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RINO of the WEEK Award

October 23rd, 2010 . by TexasFred
RINO of the WEEK Award

Soon we start Operation RINO Watch.

I am firmly convinced that on November 2nd the GOP will win a substantial majority in the House and possibly a one vote majority in the Senate. That’s also what the polls are predicting.

I am also convinced that the Conservatives of this nation are about to be screwed over by the GOP once the elections are done. I am certain that regardless of the numbers, very little will actually change for the better and I predict we will see a resurgence of RINOism like never seen to date.

I believe we’re going to see a ‘reach across the aisle’ that will make John McCain proud. I see a strong possibility that we’ll see elected officials that are, at this time, believed to be Conservative, turn to bi-partisan politics as soon as their seat at the dinner table is safe.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said he’d work with President Obama to find areas of compromise, where possible, if the GOP wins back the House.

Boehner, the lawmaker who would likely become Speaker of the House under a GOP-controlled House, said that he thought voters wanted Republicans to at least try to find a way to work with Obama and Democrats on key issues.

Full Story Here:
Boehner ‘would welcome’ finding common ground

I don’t believe Boehner will be the only GOP member to immediately begin to look for that Will ‘o the Wisp known as *common ground*. If *common ground* were a reality, it would be in use today. There is NO *common ground* and ANY Republican that tries to sell that load of B.S. is the very reason this award is going to be given!


Folks, the REAL work starts the day after the election. On November 3rd we begin Operation RINO Watch.

A while back I had a similar award I was giving out, and I asked readers for suggestions as to who should win the award. It was called *Douchebag of The Week*. I got very few suggestions from readers, but I used the ones I received. Hussein Obama was, by far, the biggest winner, but after a short while I did away with the DOTW award simply because I was getting NO suggestions and every time I posted an new winner I was bombarded with email and comments asking “Why didn’t you award this to so and so?”

Frankly, I got tired of the 20/20 hindsight that so many offered.

It’s pretty easy to be a Monday morning Quarterback. Political commentators do it quite well, I like to think I have a flair for it, but with an award such as this, hindsight is NOT what’s needed, what we need is suggestions for recipients, backed up by cold hard facts, sharp eyes and a sense of political acumen that easily points out, or ferrets out RINO activity.

This isn’t about a list of folks we don’t like, it’s all about holding their feet to the fire. Old line GOP members, the young lions, the new kids on the block, ALL of them.

We hear the screeds about why a 3rd Party can’t become a reality, we hear similar rhetoric as to why we MUST retake and rebuild the GOP, well, here’s a chance for ALL of us to put our votes where our written word lies.

As soon as the elections are over, we ALL start Operation RINO Watch by doing just that, we watch every move the GOP makes, we hammer them on ALL fronts, and if the GOP comes up short, we make them painfully aware, they are currently enjoying their last, or perhaps only term as one of the members of Congress, Senate, state, county or local office they will hold.

Nominations will begin as soon as the new Senate and House are seated. Good luck to all and I will use YOUR suggestions, as well as making sure that YOU are given credit for that nomination.

But PLEASE, none of this ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ AFTER an award is given…

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