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Inmate With Low I.Q. Nears Execution in Texas

December 3rd, 2009 . by TexasFred

Inmate With Low I.Q. Nears Execution in Texas

HOUSTON — A 44-year-man whose lawyers claim he is mentally retarded is scheduled to be executed Thursday evening in Huntsville, Tex., unless the United States Supreme Court agrees to hear his case.

The man, Bobby Wayne Woods, whose I.Q. hovers around the level of a mildly retarded person’s, was convicted of the brutal killing of an 11-year-old girl in 1997 and sentenced to death.

The debate over whether he should be executed reflects the gray area left by the Supreme Court in 2002, when it ruled the mentally impaired were not eligible for the death penalty but left it up to state courts to interpret which inmates qualified as impaired.

Mr. Woods’s lawyers argue that his intelligence scores are low enough that he should be spared because of the Supreme Court ban in Atkins v. Virginia. But several courts have rejected that claim.

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Inmate With Low I.Q. Nears Execution in Texas

He was capable of committing the crime. He should be held accountable, and subsequently, he should be punished for his crime in an appropriate manner.

Maurie Levin, a University of Texas law professor who represents Mr. Woods, said in a pleading that “his I.Q. hovers around 70, the magical cutoff point for determining whether someone is mentally retarded.”

“He’s transparently childlike and simple,” she said. “It’s a travesty.”

DAMN the bleeding hearts! DAMN all of them. There truly IS a travesty here. That travesty took place with the MURDER of an innocent 11 year old girl. SHE was childlike, she may have been a simple child, I don’t know, but I do know this; everything she was, everything she may have become, every accomplishment and accolade she may have earned, was taken away from her when she was murdered.

WHO speaks out for HER? WHO speaks out for Sarah Patterson?

The bleeding heart anti death penalty people, and libbers in general, all scream about the execution of a MURDERER but have no problem with killing an innocent baby.

On April 30, 1997, Woods entered the home of his ex-girlfriend, Schwanna Patterson, through an open window. He then beat and sexually assaulted Patterson’s 11-year-old daughter, then abducted her and her nine-year-old brother and took them to a cemetery. There, Woods severely beat the boy about the head, resulting in serious injury and murdered the girl by cutting her throat. SOURCE

It took the original story several paragraphs before they even mentioned the name of the victim or her mother. Of course the NYT is a lot more concerned with the defense of the murderer than they are the person that was murdered. It is a rare occasion that I will even use the NYT as a source for a story, but this time they were the only source I could readily find.

But that standard has been applied unevenly by state courts, according to a study by Cornell law professors. Some state courts in Mississippi, Alabama and Texas have held that inmates with scores as low as 66 are not impaired, while an inmate in California with a score of 84 was declared mentally retarded.

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Old Style Texas Border Enforcement

August 5th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Back in the days of the Old West, men were men and they had BALLS. They weren’t afraid to stand up and defend their nation, their homes, their families, and their lands, by any means necessary.

Today we have men that think about the PCness they must exhibit, they dwell on ways to maintain their metrosexualness. They hide behind some false sense of security that their FAUX Intellectualism seems to offer.

Not me folks, by God I am a son of the South AND the OLD WEST! I call it like I see it, I WILL say what others only think and fear to say, I exercise MY 1st amendment rights every day, and as long as I live, and as long as the Constitution is the law of the land, I will continue to exercise my rights as a FREE and natural born American.

Defend our borders, stop the invasion, and post this picture as a NOTICE to ALL the ILLEGALS crossing our border.

It ends here, it ends now and THIS is how it ends!

Now I’m not advocating going out there and dragging ALL ILLEGALS to death, but we need to deport them, and then, after they have been deported once, and ONLY once, ANY that try to come back as ILLEGALS, well, a rope, a wetback, a tree if available, a fast horse if not, some assembly required..

And a big Texas Hat Tip to my neighbor Dudley at Dudleys Diary for the pic!

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