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FACT CHECK: Obama disowns deficit he helped shape

April 29th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Obama disowns deficit he helped shape

WASHINGTON (AP) - “That wasn’t me,” President Barack Obama said on his 100th day in office, disclaiming responsibility for the huge budget deficit waiting for him on Day One. It actually was him - and the other Democrats controlling Congress the previous two years - who shaped a budget so out of balance.

And as a presidential candidate and president-elect, he backed the twilight Bush-era stimulus plan that made the deficit deeper, all before he took over and promoted spending plans that have made it much deeper still.

Obama met citizens at an Arnold, Mo., high school Wednesday in advance of his prime-time news conference. Both forums were a platform to review his progress at the 100-day mark and look ahead.

At various times, he brought an air of certainty to ambitions that are far from cast in stone.

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FACT CHECK: Obama disowns deficit he helped shape

Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a LIAR! Obama is trying to make himself look as if he is totally innocent and like he is the one sent to save us. His divine mission in life. Of course we ALL know that Obama is as full of SHIT as a Christmas turkey is dressing!

The poser in chief wants the American people to love him, he expects our adoration, unconditional love and a vote of confidence from the USA. He doesn’t want much, he just wants it ALL, and he’s not earning anything, he is demanding, and lying his way into the most devastating crash this nation has ever seen. And when it does happen, of course it won’t be HIS fault, I think we ALL know that.

Congress controls the purse strings, not the president, and it was under Democratic control for Obama’s last two years as Illinois senator. Obama supported the emergency bailout package in President George W. Bush’s final months - a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger.

Read this story from AP, it’s one of the best I have ever seen from them, it may not be online too long.

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