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Wilson shout could reverberate next November

September 21st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Wilson shout could reverberate next November

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Rep. Joe Wilson may have shouted his way into the toughest election fight of his life.

Just ask former Sen. George Allen of Virginia, a conservative darling who suffered a surprise defeat in 2006 after calling an Indian-American campaign worker “macaca” - an ethnic slur in some countries. Or Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who was tossed out of office the same year after striking a police officer who tried to make her show identification before entering the Capitol complex.

Voters often frown on rude conduct, and Democrats would like nothing more to have Wilson’s scalp in 2010 - not just to win another seat, but to hold up the victory as evidence that even the conservative South rejects the town-hall style vitriol that President Barack Obama is facing.

Of course, a decisive Wilson victory could also show the opposite: that voters in this South Carolina district are angry over Obama’s policies and support Wilson’s message, if not his style.

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Wilson shout could reverberate next November

“Voters often frown on rude conduct”? Well, yes, I can understand that, but when did telling the truth become rude conduct? The truth is just that, TRUTH, no matter who speaks it, no matter where it’s spoken. The truth WILL stand the light of day.

Personally, I had NO problem with Wilson shouting “You LIE!” during the address being given by Barack Hussein Obama. It had to be said. Wilson had the courage to say it too, loud and clear. I don’t think what he said on the floor of Congress will reverberate nearly as loud, or as long, as the almost immediate rush to apology he made within minutes of speaking the TRUTH!

“It’s actually boosted Joe’s popularity among folks who agree with him,” said Danielle Vinson, a political scientist at Furman University. But Vinson said it could cause problems for Wilson with voters who are transplants to South Carolina.

“This particularly will stick in their minds because they’re still talking to friends and family who live elsewhere, and for them, this has been an embarrassment,” she said.

I can’t speak for the good folks of South Carolina, but as for me, when Wilson made his opinion clear to all, on national TV, during a presidential address being seen world wide, my heart swelled with pride. I know that many others felt the same way. A REAL American patriot, a man in Congress that wasn’t afraid to stand and say exactly what was on his mind, the simple truth.

What true Conservatives aren’t too happy about is the apology.

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There are NO wasted votes

October 26th, 2008 . by TexasFred

There are NO wasted votes

But there are MOONBATS, on ALL sides of this presidential race, ALL sides. I am probably going to piss some folks off with this post, but you know what? I really don’t give a DAMN, this blog is a HOBBY, it doesn’t pay the bills, as a matter of fact it costs ME money, and here on TexasFred’s, MY opinion is the one that counts. You like what I have to say?? Great, I truly appreciate my readers and have no problem with disagreement, reasonable, sane disagreement, not the name calling BS that the banned libbers like to engage you with. But, if ya don’t like it here, leave. I don’t want to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable. How simple can it be?

This rant was inspired by a post HERE and the quoted post below.

If you’re a Conservative and you didn’t vote for McCain/Palin and, perhaps, voted for another lesser candidate that more - ahem - aligned with your philosophy, then you’ll get your wish: Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Because a vote for a candidate other than McCain/Palin = a vote for Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Simple as that.

You vote your “conscience”? Equals Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

You stay away from the polls because you’re making a “statement”? Equals Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

So I would throw this out for those who “voted their conscience” or wanted to “make a personal statement” by voting for anyone OTHER than the McCain/Palin ticket:

You’d best consume a large cup of “shut the hell up” when the Obamessiah Reigns Supreme come November 4th.

Because, quite frankly, you pissed away your right to complain by voting for a complete electoral LOSER such as Bob Barr or Mickey Mouse or ANYONE other than McCain/Palin.

If they lose, I don’t want to hear or read a PEEP out of you, you destroyer.

Post can be found HERE

The above quoted post is the biggest crock of BULL SHIT I have ever seen, 100% pure BULL SHIT!! If you voted, you did your duty, no matter WHO you voted for.

If you DON’T vote, then you have no right to gripe, but to make ANY attempt at forcing, by ANY means, coercing a person to vote for a candidate in this manner is wrong, on MANY levels. To denigrate a voter by using this lame BULL SHIT excuse of *A vote for anyone other than McLame* is pure propaganda. The last time I checked, we are still the land of the free, at least for now, and as such, I am free to vote for the candidate that I feel best represents me and MY beliefs.

We have freedom of choice in this nation, at least for now, and a vote for ANY viable candidate is an exercise in freedom of choice, to demand otherwise, to denigrate a person for exercising that freedom of choice, is bordering on communistic tyranny!

A vote for Mickey Mouse IS a wasted vote, on that I DO agree, a vote for any person NOT on the ballot IS a wasted vote, but this is an election, and EVERY vote counts, no matter who it’s cast for. I have worked very hard AGAINST Obama, no one can deny that, but I lost all respect for McLame when he turned the final page by voting FOR the bail out! That, for me, was the final straw.

I wasted my vote?? I gave Obama a vote because I voted for Bob Barr? I wasted my vote because I voted my conscience? Go screw yourself!! I was true to MY beliefs, not those of some asshole that would attempt to BULLY a person or scare a person into voting THEIR way. I will NOT bow to peer pressure, or any other pressure, I have a few people that I need to make happy, they are blood family, and my peers are not on the list!

On Nov 5th, when the numbers come in, IF Obama wins with better numbers than McLame and Barr put together, I am afraid I am going to be in a “You can ALL kiss my ass” mood. And to be really honest with you, I am damn near there now!!

I did NOT stay home, I did NOT vote for Obama, if you find that VULGAR, ask yourself WHY I have that “Kiss my ass” attitude. Opinions are like assholes so they say, we ALL have one, and they ALL stink… The post quoted above is a case in point!!

And if this post makes you hate me, if this post makes you NEVER want to read here again, oh well, adios, you will NOT be missed…

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