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CAIR tells Muslims how to limit TSA inspection

November 16th, 2010 . by TexasFred

CAIR tells Muslims how to limit TSA inspection

An Islamic group that was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-funding case is telling Muslim women how to instruct Transportation Security Administration agents at airport checkpoints.

The advisory by the Council on American-Islamic Relations comes amid controversial new requirements set by the TSA for passengers traveling by air either to submit to a nude full-body scan or have a full pat-down that includes private parts of the body.

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CAIR tells Muslims how to limit TSA inspection

This image was stolen from U.S. Citizen at Traction Control

I stole this cartoon from a wonderful blogger, Mr. Alan Caruba at Warning Signs, and while it makes *lite* of the TSA problem, there’s a lot more truth in a cartoon than in volumes of text sometimes. Alan Caruba has a knack for finding those cartoons.

It appears that Muslim women WILL be given a free pass by TSA screeners, but it’s OK to search a Catholic Nun. I can understand it I suppose, those damned Catholics have been blowing up innocent people all over the world in the name of Allah.

Apparently, it’s just okie dokie for the TSA to frighten a little 3 year old girl too. TSA screener terrorizes 3-year-old girl. And why not? I mean, those 3 year old kids are really smart now a days, they can access the web and *teddy bear bombs* in the hands of American children are a known method of instilling TERROR into the hearts and minds of The Infidel.

Evil damned kids.

Pilots among those dismayed at scanners, pat-downs

CHICAGO (AP) – Airport security stops one airline pilot because he’s carrying a butter knife. Elsewhere, crews opt for pat-down searches because they fear low-level radiation from body scanners could be harmful. And in San Diego, one traveler is told he can’t fly at all when he likens an intrusive body search to sexual harassment.

Annoyance at security hassles has been on the rise among airline crews and passengers for years, but the widespread use of full-body image detectors this year and the simultaneous introduction of more intrusive pat-downs seems to have ramped up the frustration.

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