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Iraq-bound guards penalized for breaking apartment lease

July 26th, 2008 . by TexasFred

MCKINNEY - A North Texas couple is getting ready for their second deployment overseas.

They’re leaving to serve their country but instead they’ve been served with fees from their landlord.

“It’s a job, we have to do it,” said Chris Horvath.

But they’re leaving with added stress, since they’ve been in a fight with their apartment complex - McKinney’s El Lago development.

The couple, both of whom are sergeants in the Texas National Guard, are soon headed to Iraq.

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Iraq-bound guards penalized for breaking apartment lease

These are the names and addresses I have so far, there are some inquiries being made by a contact I have that IS in the apartment business. I do know this much, the TAA, Texas Apartment Association has a specific clause in their contract concerning military personnel and their transfers and activations, and that clause is in favor OF the troops.

I called El Lago Apartments and spoke to a person named Stephanie, and according to her the El Lago Apartments doesn’t operate under TAA leasing agreements. They would discuss the matter no further.

ANAHEIM, CA 92802-1247
(714) 520-9432

owners of

El Lago Apartments
MC KINNEY, 75070
(972) 569-6700

I am trying to pin down something on this El Lago Partners LTD, I might not be able to get it all until Monday, I have *feelers* out.

I will also be contacting the National Guard Bureau Public Affairs On Call, PAO email (703)-627-7273 and the office of Public Affairs email (703)-607-2584 on Monday.

I hope some of you will post this on your blogs and get involved, this type of thing can’t be allowed to happen to our troops. No matter how you feel about Bush and the war in Iraq, this isn’t about him, it’s about our TROOPS, and they have no choice but to follow orders and go when and where they are ordered.

Please, get involved.

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Louisiana Guard Brigade returning to Iraq

May 19th, 2008 . by TexasFred
NOLA.com - The Defense Department today announced it has alerted Louisiana’s 256th Brigade Combat Team to prepare for a second tour in Iraq.

The brigade, which has about 3,800 soldiers assigned to subordinate units statewide, including nearly 400 in New Orleans, is expected to deploy in spring 2009, according to the Defense Department.

Overall, about 14,000 Guardsmen in four states were alerted for an Iraq deployment. The Defense Department said the units were alerted now to give them time to prepare.

“All four brigades will have a security force mission and be assigned tasks to assure freedom of movement and continuity of operations in the country,” the Defense Department said. “Those tasks will include base defense and route security in Iraq and Kuwait.”

The Louisiana brigade, whose headquarters is in Lafayette, spent a year in Iraq, returning home just after Hurricane Katrina struck southeast Louisiana on Aug. 29, 2005. Twenty-two soldiers in the brigade died in Iraq.

Full Story Here:
Louisiana Guard brigade returning to Iraq 

To the 256th BCT, La. Army National Guard, I know you wonderful folks have the will and the guts to get your job done and come home to us once again, you served well in the 1st deployment and you didn’t have any real combat experience then, this time they aren’t getting a ‘cherry’.

God help em.  :twisted:

My Son is a member of the 256 BCT, he didn’t have this information when I called him just now, he’s a Sheriffs Deputy and is off duty today and was taking a nap when I called and woke him up.

Here’s to you, all the guys and gals of the 256th BCT: Honoring my son Trey, the 256th BCT and all members of the armed forces of the USA. Stay safe and serve well. America 1st!

Click the link to read the history of the 256th, it is a great story…


256th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)

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