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Obama seeks to boost Hispanic achievement

October 19th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Obama seeks to boost Hispanic achievement

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama wants his administration to focus harder on improving Hispanic educational achievement.

At the White House on Tuesday, Obama is signing an executive order intended to do just that.

Obama says improving education will help the U.S. compete in a growing global economy. The order is supposed to help communities share best practices, strengthen public-private partnerships and ensure that federal programs meet the needs of Latino youths and adults. The order also establishes a government-wide working group and a separate presidential advisory commission.

The signing comes two weeks before crucial midterm elections in which Obama is counting on Hispanics to vote Democratic on Nov. 2.

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Obama seeks to boost Hispanic achievement

The last line of the original story says it all. The Race Baiter in Chief is playing the RACE CARD in a slightly different manner, that’s all. Obama is pandering to Hispanics for their votes in an attempt to save his failed regime from crashing in flames.

And he is using racial issues in his pandering.

Recently, in THIS THREAD, comment #8 to be precise, I, and my readers were called “pointless and stupid (and frankly ignorant).” We were told that we ‘ lower ourselves.’ because we said our piece regarding Hussein Obama, his wife, his former pastor and the continued racism that flows from the White House.

We were told to, “Attack is [sic] freakin policies, not his skin, or you’re worse than him. Shame on this thread.”.

What making that comment did was point out how the racism of Obama and Company is not an issue for him, the comment maker. His issues are more focused on other matters dealing with *policy*.

That’s all well and good, and quite correct, but the RACISM of Obama and Company is one of the most important issues we face. White Americans are rapidly becoming the newest *minority* in the nation, and WE are blamed, by Obama and Company, for everything that is wrong with America.

Sounds like the *Blame Bush* mantra doesn’t it?

This blog has long dealt with the policy side of issues. I have gone HARD CORE on George Bush, Obama, all presidents before them as necessary, and any other Congressman, Senator or public figure that happened to stray from America 1st and Conservatism in MY opinion.

I will continue to do so in the future.

There is something that this particular comment maker missed I am guessing.

Constructive commentary is welcome, even commentary that is in disagreement with my position is welcome, as long as it is presented in a reasonable and sane manner, but be advised, no one will be allowed to comment here that comes into this blog and attempts to attack ME, MY beliefs, MY family, MY readers or members of the U.S. Military and/or Law Enforcement.

If you do, you will be BANNED, it’s just that simple. SOURCE

That name calling, “stupid (and frankly ignorant).” is an attack.

Just because a certain post doesn’t mesh with your thoughts, that doesn’t give you, or anyone else for that matter, carte blanche to come in here and call names.

Barack Hussein Obama WILL be taken to task here, on ALL fronts, that’s the good thing about having my own blog. I don’t have to post to suit anyone other than myself! And if a reader doesn’t like what I post, they can present a sane and logical rebuttal. If they aren’t capable of that action, they can leave, or I can help them along and force them to leave.

I am NOT looking for an “Amen Pew” here, discourse makes the blog a lot more interesting, but if you have something to say HERE, make it something that you wouldn’t hesitate to say to my face. Present it in an acceptable manner, otherwise, do us ALL a favor and just leave.

First Amendment rights do NOT extend to comment makers, just to make that clear, I am the only one that has FULL First Amendment protection on this site.

Comment makers are here as guests, and as such, are subject to the very few rules of this blog. Calling me and/or my readers names places you in direct violation OF those few, and very easy to follow rules.

If you have a complaint regarding the content or management of this blog you may register your complaint with the owner: [email protected].

I’ll probably just laugh at you, and if I respond at all it will be to tell you thanks for your concern regarding the way I run MY blog.

That’s the way I roll. :twisted:

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