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Parolee in Oakland police shootings linked to rape

March 24th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Parolee in Oakland police shootings linked to rape

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The parolee who killed three Oakland police officers and left a fourth brain-dead over the weekend had been tentatively linked by DNA evidence to a rape the day before the shootings, authorities said.

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason confirmed a report on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Web site on Monday night that DNA from an unsolved rape in Oakland in February was a probable match to that of 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon.

Investigators got that information Friday, the day before Mixon opened fire on the officers following a routine traffic stop. Mixon is the primary suspect in the rape and is being investigated to see if there are any connections to other rapes, Thomason said.

Thomason said further tests would need to be done on the DNA in question to make sure it is a solid match.

Full Story Here:
Parolee in Oakland police shootings linked to rape

This recent tragedy in Oakland screams for justice. I don’t mean vigilante justice, I doubt that the California born and bred, latte sipping, politically correct, tree hugging asshats would dare to engage in such an activity to begin with. The justice needs to take place on the judicial and legislative level. The question needs to be answered, WHY was this ANIMAL, Lovelle Mixon, out on parole to begin with.

His family, according to his cousin, is just ‘crushed’ and ‘devastated’ by this, Lovelle wasn’t, again, according to his family, a ‘monster’, he was just a boy gone wrong and was afraid of going back to jail. To these family members I say, BULL SHIT! He WAS a monster and now he’s DEAD, and this world is much better off.

“Mixon was certainly a character that needed more supervision,” said Brown, the former mayor of Oakland. “In Oakland, the highway patrol has an office there, sheriff and police. And all those agencies should have a list of the more dangerous, threatening parolees so they can keep a watch on them.”

I know that from time to time a BAD guy can slip through the cracks in the criminal justice system, but IF the California police, all agencies, have a list of the more dangerous, threatening parolees, why in the hell are they parolees? Silly me, I was under the assumption that to gain parole an offender had to have exhibited at least some rehabilitation and remorse, and was to have been deemed as NOT being a danger to society?

Sacramento, CA (AP) - Nearly 5,000 California parolees — including hundreds of sex offenders and those convicted of violent felonies — have been released from supervision without proper review, according to a state audit released Tuesday. Calif. parolees released without proper review

In my mind that speaks volumes concerning the justice system in the state of California. I am NOT intentionally picking on or singling out California, but this is a blatant act on their part, one that endangers many of their law abiding citizens, citizens that are, for the most part, barred from owning the proper firearms to protect themselves.

How Mixon got the guns, including an assault weapon, used in the shootings has not been disclosed.

Why, I thought everyone knew? He went to a gun show in Arizona or Texas, got his weapons in an under the table deal because he was honest with some guy selling guns out of the back of a pickup behind the gun show. He told the guy he was a wannabe gangster, had done time in the joint and couldn’t buy a gun inside the show and that he was planning on killing him a bunch of PIGS to build his street creds and get some respect.

Yeah, quite likely just to build his street creds and earn some respect from his Bro’s in the ‘hood, I mean, after all, he wasn’t a ‘monster‘, his cousin said so!

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Fourth Oakland police officer has died

March 22nd, 2009 . by TexasFred
Fourth Oakland police officer has died

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) - An Oakland police officer shot during a traffic stop died Sunday, bringing to four the number of officers killed on the deadliest day in the department’s history, police said.

Officer John Hege, 41, died at Highland Hospital after being gravely wounded in the first of two shootings on Saturday, Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said.

A 26-year-old parolee wanted on a parole violation opened fire on Hege and 40-year-old Sgt. Mark Dunakin after they pulled him over Saturday afternoon, police said. Dunakin died that day. Hege was hospitalized with a major brain injury and survived through the night, his family said.

Suspect Lovelle Mixon was slain later Saturday afternoon in a gunfight with police that left two more officers dead. Thomason identified those officers as Sgt. Ervin Romans, 43, and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, 35.

Oakland police said never in the department’s history had so many officers been killed in the line of duty in a single day.

Full Story Here:
Police: Fourth Oakland police officer has died

The very 1st thing I have to say here is this: My most sincere and heart felt condolences to the families of these Oakland police officers. We ARE a police family and we truly share in your pain.

I am NOT about to denigrate the procedures and tactics these officers used, and I will NOT armchair quarterback their actions in the field, there is already far too much of that happening. I am sure the departmental investigations will find the truth and make those findings public, Internal Affairs and Shooting Boards usually do.

What I will question is this, WHY in the HELL was this guy out on parole? He had a warrant out for his arrest for violating that parole. IF the guy was that much of a violent criminal, WHY was he out on parole to begin with? Was that anything to do with the strain of intense liberalism, forced political correctness, and bleeding heart compassion that runs through the government, and a great many residents of the state of California?

Just as an after thought, if ANY of you doubt that this nation is over run with the most disgusting libber-pukes that the earth has ever seen, read the comments in the 2 stories linked here, Fourth officer in Oakland shooting dies and Soldier killed by Texas police in SUV dragging, they literally left me feeling sick, I mean sick in the pit of my stomach.

Both of the above linked stories are from that beacon of rabid liberalism, USA Today, and the comments are on a shooting that took place here in Texas Friday night, at least half of the comments were made calling the police murderers for doing their job. The Oakland story has a string of comments that are just as disgusting, with many of the comments appearing to be gleeful at the deaths of the officers, many were blaming the gun owners of this nation, the ones that really got me were the ignorant asses that believe the NRA sponsored this and the 2nd Amendment promoted it!

Ladies and gentlemen, we DO have a battle on our hands, WE being the legal, sane, safe and responsible gun owners of this nation. Liberal moonbats are the enemy, they have NO conception of REAL life, they have NO understanding of what a police officer or soldier go through on a daily basis and they have no compassion for the families of those troops and police officers.

This guy that did the shooting, Lovelle Mixon, was a known criminal, he quite likely should NOT have been on the streets of this nation to begin with, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he did NOT legally obtain the weapons that he used to murder these officers! The enemies of this nation are the criminals that DO these heinous crimes and socialists and libbers that insist that WE, the LEGAL gun owners, and the NRA, brought this tragic incident to being, those are our enemies, those that rant and rave regarding the disposal of ALL firearms in this nation.

Ask Germany how that gun control thing is working out for them, Teen kills 15 in Germany before taking own life, or ask the Australians how the gun ban is working for them too, Warring biker gangs brawl through Australian airport as travelers watch; 1 dead. You really want to know how well strict gun control works? Ask these guys, Gun violence jumps in Japan, I’m sure they’ll ALL tell you, it’s those outlaws that attend gun shows in Texas that are the REAL reason all of the gun incidents are happening.

I did NOT intend to get sidetracked and turn this into a 2A rant, it was intended to be a memorial to the deceased officers, but the more I put into it, the angrier I got at the sheer stupidity of the libber-pukes on the left and their disrespect for anything that the police do, even when that action involves making the ultimate sacrifice.

EDIT TO ADD: Police: 4th Oakland officer still on life support

Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason announced the death of 41-year-old Officer John Hege earlier Sunday but later said that Hege was being kept alive while a final decision was made about donating his organs.

SOURCE: Police: 4th Oakland officer still on life support

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