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Have gun, will receive gift card at Dallas buy-back event

February 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Have gun, will receive gift card at Dallas buy-back event

Your gun for groceries.

That’s the goal of a gun buyback from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at Reunion Arena, during which each unloaded, operational firearm surrendered will fetch a $50 Kroger grocery gift card.

People trading in their guns must present identification, city officials say.

“It would be a failure on our part if we do not take an initiative,” said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, who is helping lead the effort.

Event sponsors include Dallas Police, KBFB-FM 97.9 “The Beat,” and KSOC-FM 94.5, One-Dallas, Univision 23, Schepps Dairy and Better Dallas Safer Dallas.

Dallas is not using public money to purchase the gift cards, which Kroger is providing at a 30 percent discount to event sponsors, Dallas spokesman Frank Librio said.

Meanwhile, Dallas writer and gun rights advocate Trey Garrison says he may conduct an alternative gun buyback of his own — with better prices for sellers. He says he’ll pay in cash, too.

How much might Garrison spend?

“Depends on what the hardware is,” he tells us.

Full Story Here:
Dallas/Kroger $50 Gun Buy Back

This may not really be a 2A issue but I have to say, it is, in MY opinion, one of the more stupid attempts at taking guns off of the streets.

You see, personally, I have NO problem with a bit of *infringement*, if it’s strictly against the gangsters, crack heads, pimps, whores and other KNOWN bad guys, MS-13 members and all those similar, bad guys by definition being those listed just previous, and any of their cohorts. Therein lies the problem, the possibility of misapplication.

I’m pretty sure there will be those that say I’m NOT a full supporter of the 2A because of that opinion, and to those that would think I’m not, let me ask you this, how many of you wonderful CHL holders are active, former or retired law officers? How many of you have ever gone up against these guys? I mean in up close, personal combat? How many of you have ever been in a real gun fight? How many of you have ever had to fire on a target that was firing back? Just sayin’…

I hear a lot of passionate rhetoric concerning the 2A from those that have never done anything other than *punch paper*. I hear all the reasoning that justifies the 2A being fully applicable to ALL. It is my full belief that the ‘Framers’ had absolutely no concept of what is faced by our law enforcement personnel every day. There is nothing wrong with the 2A, not by any means, but their has to be some infringement on certain groups of people or the rest of us will suffer the loss OF the 2A and all that it entails. The 2A can’t be interpreted as carte blanche for every person that just happens to be standing on U.S. soil to have a gun, or guns!

Here’s where I piss off the BATF, those wonderful guys that are charged with making sure that my deer rifle isn’t secretly an assault weapon. The BATF goes after the average, legal, gun owning American simply because WE are easy targets. They are fairly certain that most of us won’t open fire on them. It’s far too dangerous for them to go after the drug gangs, the MS-13′s of this world. And it is those people, the ones that the BATF and others won’t take on, that make the average gun owner of this United States a potential criminal.

But lets face it, what kind of guns do you suppose this $50 buy back is going to garner? Even the crooks aren’t that desperate. If they were, they could sell those guns on the street for a hell of a lot more than $50. They’re crooks, that doesn’t necessarily equate to *stupid*. In many cases it is, but not always.

And just out of curiosity, how many MS-13 members do you suppose will line up to turn in their hardware? Yeah, that’s about how many I figure will be there too.

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