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Obama to ask agency heads for budget cuts

April 18th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Obama to ask agency heads for budget cuts

WASHINGTON — President Obama said Saturday he will ask all of his department and agency heads for specific proposals for cutting their budgets at his Cabinet meeting early next week as he searches for ways to streamline government spending.

Obama, who is attending the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad this weekend, said in his weekly radio and Internet address that he would make the request for cuts Monday at a Cabinet meeting.

“In the coming weeks, I will be announcing the elimination of dozens of government programs shown to be wasteful or ineffective,” he said. “In this effort, there will be no sacred cows and no pet projects. All across America, families are making hard choices, and it’s time their government did the same.”

While discussing the need for more efficient government, Obama announced he was filling an administration position that caused him trouble on the last try. Obama said Jeffrey Zients, a CEO, management consultant and entrepreneur, will join the administration as the government’s chief performance officer and will also serve as deputy director for management of the Office of Management and Budget. He will work to streamline processes and cut costs, Obama said.

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Obama to ask agency heads for budget cuts

I’m not an MBA, I don’t hold any degrees in finance, banking, money management or the like. All I am is a highly opinionated blogger with a great bunch of readers and supporters. I’m not one of the big time bloggers like Malkin and Geller, if I have to resort to shrill histrionics or blatantly flaunting my sexuality to become one of the big time bloggers, I don’t guess I’ll ever make the list. :(

What I do know is this, I can balance our budget. A lot of people won’t like the way I balance the budget, but hey, a lot of people don’t like the way the finances of America are being wasted now. You know the drill, you can’t make everyone happy. So, here are a few ideas that I think would go a long ways towards taking this nation back to financial solvency.

Cancel the bailouts. NOW. Every penny of the bailouts must be immediately returned to the Treasury of the USA. If General Motors, Citigroup, AIG and the like can’t run their own affairs in a profitable fashion, why do we need OUR tax dollars squandered to further the mismanagement and questionable spending of these black holes of finance? If these folks can’t make it on their own, treat them no differently than any other business that goes bankrupt.

Cut all welfare programs to the LAZY! Disability is one thing, there are some folks that truly need help, but sitting back and having 6 or 8 babies should NOT qualify you to become a welfare or food stamps recipient. If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em. Responsible parenting is a must!

Immediately cut all funding for the medical care of ILLEGAL invaders. No citizenship?? You’re sick?? So sorry to hear it. Go back to where you came from and leech off of their national budget. Anchor babies?? There’s a lot of work to be done in that department as well. If a Mexican girl wades the Rio Grand just to have her child on the Texas side, that does NOT entitle her or the kid to life-long benefits from the USA. Deliberate evasion and taking advantage of the gray areas of OUR laws is still an act of criminality. In other words, ILLEGAL!

Rigid enforcement of ALL immigration laws. No more of this BS about not being able to round them up and deport them. Most of the ILLEGALS are not contributing to OUR economy, they work for cash and the only taxes they pay is on the items they buy in American stores. Sales tax, and that’s it. No schools tax, no property tax, no income tax, just a bit of sales tax. That is not much of a contribution in my opinion.

Get us OUT of Iraq ASAP! Like maybe NOW! There’s God only knows how many BILLIONS of USA tax dollars that would be saved. Iraq has OIL, lots and lots of OIL! They don’t need us to rebuild their nation, they can afford to do it themselves. Obama didn’t get us into Iraq, but he can damn sure get us OUT if he is of a mind to.

And lastly, just because some asshat manages to get himself elected to the Congress or Senate doesn’t entitle him/her to a full paycheck for the rest of their lives. If Congressmen and Senators had to actually work for a living once they were out of office, they may take a more responsible look at how the money of this nation is spent. They may care a lot more about the lifestyle of the American people if they knew that once out of office they were going to have to live and survive just like we do. Elected office should not be a career, but for many it is. Term limits and limited retirement, if ANY retirement benefits. Then we’ll see exactly WHO is serving for love of country and who is there for the power, money and prestige!

I am sure there are numerous other ways that the USA can balance the sheet, feel free to add your ideas in comments, I named a few hot button issues of mine, let us hear yours too!!

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