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Saturday Night Live Highlights Obama’s Accomplishments

October 4th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Saturday Night Live Highlights Obama’s Accomplishments

It’s a sad statement of national affairs when the President of the United States traipses off to Copenhagen, Denmark to tout the city of Chicago as the potential host of the 2016 Olympic Games.

It’s an even more sad FACT that the President of the United States went to do this deed on behalf of the Chicago machine in one plane, while his wife went to Copenhagen to tout Chicago as well, on a different plane. A terrible waste of TAX PAYER dollars, in a failed effort.

To add even more sadness to this story, the Obama’s rolled out the BIG GUN for this trip, Oprah Winfrey. I am guessing the Dutch were as impressed with her as they were the Obama’s.

Now, I give you PROOF that Barack Hussein Obama has finally done what many have long known he was going to do, he has become the butt of the most truthful assessment of his presidency that could ever be done, he has been called a socialist loser, a do nothing, no accomplishments POTUS by the most left wing, libber platform on television.

Last night, Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live, took Obama to the woodshed.

Armisen enumerates everything that Obama and Company have NOT done. He points out ALL of the EPIC FAILURE that IS the Obama administration. Armisen conveys more truth regarding the poser in the White House than ANY political blog has done to date!

Armisen is NOT the best Obama impersonator I have ever seen, the voice just doesn’t quite fit, but the intent, the delivery and the truth of the matter more than makes up for any imperfections in Armisen’s work.

I also know that many of you don’t watch Saturday Night Live because of their political take. I am not one of those people. I use many sources in an effort to post a good blog, SNL is one of those sources.

To be totally honest with you, I was shocked that SNL allowed this particular piece to air. They have lampooned Obama on the rare occasion, but this is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time they have truly blasted him for being the do nothing he is!

There is a brief commercial before the SNL skit actually opens, bear with it, you will NOT be disappointed!

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You Might Be a Liberal If…

August 29th, 2009 . by TexasFred

You Might Be a Liberal If…

IQ tests should be used to stop the death penalty, but not to determine admission to AP classes.

The Ten Commandments in schools will hurt the children, but “Heather Has Two Mommies� won’t.

African-American, Queer and Women’s Studies prepare young people for good careers, but a biology major is an outdated relic of white, misogynist domination.

College students must protest the President (before Obama was elected), but never challenge anything the professor says.

Math tests are racist, but there is nothing racist about blacks being admitted over more qualified white applicants.

Spending 4 years – make that 5 years – repeating your professor’s liberal slogans is a solid education, but demanding that colleges present all view-points and actually teach the subject is “anti-intellectualismâ€?.

McCarthyism was wrong, but black-listing “right-wingers� from ever teaching in college is just plain old common sense. A right-winger is anyone who doesn’t toe the line on all issues.

Education is about “feeling�, not knowing. Logic is the product of white male supremacy in our culture.

After spending 5 years in college, you still don’t know when the Civil War took place and you are absolutely certain it had nothing to do with freeing black slaves.

Meat is bad for you. So is milk. But marijuana gets you ready for your finals.

AIDS is caused by poverty. So is crime. And membership in the Republican party.

You march to raise awareness about breast cancer, but believe it’s caused by sexism and infant mortality is caused by racism.

You want to outlaw cigarettes and legalize marijuana.

Global Cooling for 10 years proves that there is global warming.

You fly on private jets, but feel free to tell others to use only one square of toilet paper to save the environment.

You think that using less toilet paper will be good for the air.

The best way to care about a disease is to wear a ribbon. You must also prevent pharmaceutical companies from making a profit.

People should be allowed to euthanize themselves, but not to eat in McDonald’s.

Career welfare recipients are fat because they can’t afford food.

You preach to everyone that diversity is our greatest strength, but you paid half a million dollars more for a house in an all-white suburb than you could’ve for the same house in a black neighborhood.

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Obamanure finally tells the truth!

July 22nd, 2009 . by TexasFred

Obamanure finally tells the truth!

When I was dating Michelle I
told her my *winky* was THIS BIG!

On our wedding night, she
found out it was this small…

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