyone that has read my blog knows, I am PRO police and law enforcement. That said, I am seriously laughing while reading this story.

Let me make this VERY clear, I have great respect for the Deputies that work Dallas County, they are doing the best they can with the command staff they have in place.

That said, in MY opinion, the Dallas County Sheriffs command staff is a joke and Commissioner John Wiley Price is a lot more likely to be lined up with some of the New Black Panthers we’ve been posting about recently as he is with anyone that’s NOT Black or Hispanic.

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is an openly lesbian, very left leaning liberal Democrat and Hispanic. She was elected Sheriff by the homosexual and Hispanic community of Dallas proper. She didn’t do well at all in the County itself. Most of Dallas County, outside of the City of Dallas, is Conservative.

Valdez took 2 years to successfully pass her Texas Peace Officer Certification examination after being elected. Most officers, as I understand it, are required to be TPOC before taking a position. I might be wrong since I have never been a Texas Peace Officer, I am hoping that some of my Texas LEO readers will weigh in on this.

For Maria Elvia Ross to have served on Sheriff Lupe Valdez’s quality assurance team speaks volumes concerning the quality of Valdez’s judgement I believe. It’s obvious that Valdez didn’t bother to vet her QA team.

Price said the department should have caught it when Ross was originally hired in 2001, when Jim Bowles was sheriff.

“The system we have for vetting people is a lot better,” Price said.

I’m a lot more comfortable with the *Blame Bowles* attitude from Price than I am with the *Blame Bush* mantra from Obama and Company. :?

Jim Bowles, the previous sheriff who was rejected by voters while being investigated on charges related to a jail commissary scandal, has decided he wants his old job back.
Mr. Bowles was under FBI investigation for his relationship with a jail contractor when he was indicted by a Dallas County grand jury for allegedly misusing more than $100,000 in campaign donations. A state district judge later tossed out the indictment.

Obviously, Bowles didn’t run the tightest ship in the fleet. He beat the scandal but he still lost to Valdez, and, Ross was hired under his administration.

Ross recently divorced Dallas County sheriff’s deputy, David Ross, whom she married in 2005.

Now I’m not making an accusation mind you, but do you suppose the recent divorce may have had something to do with this? There have been many cases where a vindictive EX has dropped a dime on a former spouse. Just sayin’… :P

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