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Welcome to Dell Hell

April 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Welcome to Dell Hell

I spent ALL day Friday and a good part of Friday night visiting a place called DELL HELL!!

I have a Dell machine, 2 of em actually, the wife has her laptop, I use the big model at the desk, and the one I use went down. It appears I had an Adware infection that blew everything, and Norton wouldn’t remove it. Norton found it alright, caught 3 parts of it and removed them, but there was one part that just couldn’t be dumped.

So, I visited with Dell Technical Support in India, the ONLY Tech Support they have now, and spent approximately 6 hours on the phone with this guy that finally managed to kill my computer completely. :(

So, after the 2nd try he gets it all restored and tells me it was NOT his fault, it was Norton. He told me I could never use Norton again, I could only use a brand of virus/malware protection that Dell was selling. He unloaded ALL of my personal settings, dumped IE7 and Service Pack 3, told me I could NEVER use them again either, they were NOT compatible with Windows XP, and strangely, those are what came ON the thing, new from the factory, but suddenly they are incompatible. :?

The antivirus/malware that he recommended was only going to cost us $249.00, but since we were loyal Dell customers they could install it for us at a one time only price of $139.00. As he was telling me this, my wife was online on her computer and found the exact same products at Best Buy, Office Depot and Office Max for around $50.00. Needless to say, we did NOT buy the product from Dell.

I nearly started an international incident but I got *Slum Dog* to clear ALL virus, malware and Adware crap. Once completed I was done with him. A few hours later I had Norton reloaded and updated, I had IE7 and SP3 loaded and running, I got my personal settings reset, the computer was running just like new and I was done for the night. Today it is STILL running like new, Norton works just fine, the automatic setup for virus scan went off just like it was set up to do, it did a full sweep and nothing more was found. IE7 and SP3 are running in perfect concert, I have my Google Toolbar with Spell Check in place and ALL is well in the TexasFred blog world!

A recommendation to ALL, Dell is a great computer in my opinion but I will never own another one, their Tech Support in in India and their true intent is to make more money for Michael Dell, sell all the extended warranty they can and say “Thank you very much” as many times as possible.

I will NEVER buy another Dell product. If you are in the market to buy a computer, beware of the great price and promises of 24/7 award winning Dell Service, the prices are great, but their Tech Support sucks…

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