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Family of Officer Killed in Clinton Motorcade Sues

February 25th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Family of Officer Killed in Clinton Motorcade Sues

DALLAS, Texas — The family of a Dallas motorcycle officer who died two years ago while escorting Hillary Rodham Clinton has sued her and the city, alleging that he wasn’t properly trained, that the road was inadequately maintained and that Clinton didn’t give the city enough time to prepare for the motorcade.

The lawsuit filed in state court Monday, the second anniversary of the death of Senior Cpl. Victor Lozada, also faulted the city’s 911 system for a delay in dispatching an ambulance to the scene of the accident on the Houston Street viaduct.

The suit also names as defendants Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Super Seer Corp., the maker of Lozada’s motorcycle helmet.

Frank Librio, spokesman for the city of Dallas, said the city had no comment on the lawsuit. Representatives of the other defendants could not be reached for comment.

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Family of Officer Killed in Clinton Motorcade Sues

I guess we all have to do what our conscience dictates, in ALL matters, but I seriously have to wonder, what would Victor Lozada have to say about this law suit? I hate to say this, I don’t want to denigrate Sr. Cpl. Victor Lozada or his family in any way, I just hope it is being done in the interest of doing something good and not simply for monetary gain.

“None of this is going to bring back their father and husband,” said David Schiller, attorney for the Lozada family. He said the family filed suit “because they don’t believe that, without taking legal action, many of these things are going to change on their own.”

As this story progresses, I too have to wonder about the actions of the Dallas Police Department and the method of their madness given the conflicting reports found in this next quote.

According to the lawsuit, less than a month before his death, Lozada’s trainer, Senior Cpl. Dale Erves, wrote that he did not think Lozada was ready to ride on duty. A Jan. 25, 2008, daily observation report, signed by Lozada and Erves, states that Lozada had made “so many mistakes” that it scared Erves and that Lozada had failed that phase of training, needing at least two more weeks of training.

Shortly after Lozada’s death, The Dallas Morning News obtained copies of Lozada’s training records, which indicated that he had done well. A daily observation report also dated Jan. 25, 2008, and signed by Erves and Lozada stated that Lozada had passed training.

That sheds and entirely different light on the story, or does it?

On Tuesday, Erves said he had written the report indicating that Lozada had failed as a joke. He said he was shocked that was now being used as part of the lawsuit.

“Victor and I got a laugh out of it,” Erves said. “Victor had improved tremendously, and he was doing very well with his riding ability.”

That’s why we have a judicial system. Someone has to make sense of this matter. I have to say this, you don’t write reports of that nature as a joke. I have to wonder, just how much time did Sr. Cpl. Dale Erves have on his hands? As a training officer, I would think that it wouldn’t be that much. And a phony report is NOT a joke.

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