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The Law of the Sea Treaty - LOST

November 17th, 2010 . by TexasFred

The Law of the Sea Treaty - LOST 

Read the complete Law of the Sea Treaty here.

The Law of the Sea Treaty, formally known as the Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, or UNCLOS III, was adopted in 1982. Its purpose is to establish a comprehensive set of rules governing the oceans and to replace previous U.N. Conventions on the Law of the Sea, one in 1958 (UNCLOS I) and another in 1960 (UNCLOS II), that were believed to be inadequate.

Negotiated in the 1970s, the treaty was heavily influenced by the “New International Economic Order,” a set of economic principles first formally advanced at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). That agenda called for “fairer” terms of trade and development financing for the so-called under-developed and developing nations.

Another way the New International Economic Order has been described is “redistributionist.”

The Law of the Sea Treaty calls for technology transfers and wealth transfers from developed to undeveloped nations. It also requires parties to the treaty to adopt regulations and laws to control pollution of the marine environment. Such provisions were among the reasons President Ronald Reagan rejected the treaty in 1982. As Edwin Meese, U.S. Attorney General under President Reagan, explained recently, “…it was out of step with the concepts of economic liberty and free enterprise that Ronald Reagan was to inspire throughout the world.”

Full Story Here:
Law of the Sea Treaty

Ronald Reagan did NOT support LOST. That should tell any thinking Conservative all they need to know about LOST. Maybe the problem is, a lot of Conservatives don’t know what LOST is, or, maybe they’ve never heard of it.

I get tons of email tips concerning blog posts, and I have floated references to LOST on several occasions, but I never did much more that just put it out there. I assumed that most folks would see the references to LOST and at least do a Google and look it up. Some did, many didn’t.

Far too many never researched LOST and looked into the full ramifications of it’s wordings.

In her article entitled “Why we need the Law of the Sea Treaty (Navy, December 2009), Meg Giles deserves credit for revisiting a politically and legally controversial topic with direct implications for the Navy: whether the U.S. should accede to the vast and deeply flawed UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (“UNCLOS�? or “the Convention�?).

But the article – essentially a review of venerable pro-UNCLOS talking points – failed to explore adequately the concerns of many UNCLOS opponents. This should be remedied because Ms. Giles wrote for a Navy audience, and it is precisely the Navy which is most likely to suffer direct harm from U.S. accession to UNCLOS.

Full Story Here:
The UN Law of the Sea Treaty: Threatening to Put the U.S. Navy in a Straitjacket

I would suggest to my readers that they read these articles. More can be found here:

President Bush has demonstrated his willingness to stand alone internationally. Yet for little better reason than go-along, get-along multilateralism, the administration is now pushing the Senate to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty, which was just unanimously voted out of Richard Lugar’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee. At a committee meeting in February, Lugar noted a wide range of support from American interests “for U.S. accession to be completed swiftly.” However, the treaty is a flawed document, and there would be serious costs from accepting it.

The Law of the Sea Treaty originated in the 1970s as part of the United Nations’ redistributionist agenda known as the “New International Economic Order.” The convention covers such issues as fishing and navigation, but the controversy arose mainly over seabed mining. In essence, the Law of the Sea Treaty was designed to transfer wealth and technology from the industrialized states to the Third World.

Full Story Here:
Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty — Cato Institute

So, we know that George W. Bust was a supporter of LOST. Dick Lugar was a strong proponent of LOST, that in and of itself should set off alarm bells.

What really needs to be looked at is this; just WHO still supports LOST? And who is in a position to help make it happen? Or, who could possibly be in that position soon? Say possibly in 2012?

Someone, somewhere once quipped that the debate they would really like to see is between Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and his running mate, Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK). They disagree on global warming, Pakistan, and Arctic drilling. And now we can add at least one more item to that list.

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Government plans massive Citigroup rescue effort

November 24th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Government plans massive Citigroup rescue effort

WASHINGTON (AP) - Rushing to rescue Citigroup, the government agreed to shoulder hundreds of billions of dollars in possible losses at the stricken bank and to plow a fresh $20 billion into the company.

Regulators hope the dramatic action will bolster badly shaken confidence in the once-mighty banking giant as well as the nation’s financial system, a goal that so far has been elusive despite a flurry of government interventions to battle the worst global crisis since the 1930s.

Wall Street investors reacted enthusiastically. The Dow Jones industrials shot up about 300 points in morning trading. Stock markets in Britain and Germany also gained ground. Citigroup shares themselves climbed 61.3 percent to $6.08 in morning trading.

“If they didn’t help, the damage would be beyond imagination,” said Teck-Kin Suan, economist at United Overseas Bank in Singapore.

Full Story Here:
Government plans massive Citigroup rescue effort

I have tried, for over 6 years, to tell people that George W. Bush is an IDIOT, he is a One World Government supporter. His father and grand father were huge supporters of One World Government, they could not get it done, but somehow, the moronic scion of these destroyers of America did manage to get it done.

When I tried to warn people about the dangers of George W. Bush I was called un-American. I was called a *libber in disguise*. I was called names by some Republican and so-called Conservative bloggers that sounded like the rants of a 6 year old on the play ground.

I give up, Bush and his policies have all but bankrupted this entire nation, but take heart, he has almost 2 months left in office, he may actually succeed in finishing us off yet, or, at the very least, Bush will have it set up perfectly for Obama to deliver the coupe de’ grace.

All of the *Bush Bots*, all of the people that blindly followed along just because they wanted to seem *patriotic*, all of you, you were warned, repeatedly. The apathy of America has empowered Bush in doing this dastardly deed. The blind trust that so many gave Bush has allowed this to happen. The trust that so-called Republicans had in the RNC, coupled with a serious breakdown in conservatism, gave the last election to Barack Obama.

The RNC foisted John McCain off on us. Many said he was going to be a continuation of the Bush administration, and I believe that he would have been all that, and worse! America has brought this upon itself, the American people have fallen for the witless politicos and took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

I have NEVER blogged to be *popular*, I blog to tell MY side of this thing, to opine on MY perception of life in America. My style tends to piss off a few people, but some folks really love it. I take NO prisoners, I leave no misunderstanding as to exactly where I stand on issues. I call it the way I see it and don’t care WHO likes it or not.

I HATE Socialists, I have 2 Socialist U.S. Senators, Cornyn and Hutchison. I have dropped any and ALL support for them and will actively work to keep them BOTH from being reelected any time they come up for it. Bush is a SOCIALIST! John McCain is a SOCIALIST! Barack Obama is a SOCIALIST! I think you can see where I am going with this. I will NOT support, in ANY way, a SOCIALIST government in the U.S.A. or any that ARE Socialists.

That said, George W. Bush has given this nation, and it’s financial markets, over to pure Socialism, the Wall Street bailout, the Detroit bailout, now this Citigroup bailout. Obama will continue to drag our nation down even further. I hope those of you that supported Bush and Obama, and yes, even McCain, in this SOCIALIST revolution are pleased with yourselves. I hope that settling for the *lesser of the evils* and not DEMANDING better leadership gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, because that feeling is about all you’re going to have left very soon!

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