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Suspect in officer killings eludes law in Seattle

November 30th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Suspect in officer killings eludes law in Seattle

SEATTLE (AP) - A heavily armed SWAT team stormed a Seattle home Monday where they thought they had cornered the suspect in the slaying of four police officers at a coffee shop, only to find out that he was not in the house and still on the loose.

The discovery added new urgency to the manhunt for Maurice Clemmons as police canvassed the neighborhood with search dogs and hundreds of officers were deployed around Seattle for any sign of the suspect. Authorities put up a $125,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Police had been positioned overnight at a Seattle home where they thought Clemmons was holed up and spent hours trying to communicate with him, using loudspeakers, explosions and even a robot sent into the house. But when the SWAT team went inside, he was nowhere to be found.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said the location of Clemmons was not known, and it’s possible he still could be in the neighborhood. Troyer also said people who know Clemmons told investigators he had been shot in the torso in his bloody struggle with the officers.

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Suspect in officer killings eludes law in Seattle

I KNOW how the law works in the United States so before ANY bleeding heart goes off on the *innocent until proven guilty* thing, I am NOT indicting Maurice Clemmons. I am simply saying, if he did it, if he shot and killed those 4 officers, I hope he bleeds to death from the wound that the MSM is claiming he suffers. Just sayin’…

“If he didn’t get a ride out of there, he could still be in the area,” Troyer said.

Can you imagine the possible fate of an unsuspecting good Samaritan that did try to help a monster like Clemmons?

Troyer said warrants for first-degree murder have been issued against Clemmons in the killings of the officers from the Tacoma suburb of Lakewood who were gunned down in a coffee shop on Sunday morning at the start of their shifts.

Now it sounds like Clemmons is a lot more than a person of interest. I have never liked that term, person of interest, it suggests guilt that may ruin a persons life unnecessarily. Just look at what it did to the life of Richard Jewell. SOURCE

If you can’t CHARGE them, don’t name them as a person of interest.

Clemmons has an extensive violent criminal history from Arkansas. He was also recently charged in Washington state with assaulting a police officer, and second-degree rape of a child. Using a bail bondsman, he posted $150,000 - only $15,000 of his own money - and was released from jail last week.

All of that, and he’s out on the streets.

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