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Judge tosses Blackwater case in Baghdad shooting

January 1st, 2010 . by TexasFred
Judge tosses Blackwater case in Baghdad shooting
WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal judge dismissed all charges Thursday against five Blackwater Worldwide security guards accused of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians in a crowded Baghdad intersection in 2007.

Citing repeated government missteps, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina dismissed a case that had been steeped in international politics. The shooting in busy Nisoor Square left 17 Iraqis dead and inflamed anti-American sentiment abroad. The Iraqi government wanted the guards to face trial in Iraq and officials there said they would closely watch how the U.S. judicial system handled the case.

Urbina said the prosecutors ignored the advice of senior Justice Department officials and built their case on sworn statements that had been given under a promise of immunity. Urbina said that violated the guards’ constitutional rights. He dismissed the government’s explanations as “contradictory, unbelievable and lacking in credibility.”

“We’re obviously disappointed by the decision,” Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd said. “We’re still in the process of reviewing the opinion and considering our options.”

Prosecutors can appeal the ruling.

Full Story Here:
Judge tosses Blackwater case in Baghdad shooting

When does the U.S. government come to it’s senses and drop the charges against the U.S. Navy SEALs? Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist.

Something is terribly wrong in this nation. Our fighting men are being persecuted for doing their jobs. Our soldiers are being forced to operate under a set of *Rules of Engagement* that is getting them killed. And it’s all done in the name of *political correctness*.

Blackwater contractors had been hired to guard U.S. diplomats in Iraq. The guards said insurgents ambushed them in a traffic circle. Prosecutors said the men unleashed an unprovoked attack on civilians using machine guns and grenades.

Our leaders are afraid to let our troops kill the enemies we face in Iraq, Afghanistan and God only knows where else we may be operating . Our so-called leaders are afraid that by doing so, that by addressing those enemies, and killing them in great numbers, numbers that would equate to a clear and total victory, we may offend the enemies of this nation.

Offending the enemies of this nation is the least of our worries. What are we going to do? Make Islam hate *The Great Satan* even more?

They can’t hate us any more than they already do. Islam wants to wipe out ALL Christians and Jews simply because we won’t submit to their antiquated beliefs and bow to the moon god of Arabia. Offend them? We need to be doing a lot more than offending them.

We didn’t start this war, the actions of 9-11, and other previous attacks on this nation, our troops and our interests is what started this war. And you don’t win a WAR by playing nice!

Urbina’s ruling does not resolve whether the shooting was proper. Rather, the 90-page opinion underscores some of the conflicting evidence in the case. Some Blackwater guards told prosecutors they were concerned about the shooting and offered to cooperate. Others said the convoy had been attacked. By the time the FBI began investigating, Nisoor Square had been picked clean of bullets that might have proven whether there had been a firefight or a massacre.

I am going to point something out that ANY person that has ever gone over and played in the sand box can readily verify.

The difference between a radical insurgent jihadist, intent on killing you, and a peaceful person, non-combatant, indigenous to the area is this: HOW FAST can he empty his AK-47 and then hide it, thereby looking like the innocent victim. That’s about it.

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Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage

April 12th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama twice authorized the military to rescue a U.S. captain who was being held by Somali pirates and whose life appeared to be at risk, administration officials said after Sunday’s rescue.

The Defense Department twice asked Obama for permission to use military force to rescue Capt. Richard Phillips from a lifeboat off the Somali coast. Obama first gave permission around 8 p.m. Friday, and upgraded it at 9:20 a.m. Saturday. Officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations said the second order was to encompass more military personnel and equipment that arrived in the Indian Ocean to engage the pirates.

Somali pirates last week boarded the Maersk Alabama off the Horn of Africa. The crew fought back, but Phillips surrendered himself to safeguard his men. Navy ships soon were on their way to the area.

White House officials on Sunday said Obama received regular updates by phone and in person at the White House - including 11 memos - and during his daily intelligence briefings with senior officials. The National Security Council last updated the president on a contingency plan for Phillips at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, according to a timeline of events released Sunday afternoon by the White House.

Full Story Here:
Obama twice approved force to rescue hostage

OK, if this story is to be believed, and I have no reason to think that even AP would put out a totally false story in favor of Obama, so, if this is true, we have got to give Obama his due and say way to go.

I have always been as fair and balanced as I possibly could since I began blogging. I blasted George W. Bush all to hell and back when I felt he had done the wrong thing and I sang his praises when I felt he was correct in his estimations and actions.

Barack Obama deserves the same level of respect from me that former President Bush got. You see, unlike the loony left and the hard core libberpukes that would never say so much as 1 good word concerning President Bush, I have no problem with sending kudos to President Obama if he does the correct thing, and quite honestly, I was totally surprised to see this story. I didn’t think he had it in him to give the orders. Apparently, I was wrong.

“We remain resolved to halt the rise of piracy in this region. To achieve that goal, we must continue to work with our partners to prevent future attacks, be prepared to interdict acts of piracy and ensure that those who commit acts of piracy are held accountable for their crimes,” Obama said.

I am posting that last paragraph for future reference. I hope Obama means every word, I intend to check up on it on a regular basis. I hope you will all do the same.

Don’t go getting ANY ideas that I am becoming an Obama fan, I am not. Barack Obama is still a huge disaster concerning the economy, global alliances, protocol, military leadership abilities, any number of endeavors, but as the old saying goes, on occasion, even a blind hog finds truffle. This was one of those occasions.

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