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Somali rebels call for foreign reinforcements

September 20th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Somali rebels call for foreign reinforcements

MOGADISHU - Somalia’s al Shabaab insurgents called Wednesday for more foreign militants to join them in the failed Horn of Africa state after U.S. forces killed one of the region’s most wanted al-Qaida suspects.

The U.S. special forces operation that killed Kenyan-born Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, 28, in remote southern Somalia Monday has triggered an angry response from Islamist rebels fighting the nation’s U.N.-backed government.

The raid likely gained Washington valuable counter-terrorism intelligence, but risked further inflaming anti-Western opinion in a country of growing concern, experts say.

Nabhan, who was wanted over a truck bombing that killed 15 people at an Israeli-owned beach hotel in Kenya in 2002 and a simultaneous but failed missile attack on a Israeli airliner as it left nearby Mombasa, was allied with al Shabaab.

Full Story Here:
Somali rebels call for foreign reinforcements

Well, imagine that? We killed this Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan guy and a bunch of Islamist rebels in Somalia are angry with the USA. What is this world coming to? :twisted:

Somalia is, in my opinion, one of the most useless places on this planet. There is nothing there worth having, there is nothing there worth saving and quite likely that’s the very reason the Muslim moonbats are going to flock there in huge numbers as they prepare to wage a Jihad against The Great Satan.

If handled correctly, this could be a really good thing. :)

“We call for all Muslim fighters in the world to come to Somalia,” Sheikh Mahad Abdikarim, commander of al Shabaab forces in Bay and Bakol regions, told a news conference in Baidoa town.

You know what they say? The more, the merrier? Well, here ya go, a chance for all of the Islamic nut jobs to get together in an Islamic fellowship. Maybe they can make it into some kind of pilgrimage. Make it a true Islamic religious experience.

Abdikarim, the al Shabaab commander, denounced Washington.

“Anybody who believes that America has a veto … is an infidel with no faith. We must prepare to liberate Afghanistan, Palestine and the al Aqsa mosque,” he told reporters.

And that’s good. Prepare to liberate Afghanistan and Palestine. That’s exactly what you NEED to be doing doing. I think this is a marvelous idea!

No… Really… I DO!

This is one of the best moves radical Islam could ever make. Gather ALL of their warriors in Somalia, get them all worked up and ready to out and wage WAR against us, our nation and our people. Get them prepared to meet those 72 virgins. These guys are more than willing to sacrifice their lives to battle and kill The Great Satan.

I say let them gather, let them have their Pep Rally, and then I believe we need to help them get all fired up!

Seems like the least we could do. Help them achieve at least part of their goal… :twisted:

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US special forces targeted al-Qaida in Somalia

September 15th, 2009 . by TexasFred

US special forces targeted al-Qaida in Somalia

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - The U.S. helicopters, guns blazing, swooped over a convoy carrying a top al-Qaida fugitive in rural southern Somalia. Elite commandos rappelled to the ground, collected two bodies, and took off on a cloud of red dust.

The raid took just 15 minutes.

Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, wanted for the 2002 car bombing of a beach resort in Kenya and an attempt to shoot down an Israeli airliner, was killed in Monday’s raid, according to three U.S. officials familiar with the operation and a Somali security official who cited intelligence reports.

The helicopter assault - rare in Somalia since the October 1993 battle of “Black Hawk Down” that was chronicled in a book and movie - underscored Washington’s concerns that lawless Somalia is fast becoming a haven for terrorists, including foreigners who want to plot attacks beyond the African country’s borders.

Full Story Here:
US special forces targeted al-Qaida in Somalia

As most of my long time readers know, I am a staunch believer in covert type operations. I know that in places like Afghanistan there is a serious need for boots on the ground, but covert operations are still a valuable part of the equation, they have been since the Afghan campaign kicked off in October of 2001. Covert operators played a major roll in Afghan operations back in the 1980′s, when Charlie Wilson’s War was a lot more than a movie.

Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency program to arm the Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, 1979 to 1989. Operation Cyclone is one of the longest and most expensive covert CIA operations ever undertaken; funding began with $20-30 million per year in 1980 and rose to $630 million per year in 1987. SOURCE

When we went to Afghanistan following the attacks of 9-11, we were facing an army of sorts, the Taliban, an evolved version of the Mujahideen, trained by us, armed by us and now fighting us. Our troops went in and pretty much took the Taliban apart, in fairly short order.

Then we took our eye off of the ball.

The covert type operation that was carried out in Somalia could have been all that was necessary to accomplish the REAL mission that was intended in Iraq. And Iraqi Freedom had nothing to do with it.

Back in 1991, Saddam had been chased out of Kuwait, his army was decimated and he himself had been embarrassed on the world stage. Saddam was an evil person, and I have NO problem with his demise, no matter how it came about. But there were rumors floated that as the world was crashing in on Saddam, there were 3 U.S. Special Operations teams in place, in Baghdad, and that at least one of these teams had eyes on Saddam, and that his demise was imminent. All the teams needed was a GO from Bush 41. Rumors also say that the teams were on the Satellite phones, in direct contact, BEGGING for those orders. Bush 41 did not give the order.

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