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Bin Laden warns of retaliation against Europe

September 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Bin Laden warns of retaliation against Europe

CAIRO (AP) - Osama bin Laden demanded that European countries pull their troops out of Afghanistan in a new audiotape Friday, warning of “retaliation” against them for their alliance with the United States in the war.

The al-Qaida leader denounced NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan that have killed civilians and warned that European countries would be held accountable alongside the Americans unless they pull out.

“A wise person would not waste his sons and money for a gang of criminals in Washington … In summary, we are not asking too much or an invalid demand, but it would be be fair that you lift your oppression and withdraw your troops,” bin Laden said, addressing the Europeans.

The audiotape, just under five minutes long, was posted Friday on Islamic militant Web sites. It comes after a series of al-Qaida videos this week directly addressing Germany, threatening attacks over that country’s involvement in Afghanistan. Those videos featured a little-known German-Algerian militant and have raised concerns among German authorities ahead of parliamentary elections.

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Bin Laden warns of retaliation against Europe

Osama bin Laden. Some believe he is dead.

For a dead guy, he sure makes a lot of tapes that reference current world news, and gets them out to Islamic militant Web sites.

I have seen quite a few blogs over the last few years that have gone out on a limb and made statements that bordered on a guarantee that Obama’s bones were rotting in a cave in Tora Bora.

Maybe so, maybe not. The fact remains, dead or alive, Osama bin Laden is still the most well known Muslin boogie man in this fight. I know a great number of people blame George Bush, the CIA and the U.S. military for not actually getting bin Laden, and bringing him to justice, but the bin Laden rise to prominence was NOT the fault of George Bush.

Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir, hoping to have terrorism sanctions lifted, offered the arrest and extradition of bin Laden and “detailed intelligence data about the global networks constructed by Egypt’s Islamic Jihad, Iran’s Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas,” Ijaz writes in today’s edition of the liberal Los Angeles Times. Aide: Clinton Unleashed bin Laden

The above story is from 2001, and squarely places the initial failures to capture bin Laden on the shoulders of Bill Clinton. And I will take this one step further, and anyone that served in the military, or worked in the Intel services during the Clinton administration can verify my next statement.

Bill Clinton, and his dismantling of our military and Intel services, was the direct catalyst in the attacks of 9-11. And yes my few libber troll readers, I DO know that George Bush was the POTUS at the time of the attacks. Bush has taken the blame for all of the ills of this nation for far too long. The actions of Bill Clinton were the direct cause OF those attacks.

And I ask again, WHEN does this become Obama’s fault? When does he stand and say that he is in control? When does HE accept responsibility for the current situation the USA is in? Would he even consider that as a possibility? Actually saying that he now bears the responsibility for this nation, our people and the course we take?

The government booted the term ‘enemy combatants’ from the Washington vernacular, Obama and Company have changed the definition of terrorist attacks, now calling them ‘man-caused disasters’.

Barack Hussein Obama is the best friend that a terrorist like Osama bin Laden could ever have.

Osama bin Laden may or may not be alive, this may well be nothing more than a really good voice double, and being used to incite as much fear as he possibly can. It really doesn’t matter. Alive or dead, bin Laden has an ally in our current POTUS. Obama wants to use PCness to describe terrorists and their attacks. Obama wants to *sugar coat* the entire thing as he makes apologies to the entire world for OUR transgressions.

The libber left will not agree with this, and again, I don’t care, I don’t write to please the loons on the left. WE ARE AT WAR! There, I said it!

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