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Texas gubernatorial debate to open to 4 hopefuls

September 28th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Texas gubernatorial debate to open to 4 hopefuls

Unlikely to get a one-on-one exchange between Republican Gov. Rick Perry and Democratic challenger Bill White, the state’s largest newspapers today will invite two minor-party candidates to a planned debate next month.

Last month, the newspapers and Austin television station KLRU invited Perry and White to an Oct. 19 debate at KLRU’s Austin studios. White quickly said he would attend, but Perry has not accepted the invitation and has said he won’t debate White unless the challenger releases some of his tax returns from the 1990s.

The media organizations at first said they would give the stage entirely to one candidate if his opponent refused to participate. But they soon concluded that doing so would allow candidates from the Libertarian and Green parties to demand an equal amount of time — one hour — on television stations that broadcast the one-candidate interview, thus decreasing the chances that anyone would broadcast it.

In an effort to produce some form of a debate, the media organizations, including the American-Statesman, today will issue renewed invitations to Perry and White and will invite Libertarian Kathie Glass and Green Party candidate Deb Shafto. Glass and Shafto will be allowed to participate regardless of whether Perry and White accept.

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Texas gubernatorial debate to open to 4 hopefuls

Deb WHO?? Seriously.

Kathie Glass may not be a household name here in Texas, but she should be.

Yesterday, Sept. 27, 2010, The TexasFred Blog made it’s endorsement for Texas gubernatorial candidate Kathie Glass. That endorsement was not made because Glass is a Libertarian. It was not made because I am a Libertarian, because I am NOT. I endorsed Kathie Glass because she is simply the very best candidate in this race. Bar NONE! The TexasFred Blog endorses Kathie Glass.

I have liked everything I have heard Kathie Glass say, everything I have read about her and last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet her in person, and I am even MORE impressed. She stole the show at the Rowlett TEA Party Candidates Forum.

Former Houston Mayor Bill White was invited to that same event and he did attended.

Mr. White spoke to the TEA Party and all the citizens in attendance, he worked the crowd, he gave a news interview in the lobby of the facility. He represented himself well and his capable staff represented White and themselves in a very professional manner.

Then Mr. White took to the stage where he gave what was described by several candidates as his ‘Uh-Oh, I’m in a crowd of Conservatives’ speech. White sounded like a hard core GOP member in everything he said. I was surprised. I had expected White to stick to a Democratic message but he went full-tilt conservative. He sounded like every RINO in the GOP.

Rick ‘Gov. Goodhair’ Perry was invited too. Perry didn’t attend over his difference of opinion with Bill White regarding what White needed to release regarding his financial reports.

Rick ‘Gov. Goodhair’ Perry is an egotistical ASS and a RINO of the 1st order.

I am certain that Green Party candidate Deb Shafto would have been invited to the Rowlett event if anyone in Rowlett had ever heard of her.

“The better option we still believe would have been Perry-White going head-to-head,” American-Statesman Editor Fred Zipp said. “But this is the next-best thing and, we think, still an important public service.”

The Rowlett event was an important public service too. Perry didn’t attend and I seriously doubt that he will attend the one the American-Statesman is sponsoring.

As I said, Rick Perry is an egotistical ASS.

Rick Perry has been Governor of Texas for 9 years now. He wants another 4 years of being Governor. So, I want to make two statements, each followed by a question for Texas voters;

1. Texas is suffering, at this moment, approximately a $21Billion shortfall in the upcoming budget;

1(a). Don’t you think we’ve had enough of Rick Perry and his brand of Fiscal Responsibility?

2. Rick Perry has been Governor of Texas for 9 years.

2(a). Are our borders secure? Does Texas have a new law on the books similar to AZ HB 1070 that would give officers a tool with which to fight ILLEGALS?

Rick Perry doesn’t care about border security, his actions, or lack thereof, speaks volumes.

Bill White won’t do any better. Let’s be honest, deserved or not, White bears the blame for the City of Houston being looked upon as a sanctuary city.

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Expecting a debate between Perry and White? Don’t bet on it

September 16th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Expecting a debate between Perry and White? Don’t bet on it

A taunting chicken could not persuade Rick Perry and a taunting governor could not budge Bill White, so it looks like Texas voters will not be seeing a debate this fall between the two men who want to be their governor. With a midnight deadline looming, neither man blinked during separate appearances in Houston on Wednesday.

The guy in the full-length yellow chicken suit and cowboy boots stood on a sweltering Houston street as the Perry entourage drove into a lot at the Mach Industrial Group for a news conference hailing his role in tort reform. About a dozen men from union locals, in addition to the faux fowl, waved signs and yelled at “Gallina Perry.”

“He needs to quit running,” said Richard Shaw, secretary-treasurer of the Harris County AFL-CIO. “He ought to meet with editorial boards, as well.”

Call for transparency
After his prepared remarks on the factory floor, Perry contended that White will not release all of his tax returns because he has something to hide.

“I have said for some period of time now that I’d love to debate Bill White,” he said, “but I think the more important issue is for an individual who’s asking to be the chief executive officer for one of the most important states in the nation, if not the most important state in the nation, with one of the most important economies in the world, to not be transparent and honest about how he’s made his money is a great tragedy.”

Full Story Here:
Expecting a debate between Perry and White? Don’t bet on it

I don’t believe Rick Perry. I think he’s afraid of Bill White. I don’t know all the reasons WHY he’s afraid, but Perry keeps on crying about Bill White not releasing tax records that he (White) is required by law to release.

And Bill White contends he HAS released “far more financial information and more complete financial information” than Gov. Goodhair.

Personally, I think it’s time for BOTH of these guys to stop their *little boy* pissing contest. It’s time to put up or shut up.

If Bill White hasn’t fully released ALL of the tax records he is required by law to release, he needs to be immediately removed from the race for Texas Governor and face whatever legal penalties his actions dictate.

White saying that he has ‘released “far more financial information and more complete financial information” than Perry’ is pretty lame. You don’t release MORE than your opponent and just call it good. You release your TAX records, that’s part of the privacy you give up if you want to lead We, The People.

Perry himself needs to stop whining and MAN UP. If White is breaking the law, just what kind of Governor is he (Perry) if he can’t insist that Texas elections laws be followed?

Perry won’t debate Bill White? Shoot, he won’t even go to the same event as Bill White. Perry is ducking and dodging Bill White every way possible. It’s MY opinion that it doesn’t have anything to debate with.

“There are 18 billion reasons why Rick Perry has decided not to debate,” White said, alluding to the $18 billion budget shortfall the state faces in the upcoming two-year budget cycle. “Debates are a means of accountability for voters, and Perry’s showing his true colors as a scripted professional politician who thinks he’s entitled to re-election,” said White.

18 BILLION reasons? That’s a lot of accountability that needs to be called into question.

Asked repeatedly why he simply did not release the tax returns Perry was demanding, White said “because campaigns aren’t games.”

Katy Bacon, the Democratic challenger’s campaign spokeswoman, said Perry will “keep moving the goal post down the road, because his goal is to avoid the debate.”

Gamesmanship? White is correct, it’s NOT a game, but I don’t see or hear the White campaign saying they made full disclosure. Maybe they met the minimum. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe Perry wants more than the law requires. In any case, Texas voters are being jerked around, and we are NOT jerks.

The last time major gubernatorial candidates did not debate was in 1990, when Republican Clayton Williams refused to engage his Democratic opponent, Ann Richards. They did have a joint appearance and back-to-back televised interviews with a panel of reporters, but not a formal debate.

Just in case Rick Perry, or any of my non-Texan readers don’t know, Ann Richards took Clayton Williams to the woodshed. She beat him like a rented mule. :P

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