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Obama online supporters key to pushing his agenda

December 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Obama online supporters key to pushing his agenda

HONOLULU (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama’s top asset in pushing his agenda will not be his Cabinet secretaries or aides, but rather his online network.

Obama’s political e-mail list tops 13 million names, a digital force that the incoming White House can tap to push for his legislation, tamp down critics or bolster popular support. It’s also a way for Obama to reach into every state, every city, and every neighborhood.

A study released Tuesday found that a quarter of Obama voters said they would continue to work online to support the new administration. The nonpartisan Pew Internet and American Life Project also found 62 percent of Obama’s voters say they would ask others to support Obama’s policies.

Welcome to the Democrats’ new permanent campaign, one planned online and executed on Main Street.

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Obama online supporters key to pushing his agenda

Do the Obamites think they are the only ones that have computers, phones, I-Pods, Blackberry devices and the like? Have they forgotten how the decent Republicans and nearly ALL Conservatives banded together and pushed a HUGE agenda to stop the amnesty effort that Bush and Company were trying to foist off on us?

We can fight that same battle, we can make gallant efforts to stop the Obamanation, but those efforts are likely to be in vain!

Obama’s unmatched database gives his incoming administration a clear advantage over its Republican rivals, who have seen decades of datamining overcome in the matter of months. GOP leaders, though, insist they are not deterred.

“I’m impressed with what Obama did, but did they do anything innovative? No,” said Cyrus Krohn, the Republican National Committee’s online director. “They did things creatively.”

Creativity. Now there’s a concept the RNC needs to look into. And you know, while the RNC is looking into ways to exhibit some new and effective creativity, maybe they need to look at ways to return the Republican base to the ways that the Republican party was founded on too, Conservatism. The RNC also needs to make an effort at not sinking to the same murky depths of depravity the DNC so likes to inhabit.

Obama and Company are *tech savvy*, that is obvious. What Obama and Company are not is truthful! There is no way the Obama camp can do even HALF of the things they have promised and/or proposed.

Hopefully, the RNC and the Republicans of this nation can, and WILL now realize that they MUST put up credible candidates. Candidates that aren’t plagued by sex and drug scandals, money laundering, illegal donations and the like. The RNC must bring reputable candidates to the public eye. If the RNC doesn’t return to the CORE VALUES of Conservatism, coupled with the *tech savvy* of modern day politics, America is even more lost than we can imagine!

Use the tools at hand, the Obama camp can’t have free reign of the web and restrict the RNC and Conservative sites.. Couple that usage with integrity and honesty and it is MY opinion that if there is an America left worth saving after the 1st year of the Obamanation, the RNC and Conservative will have a tremendous opportunity at hand. The returning of America to it’s place of world leadership!

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