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TexasFred has some After Election Day reflections

November 3rd, 2010 . by TexasFred

TexasFred has some After Election Day reflections

There are some regions of the USA, and some residents of those regions, that are beyond redemption. Seriously, how in the hell can the libtards of Massachusetts re-elect a human slug like Barney Fag? Uh…wait, Frank, Barney Frank. I always have trouble with that one.

Fake Vets, crooks, liars, the Dems will elect, or re-elect them every time.

There are regions of this nation that are inundated by libtards, just look at a few of the states in the North East, and that lost cause known as California, and, well, you get the idea.

That part about being ‘beyond redemption’? Well, California just proved it once and for all, you can’t fix STOOPID. They re-elected Babs Boxer to the U.S. Senate and are sending Capt. Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, back to Sacramento to finish California off for good.

And then Nevada shows us that they have their own brand of STOOPID. Or corruption, depending on who you listen to and who you believe.

Some are saying that Harry Reid stole the election, I can’t, and won’t say that, not until there is irrefutable proof. In any case, Harry Reid is still a U.S. Senator, his son Rory however, was rejected as Nevada Governor. That’s one bright spot in The Silver State.

The rest of America, most of America, can still see the light. The GOP has, by a large number, retaken the House of Representatives. The Senate is going to be an ugly battle I am afraid.

Overall, Texas remains a VERY Red and Conservative state. Our State Senate is now 2/3 GOP controlled. Most of our representation in Washington is GOP. Dallas County is a disaster. By far, the City of Dallas is controlled by a majority of Democratic Blacks and Hispanics, libbers, lesbians, homosexuals and other assorted moonbats.

Some TEA Party groups don’t *endorse*, Dallas being one of them. Dallas County presents a fine example of what a TEA Party NEEDS to do. Dallas proper was inundated with Democratic wins, Dallas County was by far a RED win.. Perhaps if the Dallas TEA Party moved their leadership from Collin County into Dallas itself, held their biggest events IN Dallas and NOT at Southfork Ranch, in Collin County, and maybe consider actually holding political events that supports the candidates and offers endorsement, as opposed to *Rah-Rah* meetings. Well, you never know.

The work starts NOW! The GOP has got to know, we’re NOT going to allow RINOs to take over and run America into the ground ever again.

The TEA Party has done well for itself this round, I am still hearing the murmurs of the TEA Party taking over and rebuilding the GOP. Maybe, maybe not. I personally am NOT convinced that the GOP is worth saving. They are (The GOP), as of right now, on probation, and have a hell of a lot to prove to America and even more to make up for.

Tuesday was just a glimpse of what the American electorate can do, we turned the House, we CAN turn the Senate and White House in 2012. Just don’t blow it in the interim period.

Republicans to take control of House

Republicans roared toward a sweeping electoral victory Tuesday, wresting control of the House and picking up seats in the Senate, NBC News projected.

NBC News projected that once all the votes were counted, Republicans would hold 237 seats to 198 for the Democrats. If so, Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio would succeed Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California as speaker.

Full Story Here:
Republicans to take control of House

The House is GOP and Boehner will most likely be the new Speaker. Sure does a lot to change the line of succession. Just sayin’ :twisted:

Embattled Sen. Blanche Lincoln falls in Ark. race

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln lost her seat to a Republican challenger Tuesday after months of criticism that she was too closely aligned with the Obama White House, especially on health care.

Full Story Here:
Embattled Sen. Blanche Lincoln falls in Ark. race

One of the better ass kickings in the elections! Blanche Lincoln is a despicable cretin. Arkansas is now on the road to setting itself straight.

In South Carolina, GOP Sen. Jim DeMint Scores Early Win

Early Tuesday evening, the Associated Press called the South Carolina Senate race for incumbent Republican Sen. Jim DeMint. This was no surprise.

The 2010 mid-term elections may go down as historic — not just for being a major “change” election — but also for the number of interesting and eccentric candidates who garnered attention. And one of the most eccentric was DeMint’s opponent, Democrat Alvin Greene.

Full Story Here:
In South Carolina, GOP Sen. Jim DeMint Scores Early Win

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