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Wave of Baghdad blasts kills at least 75

August 19th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Wave of Baghdad blasts kills at least 75  

BAGHDAD (AP) - A series of explosions targeting government and commercial buildings struck Baghdad Wednesday, killing at least 75 people and wounding more than 300, Iraqi police and medical officials said.

The blasts in the capital followed a string of attacks in Iraq this month that have claimed hundreds of lives and raised concerns about the ability of Iraqi security forces to keep the lid on violence in advance of an American withdrawal.

The deadliest was a car bomb near the foreign ministry, which killed at least 59 people and wounded 250. Officials said the toll may climb as rescue workers continue to search through rubble and debris. The ministry is close to the fortified Green Zone. The officials all spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information.

The force of the explosion blew concrete slabs off the front of the 10-story building, shattering windows and crushing cars parked outside. Dozens of cars were burned.

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Wave of Baghdad blasts kills at least 75

According to an OFFICIAL source, Baghdad Bob, as soon as the Great Satan is out of Iraq, the Civil War can begin in earnest!

My most sincere hope is that NO Americans were killed in this attack.

These are the people that, not too long ago, so many Americans cried and fretted over, Support Iraqi Freedom and all that. You know what and who I mean.

The Iraqis have been fighting, and KILLING one another since time began. There is nothing that we, or any other civilized western power can do to stop it either. Cut our losses! Get the hell OUT and let them kill each other, not our troops.

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