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Rev. Jeremiah Wright Has Affair With Another Man’s Wife

September 9th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Rev. Jeremiah Wright Has Affair With Another Man’s Wife

Barack Obama’s former pastor has been cavorting with another man’s wife, whom he romanced while she worked at a church in Dallas run by one of his disciples, according to a report in the New York Post.

Elizabeth Payne, 37, told the Post that she and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, 67, had a sexual relationship this year and that she was fired from her job when the affair was made public. Payne had been working at Friendship-West Baptist Church as a secretary to the Rev. Frederick Haynes III, a longtime Wright protege.

“I was involved with Rev. Wright, and that’s why I lost my job and why my husband divorced me,” Payne was quoted saying in Tuesday’s newspaper. She said she has filed a wrongful-dismissal claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

According to Payne’s estranged husband, Fred Payne, 64, Wright e-mailed Elizabeth Payne and told her he was going to leave his wife, Ramah, for her.

Wright married Ramah more than 20 years ago after he unsuccessfully provided marriage counseling for her and her former husband.

Fred Payne said members of the church, including Haynes, would not be pleased about the interracial aspect of the relationship.

“People wouldn’t be happy to know that my wife was sleeping with a black man,” he said.

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Jeremiah Wright Has Affair With Another Man’s Wife

I am not sure how this will affect the Obamessiah, or his run at the Oval Office, or even if it should affect that run, he is, after all, not the one that was dipping his wick!

Now here we go again with some facts, I love facts, so, let’s face the facts, and the hypocrisy that IS the Democratic party. The Dem/Libbers don’t care about the morals of their people. Oh sure, they say they do, they castigated John Edwards for his affair while his wife is suffering through cancer treatments. They wouldn’t let him attend or speak at the DNC convention in Denver recently. Oh the shame of it all!

So, who did they replace him with? The most notoriously infamous cheating husband in the history of the Democratic party, Big Bill Clinton!

Will this revelation hurt Obama?? I doubt it. I even have my doubts that if it was brought out that Obama himself had been involved in an affair it would sway his supporters away from him.

That is the hypocrisy of the Democratic party.

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