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US official: Mexican cartels murder, kidnap in US

October 18th, 2008 . by TexasFred

US official: Mexican cartels murder, kidnap in US

MEXICO CITY (AP) - U.S. drug czar John Walters said Friday that Mexico’s drug cartels are crossing the border to kidnap and kill inside the United States, and promised that an anti-drug aid package to help Mexico to fight the gangs will be ready soon.

Walters, the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, was in Mexico for two days to discuss efforts with local officials to stem killings, weapons trafficking and money laundering by Mexican cartels and their U.S. associates.

“Some of these groups not only engage in crime and violence not only in Mexico and along the border, but they come across and kidnap, murder and carry out assassinations,” Walters told reporters. “These groups do not respect the border.”

Walters said some of the US$400 million in U.S. drug aid approved for Mexico earlier this year under the Merida Initiative could be ready in a matter of days.

Walters praised Mexican President Felipe Calderon for mounting a police and army offensive against the cartels, whom he called “terrorist criminals.”

“They have a choice: Come in and face justice, or die,” he said of the drug gangs.

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US official: Mexican cartels murder, kidnap in US

OK, I am going to say this right from the start so that there is NO misunderstanding of my position regarding drugs, the border, Mexico and those that cross our border illegally, CLOSE the border, place armed troops along the border, give those troops the authority to stop this invasion, by any means necessary, even if that includes shooting and killing ANYTHING and/or ANYONE that crosses our border at anything other than a LEGAL border crossing. There, I am going to assume that is clear enough for ALL to understand!

The 2nd thing I am going to mention is this, the war on drugs, especially on the Mexican side of the border, is nothing more than a joke, a sad, pathetic joke. The drug cartels have more money, U.S. dollars, than the entire Mexican government does. The U.S.A. can’t put a successful war on drugs together, we do NOT have the financial resources and we have a less than willing government, regardless of what they, the U.S. government, say in the MSM.

You think I’m joking about about the willingness of our own government? Think again. IF there was a REAL desire to stop the drug traffic, there would be a fence or a wall, and that area would be heavily manned by those armed troops I keep making reference to. We would have helicopter gunships and fighter jets on station, they would have active AWACS support and any aircraft crossing into U.S. airspace carrying drugs would be shot down.

If our government was serious about stopping the flow of drugs and ILLEGALS we would have Coast Guard cutters actively patrolling the Gulf of Mexico and both coasts of this nation, in great numbers, and they would be authorized to SINK any and ALL vessels caught in the act of smuggling drugs or any other contraband.

But regretfully, it will NEVER happen that way. We have entirely too many bleeding heart libbers and faux Conservatives in this nation for us to ever assume an attack posture as we defend the sovereignty of the U.S.A.

We will continue to maintain a seriously undermanned Border Patrol and Coast Guard, they will continue to do all they can but it won’t be nearly enough. And even with a dedicated Border Patrol and Coast Guard, the temptation of *big money* will always be there, and there will always be a few agents and/or troops that will place money above their sworn duty, and our border and coasts will continue to be an open invitation to any and all, a free pass in many cases, to those that would come to this nation and conduct whatever mischief their minds can conceive.

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