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Ark. cop suspended after using Taser on girl, 10

November 19th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Ark. cop suspended after using Taser on girl, 10

OZARK, Ark. – A police officer who used a stun gun on an unruly 10-year-old girl after he said her mother gave him permission has been suspended — not for using the Taser but for not having a video camera attached when he used it.

Mayor Vernon McDaniel said officer Dustin Bradshaw was suspended Wednesday for seven days with pay. McDaniel said the suspension is for not following department procedures because he didn’t have the camera on.

McDaniel wants Arkansas State Police or the FBI to look into whether the use of the Taser was proper. The girl, who hasn’t been identified, wasn’t injured and is now at the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter in Cecil.

Police were called to the home Nov. 11 after the girl’s mother couldn’t get her to take a shower.

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Ark. cop suspended after using Taser on girl, 10

First and foremost, I am a strong proponent of Taser usage. A Taser is one of the most effective, and least deadly options, an officer can employee as he seeks to keep the peace.

This incident was posted on another blog, one that shall remain unnamed as I will not give links to those that don’t deserve them, and they were shocked, pun intended, that this officer has used a Taser on a 10 yeah old hell raiser that had kicked him in the groin. My comment was this:

Obviously, you are not, nor ever have been a LEO of ANY kind…

Proper procedure was used, the kid is alive, the cop is unhurt and this is a WIN-WIN situation… He could have beat her ass I guess, maybe that would make you happy…

And that is exactly how I feel about the matter. You kick me in the groin and ALL bets are OFF. I don’t care if you’re 9 or 90, there’s some things that just aren’t going to be allowed to happen without some serious consequences taking place.

Bradshaw’s report says the girl was “violently kicking and verbally combative” when Bradshaw tried to take her into custody, and she kicked him in the groin. He said he delivered “a very brief drive stun to her back.”

“Her mother told me to tase her if I needed to,” Bradshaw wrote.

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