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Fear dominates life in Mexico’s deadliest city

December 6th, 2009 . by TexasFred
Fear dominates life in Mexico’s deadliest city

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (AP) - “Not one person murdered yesterday,” Ciudad Juarez’s leading newspaper proclaimed in a banner headline. It was big news in this border city, ground zero in the drug war - the first time in 10 months that a day had passed without a killing.

But by the end of that day, Oct. 30, nine more people were riddled with bullets.

Violent death is a part of life in Ciudad Juarez, a seedy, dust-cloaked metropolis on the banks of the Rio Grande. Bloodied bodies hang from overpasses, and children walking to school stumble across hit men filling targets with lead.

While there’s no definitive comparison of murder rates in cities around the world, there’s no question Ciudad Juarez is now among the deadliest. It has had about 2,250 killings this year, a rate of 173 per 100,000 residents. That compares with 37 in Baltimore, the deadliest U.S. city with a population of more than 500,000.

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Fear dominates life in Mexico’s deadliest city

Yesterday, December 5th, there was a vicious rumor offered up by a person that shall remain unnamed. He told one of my friends to be VERY careful in dealing with me because I am a racist that has, in the past, called for the deaths of ALL that cross our borders illegally.

He went on to tell my friend that he thought I had *mellowed* since I had stopped ranting about ILLEGAL immigration and the INVADERS that are destroying our nation.

He is wrong!

I have NOT mellowed, in ANY way. I just grew tired of ranting about something that a supposed GOP POTUS was ignoring and I knew that there was no sense in wasting my time making posts now that Barack Hussein Obama is temporarily in the Oval Office.

I STILL believe that our borders need to be manned by well armed troops. I STILL believe that any and ALL persons crossing our border at anything other than a LEGAL Port of Entry need to be shot on sight as foreign and hostile INVADERS!

I also said in the past that I don’t give a DAMN about what happens to these invaders when they are wandering around in the heat of the desert southwest. That hasn’t changed either.

And for the record, ILLEGALS are NOT a race, they are a people. How can I be a racist for my beliefs against a people? Wouldn’t that make me a *peopleist*? Just sayin’… :P

You see, I don’t hate any particular RACE of invaders, I am an equal opportunity hater, I hate ALL ILLEGAL invaders, no matter where they come from, no matter their pigmentation, no matter their reasons for coming to this nation. If they are NOT here legally, they are criminals, as such, they need to be punished AS criminals.

Of course we all know that is just not going happen.

There are far too many bleeding heart libbers, and a few FAUX Conservatives, that haven’t got the GUTS to stand and defend this nation. The FAUX Conservatives, better know as RINOs, are as intent on destroying this nation as are the Islamic Jihadists that permeate the fabric of our once great nation.

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Let’s hear it for the Republicrats

February 1st, 2008 . by TexasFred

Lets give a BIG hand to the Republicrats

Republicrats, you say?? What is he talking about now, you ask?? Is he about to go off on one of those infamous TexasFred tirades??

Yes, I am!

A Republicrat is a creature that will support ANY Republican just because that person claims the title Republican and has an (R) behind their name, say for example, oh, I don’t know, John McCain maybe, just as an example.

And if you think that staying home or voting for Mickey Mouse in November expresses your anger, then you are simply daft. From: Bloviating Zeppelin

And from Write on the Right: I’ll be the first to agree that our choices for President in 2008 are pretty feeble. I will, however, say that the approach of “None of the above” is just as feeble.

A certain individual (note he didn’t even have the decency to NAME me: Fred) that I used to respect has created an entire website (and blogroll) that subscribes to that belief. I think that “none of the above” is about the most asinine choice that a citizen can make.

Voting is not only our right (as CITIZENS), it’s our civic duty. I don’t care if there’s three candidates, or three hundred. We should all vote for the candidate that we feel will do the best job. If you don’t vote, STFU.

“But this election, it’s just a choice of the lesser of two evils.” Bullshit. Pure and simple Bullshit.

Now I can agree, at least in part, with one of these statements, it IS our duty to vote, but it is ALSO our duty to demand the very best representation that we can garner, and this time around, we, Conservatives and Republicans, are NOT doing that, what do we do if the RNC and DNC offerings present NO decent choice??

Is a ‘write in’ out of the question if neither candidate is what an individual, or a group of individuals feels is NOT going to do a decent job?? By electing the one we feel will do the best job of the 2 that won’t do ANY kind of good job, we ARE settling for the lesser of 2 evils, no matter how you look at it.

In 1776 our forefathers put their lives and fortunes on the line when they signed the Declaration of Independence, they didn’t settle for 2nd best, they didn’t choose the lesser of 2 evils, they chose FREEDOM and they staked their lives and liberty on that act of revolution.

It’s time for another revolution in America, a revolution at the polls, the Republican party has turned their backs on the Conservatives of this nation, and without us, the Conservatives, the Repubs can’t get elected as dog catcher, and it’s time that we sent that message, in a way that maybe they will understand because apparently the message didn’t sink in during the mid-terms in 2006.

I never said I wasn’t going to vote, I said NONE OF THE ABOVE, and I still mean that, with the choices that BOTH parties are offering up, I can’t think of a more reasonable choice.

Barring a miracle, the RNC will tout John McCain (RINO), as their candidate, a man that is as far left as any person that the Dems may throw up at their convention, you know it’s going to be Hillary or Obama, that’s ALL they have, but I am firmly convinced that McCain is at least as bad as either of the Dems running, simply because at least the Dems are honest about 1 thing, they ARE Dem Libbers and they will look you in the eye and TELL YOU that they are, McCain on the other hand, tries to convince people that he is a moderate conservative and a serious Repub, but he’s NOT, he is closer to the declared platform of the Dems than he is with ANY Repub or Conservative, has stood with the Dems, McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy and is an intimate friend of Billary.

None of the Above didn’t come to be until Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter were out of the running, now, with the offerings from the RNC, I believe that None of the Above IS a real and viable choice, and I feel that we, REAL Conservatives and REAL Republicans, not the Republicrats, the REAL Conservative side in this nation must stand and make our protest strong, loud and easily understood.

And yes, I DO realize that’s giving the Dems a vote, but be that as it may, if the Repubs DO nominate McCain, then it’s time for all of the Conservatives of this nation to stand and let their feelings be known, and if it costs us the White House for 4 years, so be it, but you can bet that if it does, come election time in 2012, the Repubs will either listen to what we have to say or there will be a viable, Conservative party in the race.

I am seriously starting to believe that we MUST have a strong, viable, honest and incorruptible 3rd party Conservative offering.

No disrespect meant to BZ or JJ, I’m not engaging in insults or name calling, daft, asinine and feeble, but if the founding fathers had been as apathetic and timid as you 2 appear to be, we’d all be sipping tea, munching crumpets and shouting ‘God save the Queen’.

Sometimes you just have to stick your chin out there, and you may get hit a few times, but if you’re not willing to bring about a political change that really WILL change this nation, not the crap slogans the Dems are using concerning change, I mean REAL and SIGNIFICANT change for the better, change that will set this nation back on the course of liberty and freedom, then you’re not the American you think you are, a strong nation was NEVER built, nor rebuilt, by feint and apathetic hearts.

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