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Police Chief and Sergeant Fired After Tea Party Involvement

November 10th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Police Chief and Sergeant Fired After Tea Party Involvement

The Tawakoni Area Tea Party is up in arms because the police chief and a sergeant at the West Tawakoni Police Department were fired after being involved in the Tea Party.

Police Chief Jack Schultz and Sgt. Johnny Beckett were fired Oct. 20, according to internal documents obtained by NBCDFW using the Texas Open Records Act.

Schultz and Beckett are both on paid administrative leave while they appeal their terminations.

The termination notices obtained indicate the duo’s involvement in the Tea Party was considered “prohibited political activity�? under the city’s employee personnel policies manual. The mayor said the men spoke and advocated against the city council and supported a petition against the mayor as part of their participating in the party.

The two men weren’t just fired for their involvement in the Tea Party, however.

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Police Chief and Sergeant Fired After Tea Party Involvement

Most of MY readers will remember, I was WAY ahead of the curve on this one, I posted MY story on October 26th, 2010. Police Officers FIRED for being TEA Party Members. I wonder why the media is just now jumping on the band wagon?

I have become convinced that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. If these officers are guilty of even HALF of the actions they are accused of, they need to be gone, and gone for good. If they are innocent, they need to face their accusers in a court of law and sue the pants off of them AND the city.

The termination memos mention other alleged infractions by both law enforcement officers including accusations that Schultz drove city equipment to obtain medical treatment, screamed at another city employee in the City Hall parking lot within earshot of the public, lied to federal agents during an investigation, drank booze at a public park and restaurant, drove while intoxicated, slouched at city council meetings, and didn’t discipline Beckett for holding naked pool parties at Beckett’s house.

Besides holding naked pool parties and joining the Tea Party, Beckett’s termination memo also said he drank alcohol in a public park and restaurant, asked a subordinate to follow he and his wife home after they drank too much, didn’t pay his water bill in time, and didn’t properly maintain investigative files and evidence.

I have heard ALL of those accusations from my contacts in Law Enforcement around this area of Texas, all that, and more.

From my blog post comments:

October 28th, 2010 (2 weeks ago) at 1:23 PM

BZ — According to all Law Enforcement people I have talked to, there’s no issue with being an officer and a TEA Party member, as long as they don’t do anything on duty, in uniform or in City, County or State vehicle.

This is a case where there may be some *personalities* coming into play…

I have some impeccable sources in Law Enforcement and this is what I am being told: “There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.�?

I don’t know if any of us have the full story, I’m not making accusations, just saying, but 2 Texas DPS Rangers don’t come out for several hours for no reason…

I am also being told that there may, I repeat, MAY be some criminal elements involved, illegal booze and gambling concerns… And it is being whispered that these concerns may be being protected by someone in W. Tawakoni…

I am told that these may be the REAL issues and the *players* are pointing in several different directions in order to deflect attention from the matter…

All of that is opinion and speculation, and is in no way an accusation…

Also, W. Tawakoni is a very small town and has a very small PD, there is no union, no contract and it’s a strong Mayor/Council form of city government.. The PD, and I am assuming ALL city employees, are at the mercy of the Mayor and his whims… Right or wrong..

I have been told that contrary to what some tell me about West Tawakoni having been cleaned up, and that the drugs are all supposedly gone, at least according to emails I received from a person that lives in West Tawakoni, and from comments on my blog story in October, that is NOT the case. At least not according to some of MY Law Enforcement sources, sources not connected TO the West Tawakoni administration or Police in ANY way.

Schultz could not be reached at his home Wednesday. Beckett referred all questions to his lawyer, who did not immediately return a phone call from NBCDFW.

Mayor Pete Yoho and other city officials are not commenting on the terminations.

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Police Officers FIRED for being TEA Party Members

October 26th, 2010 . by TexasFred
Police Officers FIRED for being TEA Party Members

Today I received a plea for help from the Tawakoni Area TEA Party. They have a Mayor that is out of control and hates the TEA Party too. He has fired 2 long time officers for no other apparent reason than the simple fact that they belong to the local TEA Party chapter.

West Tawakoni is a small town in East Texas, they don’t have a lot of TEA Party members and I am not sure how well connected they are to the media , but I know how well connected I am.

EDIT by TexasFred — Oct. 27 @ 10:30AM: I guess The Tawakoni Area TEA Party must not be worth the time or effort of the Dallas TEA Party. Small potatoes to a powerful group like them I guess. I contacted one of their ‘founders’ yesterday and asked for help from their very large, and supposedly powerful group and I have heard nothing back from them. So much for TEA Party loyalty and the idea of working together to get things done.

This has been sent to Drudge, Breitbart, FOX and Friends, several other FOX News on air personalities and several of the local media here in the Dallas area, but I can’t stress this enough, the MEDIA needs to get ALL OVER this one. If you have ANY contacts in the media, send this to them.

The media, and most of Conservative America got their knickers in a twist over Juan Williams being fired by NPR, a case that was, in MY opinion, a libber reaping what he had sown. If Conservative America can get involved and fully outraged over that, what will their reaction to this be?

I sincerely hope it’s not one of apathy.

Please, feel free to forward this to your email list and to ALL media that you may have contact with! It is that important!

From Lake Tawakoni Area TEA Party News

On October 20, 2010 Police Chief Jack Schultz was put on 10 days unpaid suspension at which time he will be terminated. This is a man that has served this city for twenty years and acts as a fatherly figure to his community while keeping us safe.

Sergeant John Becket has Proudly & Bravely served his community for over nine years and operates as a protector and referee of the law instead of a small town speed trap cop as the mayor has publicly announced he wants in he new police department.

These are the sole actions of Mayor Pete Yoho and are being done against the will of the majority of the city council.

A coup d’état ( or /ku de.ta/) or coup for short (French for overthrow of the state), is the sudden unconstitutional deposition of a government, usually by a small government’s surrender; or the acquiescence of the populace.


From Stormin’ Norman:

Re-Call Time For Mayor Yoho…run him out of town!

Mayor Pete Yoho has to go! The citizens of Lake Tawakoni have the right to re-call the mayor and fire him. They can do this at any time they see fit and apparently the time is fit! This has got to be the most un-American action taken by any mayor in the history of the country. Did the mayor of Chicago get rid of Barack Obama as a community organizer for Obama’s ties to the Communist Party USA? You just don’t fire someone for their political party affiliation…Oh, but we’re going to do that on November 2nd !!! ~ Norman E. Hooben

From Texas TEA Parties:

Police Chief Suspended and Police Officer terminated for affiliation with Tea Party-West Tawakoni, TX

Friday, October 22nd, 2010
Subject: City Council Meeting in Tawakoni October 26, 2010

As most of you all know Johnny Beckett was terminated as an Police officer in West Tawakoni Wednesday Oct 20th and Chief Jack Schultz on Suspension by the Mayor of West Tawakoni Pete Yoho. The main reason for this action is their affiliation with the Tea Party. During last Tuesday nights meeting the Mayor publicly slandered the LTATP, Jack Schultz, Johnny Beckett, Candy Schultz, Bill Creed, Ed Watson, Carol Soloman, Laura Beckett, and my self. We need all members of the Tea Party to be at the next meeting at city hall Tue, Oct 26th at p.m.. These men are great officers and deserve all of our support. Chief Schultz has been on the police force for many many years and he also served as a volunteer fireman when ever needed. Help is needed. SOURCE

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