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The Alabama Shootings – An Op/Ed from TexasFred

March 12th, 2009 . by TexasFred

The Alabama Shootings – An Op/Ed from TexasFred

The mainstream news media is a tool for the anti-gun crowd, that’s all I can say. One story says,
Ala. gunman was ‘just a normal person’, and I realize that these are the observations of folks that supposedly knew this guy, but normal people don’t go off on shooting sprees, killing innocent men, women and children. That is NOT the workings of a normal thinking person. There were some indicators that this tragedy was about to happen, unless this guy just snapped, and went over the edge in one big move, there had to be at least some indicators. Perhaps his neighbors didn’t know what to look for, or maybe they were too close to the situation, too trusting perhaps. There’s a level of trust that is gone forever.

A normal person doesn’t make a hit list either. Alabama gunman kept a list of those who had ‘done him wrong’.

All the stories I have seen so far seem to be running along the same line of thought, Michael McLendon was just one of the guys, he was never in trouble with the law, he grew up with them, played Little League baseball, graduated from the local high school and worked by their sides at local factories, and his neighbors considered him to be normal. Regardless of outer appearances, this young man was anything BUT normal. There were some deep rooted mental problems at work here, there had to be. I hope the investigators can get to the bottom of this but I don’t know that they will.

Police: Ala. gunman’s motive may remain a mystery, that’s the story from USA Today, a paper with a FAR LEFT and anti-gun tilt. I would venture to say that this would be their final take on it if other news sources weren’t still hammering the story and looking for more facts and possible reasons, reasons that appear to have been missed by the majority of MSM news sources.

FOX News is NOT the normal MSM news source, Alabama Gunman Was Depressed Before Massacre. It seems the folks at FOX have a different take on the normality of Michael McLendon. Someone saw the signs, someone knew that something wasn’t right in this mans thinking. That doesn’t necessarily make them culpable in this massacre, as I said prior, they may not have known what exactly they were seeing, but someone actually saw this transformation from normal neighbor to mass murderer.

There are many questions that remain. Some can be answered, like, where did he get the weapons? Were they obtained legally? Some questions will go to the grave with McLendon, all of the real reasons why. Why the list?? Why the random shooting at people guilty of nothing more than sitting on their front porch? Why did he shoot little kids? Just exactly WHAT is it that these people did to you that made you take these actions against them? Those are questions that mental health professionals will ponder for a long time to come.

I am certain that the anti-guns people are salivating. This is red meat before a starving animal and is only going to serve to further hurt the millions upon million of sane, legal and responsible gun owners that have done absolutely nothing wrong. WE will be the ones that are castigated for the actions of one very disturbed individual, and if the anti-gun cabal has their way, WE will be the ones that pay the ultimate price of their lunacy. The lunacy that says if ALL guns are removed, this type of thing can’t happen.

Here is the whole truth, ALL guns will NEVER be removed from this earth, and these things, mass shootings, sadly, will continue to happen from time to time! The insane among us will find a way to kill great numbers of people. If it’s not guns, it will be other implements of death. That is the nature of the beast!

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